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7 Best Instagram Font Generators (Apps & Websites)

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Updated On 08 May 2024 

Did you just get excited seeing those cool Instagram fonts?

Want to try those fancy fonts on your profile and caption bio?

Instagram lets users change fonts for story updates that last for 24 hours.

What if you want to change fonts for instagram bio, caption, and reels?

Looking to make your instagram post cool and stylish?


This blog guides 7 best Instagram fonts generators including apps and websites to copy and paste Instagram fonts for free.

I have also enclosed a step by step guide to change Instagram font for post, bio, and story.

Read this blog till the end…!

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7 Apps & Websites For Instagram Font Generators

Adding fonts for Instagram creatively makes your post unique from other profiles and competitors.

Many commercial professionals take use of cool fonts for instagram by generating customized insta fonts through the following best Instagram font generators.

Let’s explore some popular Instagram fonts generator websites from the couch of a comfort.

1. CaptionPlus

CaptionPlus Instagram Font Downloader

CaptionPlus is a good app that generates instagram fonts in various styles.

You can use its website or mobile app to generate endless captions using predefined templates for instagram font in caption and bio.

Select the template and write your text. It automatically transforms your text generators into a selected font style such as bold-sans or monospace, however not limited to this.

Its mobile app provides 35+ caption categories, trending hashtags, easy search captions, AI-powered suggestions, and more to get most of Instagram.

Best Features:

  • No special characters limits
  • Available for mobile
  • Generates multiple ig fonts

Here is an example 👇

CaptionPlus Font Generator For Instagram

2. I Fonts

I Fonts

I Fonts is a good font generator for Instagram bio, reels, story, and post.

It generates fonts that are most popular on Instagram and have mostly been used by the users around the globe in seconds.

You can check I Fonts collections to quickly create stylish captions or bio for your Instagram. You can edit, add icons, or emoticons through the app.

Apart from generating insta fonts, users can explore trending hashtags, preview results, and can direct upload to Instagram at a click of a button. The app is easily available on Play Store.

Best Features:

  • Available for Android users
  • 150+ font collections
  • Share to Instagram in one click

Sharing the snippet of the app 👇

I Fonts For Instagram Font Generator

3. FancyFonts

FancyFonts Font generator for Instagram

FancyFonts is a great platform for a quick instagram font generator. It’s a web-based service that offers cool and amazing instagram fonts for free.

With no special characters limits and simple copy and paste algorithm, you can generate ig fonts for instagram caption in seconds.

Save this website to create fancy captions and bio for your Instagram profile.

Best Features:

  • Create invisible text
  • No character limitations
  • Various font categories

Here is an example 👇


4. FontGet


FontGet For Instagram Font

FontGet is a good alternative to FancyFonts and also it’s my personal best in this list. I have been using this for six months to create fancy, cool, and beautiful fonts.

Simply type-in your text (with no character limit) and it instantly generates dozens of ig fonts including strikethrough, double underline, swing, and more.

Another reason to use FontGet is that it also allows users to generate emojis and text faces for Instagram reels, posts, and bio.

Best Features:

  • Create fonts with emojis
  • Generates text faces
  • No limits

Here is an example 👇


5. Viralyft


My friend suggested this instagram font generator. I have used it personally for a couple of weeks and it’s amazing though.

The platform is available for use online, thus you type-in the text online and it will generate multiple fonts.

The unique thing I have noticed is that it provides names for each font it generates including a visual preview feature.

Its visual preview feature will help you know how your font and profile looks before posting it on your Instagram profile. It’s helpful… though.

Best Features:

  • No registration
  • One click copy and paste
  • No character limits

Here is an example 👇


6. Glyphy


Glyphy is similar to any other best Instagram font generators that help you create multiple font or text styles, quickly.

You can copy and paste 300+ fonts for Instagram to level up your social media profile.

Glyphy generates really exciting and unique Instagram fonts that may be difficult to find on other platforms.

Along with a free font generator, it also generates cool symbols including stars, hearts, snowflakes, check marks, and more.

Best Features:

  • Free to use
  • 300+ cool fonts to select
  • Generates unique fonts

Here is an example 👇

Instagram font generator Glyphy

7. Pixelied

Pixelied logo

Pixelied is specifically made for social media enthusiasts.

It provides vital features to level up social media profiles such as YouTube Thumbnail creation, Twitch Banners, Twitter Post, and much more.

Besides this, the platform has gained widespread popularity in terms of 100% free instagram font generator.

You can select the category of font from the font style menu and generate a font for Instagram, including a preview feature.

Best Features:

  • No limits on font generation
  • Font menu to select style
  • Preview option available

Here is an example 👇

Pixelied Font Generator

In PPT: Benefits Of Using Instagram Font Generators

Best Instagram Fonts In 2024

Fonts play an important role in your Instagram profile. It can be a medium to allure your followers with creative and pleasure experiences.

Following are some examples of instagram fonts to adorn your Instagram page, fruitfully.

