7 Things You Can Do With A VPN

7 Things You Can Do With A VPN

by Evelyn Addison — 2 years ago in Review 3 min. read

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are remarkably adaptable tools that may be applied in various incredible ways. They are likely most recognized for being a way to browse privately online, but this is only the beginning.

Read on to learn about the surprising advantages you might be getting from your Surfshark VPN, such as avoiding bandwidth restrictions, getting amazing discounts, and watching content from just about any region worldwide.

1. Protect Your Online Communications

The possibility of unprotected communication and information disclosure through social media chat boxes is maybe one of the risks of online browsing. Social media usage could be spied on if the IP address can be found. With the appropriate tools, the ISP or hacker will be able to access the accounts and even snoop into private discussions.

Social media communication is fundamentally private, and it could be hazardous if it leaks. Users can freely utilize social media platforms without worrying about anything thanks to a VPN, which can quickly neutralize the threat this situation presents.

2. Change Your IP Address

Your internet connection is encrypted by a VPN to protect the privacy of your online communications, data, location, and other details.

By changing your IP address, you can avoid disclosing your actual location while appearing to be online from a location of your choosing. In order to attain a level of secrecy that you would not otherwise be able to while using a public server, a VPN service would swap your personal IP address with a remote VPN server’s IP address.

All network communication, including speech, text, and video, when using VPN (virtual private network) technology travels through a secure channel between the client computer and the VPN server.

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3. Make Public WiFi More Secure

It’s easy and relatively affordable to use open WiFi networks to collect data. Open and unencrypted networks are a prime target for thieves who want to steal sensitive information like your bank account information, credit card numbers, personal pictures, and other details. Your private information is at risk when you use a public WiFi network in a coffee shop, hotel, or airport.

To defend yourself from this kind of attack, use a VPN. Your internet traffic will be encrypted, rendering it nearly hard for hackers to decipher and utilize your data. For this reason, a VPN is a crucial tool if you frequently travel and frequently use public WiFi networks.

4. Protect Your Mobile Devices

Intruders can spy on every website you visit when your phone is connected to the internet. Use a virtual private network, or VPN, to shield your online activity by placing a barrier between your phone and the internet. You will connect to the VPN’s servers on your mobile rather than the website itself, and those servers will then lead you to the page.

5. Streaming and Unblocking Content

Easy access to international material and streaming portals is one of the primary motives behind why so many people use a VPN. You must pay subscription fees to websites and services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others, as well as a possible BBC license charge.

Why then are you unable to use your purchased services when traveling? Depending on the nation you’re in, you might be able to access a local version. However, don’t be shocked if it doesn’t host your preferred content. Alternately, simply restrict access. You can, however, use a Free VPN for pc in the nation that hosts the streaming service to gain immediate access to all of your preferred material.

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6. Speeds Up Your Internet

Your Internet speed will be negatively impacted by bandwidth throttling, which happens when your ISP tries to control network traffic and lessen bandwidth congestion. You can bypass bandwidth restrictions and sluggish connection speeds using a VPN connection.

Internet service providers limit users who use a lot of data and purposefully slow them down so that everyone may use the internet at the same pace. Your ISP can no longer observe your online activity sessions because of the encryption provided by a VPN.

No matter what you do, your data will likely slow down if your ISP blocks the entire network in your area, but if you’re being singled out because of your surfing habits, a VPN can assist.

7. Save Money Shopping Online

Prices are typically shown differently based on the region you’re connecting from on websites that sell goods and services. In some cases, simply altering your location will allow you to locate costs that are much lower.

You can connect from a server in whichever location you want when you use a VPN. You’ll shortly discover that the same ticket you were looking at miraculously has a lower price when you’re connected from the servers of a different country! This is quite typical of travel-related websites that search for tickets for flights, reserve lodging, or hire cars.


You may compare all the advantages a VPN service might offer to not using one at all by using one. In general, it’s better to have a VPN configured for use as necessary.

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