How To TikTok Recharge, Buy Coins To Send Gifts? (July 2024)

How To TikTok Recharge & Buy Coins To Send Gifts? (2024 Guide)

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Updated On 07 May 2024 

Learn everything about tiktok recharge and methods to recharge tiktok coins at cheap.

Want to know how to use TikTok coins? Tiktok coins used to tip your favorite content creator as an appreciation.

It is used to gift favorite user for their content.

How To TikTok Recharge? (Quick Overview)

👉 Open or join a live stream in the app.
👉 Tap the ‘Gift’ icon.
👉 Tap the ‘Recharge’ icon.
👉 Select the coin amount.
👉 Pay through PayPal or credit card.
👉 Choose the gift and send it by double tapping.

Continue reading to get in depth details on TikTok coin recharge.

Tiktok is the popular short-video platform that incubates millions of users. Based on a recent study, TikTok users in the United States spent 32 percent of the time on the verge of social media engagement.

I have found tiktok an interesting platform and different from Instagram and Snapchat alike. Giving credits to my favorite stars on TikTok is the most amazing feature for me.

So, do you too appreciate your favorite stars by giving them TikTok coins?

That’s great! Today’s blog is all about Tiktok recharge and buying coins on TikTok.

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What Is TikTok Coin Recharge?

What does recharge mean on tiktok? Tiktok coin recharge refers to restoring tiktok coins (basically virtual currency) that is purchased with real money. Using coins on Tiktok, users support their favorite creators.

This makes TikTok an interesting platform for exploring new avenues of social media content creation. When a user sends tiktok coin to their most-loved creator, they get it in form of digital gift which shows that someone appreciates for their content in real-time.

Continue reading to know the uses of tiktok coins.

When a user sends tiktok coin to their most-loved creator, they get it in form of digital gift which shows that someone appreciated for their content in real-time.

What TikTok Coins Used For?

Coins for Tiktok used for sending gifts in live streams.

TikTok coins are a great way to appreciate creators during their live stream. When you buy number of coins, you can use them to purchase virtual gifts in the app and send them to your favorite content creator in person or when they live stream online.

During the live stream, sending digital gifts through purchase coins, the host and all the viewers can see your name and the amount you have gifted with your name mentioned at the top of the page.


Benefits Of Purchasing TikTok Coins Or TikTok Recharge

Many people purchase tiktok coins. If you are also interested in tiktok recharge, here’s the six potential benefits of purchasing TikTok coins.

1. Opportunity to support your favorite creators instantly. With tiktok purchase coins, you can purchase digital gifts to send to your creators you like the most.

2. Sending gifts to your creators may help gaining new followers in a way by following you back or promoting your account.

3. Opportunity to get featured in their top gift senders in their video. This can give you additional exposure to your account.

4. Purchasing tiktok coins can help unlock additional features such as VIP badges, exclusive content, or private messaging with creators.

5. Boost profile visibility when you send a digital gift to someone using the app. You can call it TikTok’s typical algorithm.

6. In some countries, users can earn from the app by converting diamonds into cash. Diamonds are a type of reward on TikTok.

Methods To Buy Coins For TikTok

Are you in search of purchasing a TikTok coin so you can send gifts to your loved creators? There are two methods to purchase coins.

Using TikTok App

TikTok App For iPhone
TikTok App For iPhone

Buying coins from the app is easier and faster. Besides being nimble, it is also secured and protected. You must have an account on TikTok to purchase coins in regard to gift your creators.

Follow the steps to buy tiktok coins through the app:

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap the ‘three-dot’ icon (appear top of your screen).
  • Select “Privacy and Settings”.
  • Choose “Balance” and tap on the “Coin” section.
  • Now select the preferred coin value you want to buy.
  • Tap the “Purchase” button and pay through paypal.

As soon as your purchase gets successfully completed, it will reflect on your balance section.

Using TikTok Website

TikTok Recharge using Website
TikTok Recharge using Website

Buy tiktok coins from their website as an alternative to the app. Buying number of coins for tiktok from the website is cheaper and handful because it costs less compared to mobile apps.

Follow the steps to buy tiktok coins through the website:

  • Open TikTok on your PC.
  • Login to the website.
  • Click on the “TikTok Coin” purchase page (appear at top of the screen).
  • Select the coin value from the suggested option.
  • Click on the “Recharge” button.
  • Enter your details for payment selection.
  • At last, “Confirm” your payment.

Open TikTok on your mobile and check your balance. You will see updated coins in your balance.

Price List Of TikTok Coins: Cheap TikTok Coins Country in 2024

Below you can find how much a TikTok coin costs based on regions.

Countries 70 Coins 350 Coins 700 Coins
United States $0.74 $3.70 $7.40
United Kingdom £0.75 £3.75 £7.45
Australia A$1.19 A$5.95 A$11.85
Canada CA$1.09 CA$5.43 CA$10.85
Philippines PHP 48.5 PHP 242 PHP 485
Mexico MX$15.85 MX$79.29 MX$158.59
Brazil R$3.65 R$18.05 R$36.05
South Korea ₩ 1,100 ₩ 5,200 ₩ 10,400

From the above list, the cheapest TikTok coin country is Brazil. In Brazil, 1000 TikTok coins cost BRL 52.14

How To Get TikTok Coins At Cheap Prices?

There are two methods to buy coins at a cheap price.

👉 Number one, is purchasing from the TikTok website.

👉 Secondly, by using the VPN servers of Brazil.

Former method is straightforward and simple; and that we have discussed earlier.

The Latter is also approachable but involves risk. Perhaps, here’s how to buy cheap tiktok coin using VPN.

  • Download any VPN software, for instance iTop VPN.
  • From the list of servers, choose Brazil.
  • Open TikTok and go to the Tik Tok coin purchase section.
  • Select the preferred TikTok coin you want to purchase.
  • Enter your payment details and complete the payment.
  • Disconnect the VPN after your payment is successful.

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Why Can’t I Recharge TikTok Coins?

There can be various constraints for not being able to recharge coins on Tiktok app. However, TikTok policy strictly says that users should be 18 years older to use their services.

Following are some reasons for unable to recharge coins:

★ Using an unauthorized payment method.
★ May you be using invalid payment source.
★ Slow internet connection or packet loss issue.
★ Might the federal government ban the usage of apps in your country.
★ May TikTok temporarily shut down their server for technical reasons.

You can try the following fixes in case you are not able to recharge coins on TikTok:

👉 Try purchasing through prepaid cards.
👉 Wait some time or try later.

That’s all in this tiktok recharge guide. Thanks for reading 🙂

TikTok Coin Recharge FAQs

How to recharge tiktok coins for free?

The best way to get tiktok coins for free is by participating in TikTok challenges of growing your TikTok followers in hundreds of thousands.

How to recharge coins on tiktok?

You can use the TikTok mobile app or TikTok website to recharge coins quickly and easily. Go to your profile section and find a balance option to recharge number of coins.

Do tiktok coins have an expiration date?

You are in luck because TikTok coins do not expire. Meaning, purchase coins do not have an expiry date.

Do I get a discount for purchasing coins from the app?

May not sometimes, but occasionally TikTok runs promotions and discount offers on coins purchased either from the app or website.

Can I transfer tiktok coins to another account?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer or share TikTok recharge coins to other users or a second account.

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