Font Image Font Name Popularity
Allura High
Hello Santuy Moderate
Northwell High
Etapi Sans High
Montserrat Moderate
Monerd High
Raleway High
Merritta Serif High
Emerland High
Creative Vintage Moderate
Cormorant Garamond Moderate
Didot Moderate

In regard to instagram fonts, Allura, Northwell, Etapi Sans, Monerd, Emerald, and Raleway are some of the most used Insta fonts for stories, reels, and posts.

How To Change The Font On Instagram (Posts, Bio, Story)

Learn how to change the font for Instagram posts, story, and bio section step by step.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by The Next Decor (@the_next_decor)

Steps To Change Font For Instagram Post

1. Try any one of the Instagram fonts generator websites I mentioned above.

2. Type your caption in the box and copy the style you like the most.

3. Open your Instagram profile and add a new post.

4. Paste the caption that you copied earlier. It will get pasted exact in the format you selected earlier.

5. Click on the publish button to make it live on your Instagram profile.

Steps To Change Font In Instagram Bio

The process is almost the same:

1. Go to any mentioned Instagram font generator.

2. Type in your text that you want in your profile bio section.

3. Select the preferred style and copy the format.

4. Go to your Instagram bio section.

5. Paste the content in the box. It will paste exact types of fonts you have copied earlier.

6. Click on the ‘Right tick ✓ ’ button to save changes.

Steps To Change Font In Instagram Story

Follow the steps to change fonts on your Instagram stories:

1. Open font generator on your mobile (any from mentioned above).

2. Type the text and select the style from the list.

3. Copy the style and paste on your Instagram Story section.

In case it doesn’t change your font style, try doing like the following:

  • Open Instagram and add a story.
  • Click on the ‘Create’ icon.
  • Type in the text you want to show on your story feed.
  • At the bottom, you will see the font style. Select the font style as your choice.
  • That’s done, click on Next to share your story on your feed.

How Do You Get Stylish Fonts On Instagram?

How to get fancy fonts on Instagram? If you are interested in using fancy fonts for Instagram caption, you can create multiple font text styles by using font generator apps and websites.

Try FancyFonts for stylish text, unique, and amazing fonts for Instagram. Copy and paste directly to your caption and get the fancy insta fonts look to your Instagram post.


When To Use Instagram Fonts?

You can use Instagram types of fonts whenever you want. But the best situations to use Instagram fonts are mentioned below:

Highlighting Text: Use when you want to draw attention to a specific part of your caption or bio. Adding stylish fonts can help make it stand out.

Expressing Emotions or Tone: If you’re sharing a fun or lighthearted message, then that’s the best time to use a playful font that might enhance the overall vibe.

Branding: If you are engaging in selling products online, using stylish insta fonts can help reinforce your brand image.

Themed Content: In case sharing event updates or specific theme content, it is the best time to use Instagram font generators to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Promotions and Contests: When running promotions or contests, using different fonts can help make the important details stand out and attract more attention.

Story Highlights: Using custom insta fonts in your Instagram story highlights covers can make your profile look more pleasing and cohesive.

Instagram Font: Tips & Insights

There are some rules and learning to use Instagram fonts to get better, best results. Sharing some of my personal tips and insights on using Instagram fonts.

1️⃣ Font Selection: Choose fonts that align with the tone of your content. Stylish fonts work well for lighthearted or fun posts, while more elegant fonts might be suitable for sophisticated or formal content.

2️⃣ Consistency: If you’re using custom types of fonts for branding purposes, try to maintain consistency across your Instagram posts. This helps in creating a memorable brand identity.

3️⃣ Emphasize Important Information: Use custom fonts to highlight crucial details in your captions, such as promotions or important announcements. This draws the reader’s attention to specific elements.

4️⃣ Preview Before Posting: Keep this always in mind to preview before publishing a post. Review how the custom font looks in the Instagram editor. Various Instagram font generators offer preview features.

5️⃣ Stay On Brand: If you are a reputable brand or business known socially, ensure that the types of fonts you use align with your overall brand guidelines.

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Summing Up

Instagram fonts generator websites are creative tools, allowing you to create fancy fonts for Instagram or other social media platforms.

With the aforementioned best Instagram font generators apps and websites, you can post stories, create captions for post and bio with playful fonts.

That’s all in this blog… thanks for reading 🙂

Instagram Font FAQs

What font does Instagram use?

The brand logo of Instagram and the letter itself use Instagram Sans font as a global typeface that reflects their commitment to simplicity and craft.

Which is the best instagram font generator?

I Fonts for Instagram is the best font generator in this blog. Can be used online as well as on android mobile apps.

Can I download Instagram types of fonts?

Instagram doesn’t allow downloading fonts that you have seen in someone’s caption, story, or bio.

Can I change the font color in Instagram?

Yes, Instagram allows changing the color of the typed-text fonts using color libraries.

Can I change font in instagram bio?

Yes, you can change fonts in Instagram bio using font generator tools.

Can I change the font in instagram story?

Yes, you can change the font style in Instagram font generator stories tapping the ‘Aa’ option.

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