20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured)

20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured)

by Amelia Scott — 3 weeks ago in Mobile Apps 10 min. read

Need the name of an app that could help you download reels for free? Our team has footnoted some of the year’s best Instagram video downloader applications and software.

Quick Fact Check

  • 1.35 billion people use Instagram worldwide counting men and female representation.
  • 17.1% of global active users on Instagram were men between the ages of 25-34 years.
  • The average time spent on Instagram is 11.2 hours monthly worldwide.

25 Best Instagram Photo & Video Downloader

1. Snapinsta (online downloader)
2. Toolzu (free and fast)
3. FastSave (best IG video downloader app)
4. Snaptube (for Android)
5. iGram (online and fast)
6. iTubeGo (best music and video downloader)
7. SnapDownloader (for Windows and macOS)
8. Inflact (online downloader)
9. Reposter for Instagram (for iOS)
10. 4K Stogram (Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu)
11. InstaGet (Android only)
12. Instore (for Android and iOS)
13. InsTake (for Android and iOS)
14. Quick Save (for Android)
15. Insget (for Android)
16. StorySaver.net (fast and easy to use)
17. W3toys (Instagram video downloader)
18. Qoob Stories (Instagram viewer and downloader)
19. Insta Offline (Download IG videos and IGTV online)
20. Glassagram (online software)
21. VideoHunter (for Windows, iOS, and Android)
22. SocialDown (online downloader)
23. Story Saver (for Android)
24. Indown (online software)
25. Reelit (Instagram video downloader)

Name Platform Availability Features
Snapinsta Web Download reels, IGTV, photos, and videos.
Toolzu Web Download Instagram Stories quickly, easily and only in good quality.
FastSave Android Helps to browse, save photos, videos, stories & reels.
Snaptube Android Let’s you download Instagram videos without signing up and easily.
iGram Web An online web tool that helps you download everything from Instagram.
iTubeGo Windows, macOS, and Android Download videos with subtitle and convert video.
SnapDownloader Windows and macOS Search and save videos from 900+ websites.
Inflact Web Save original high-quality videos from Instagram to your device.
Reposter for Instagram iOS Repost favourite content without watermarks.
4K Stogram Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu Download Instagram photos, stories, reels and hashtags.
InstaGet Android Quickly download videos and images from Instagram’s links.
Instore Android and iOS View and save story anonymously.
InsTake Android and iOS Search accounts and tags, copy the caption, and repost anything on your profile.
Quick Save Android Faster photos and videos downloading from Instagram.
Insget Android Easily download photos, IG and IGTV videos from public and private accounts.
StorySaver.net Web Download Instagram stories and highlights.
W3toys Web Secure tools on the internet to download Instagram images.
Qoob Stories Windows, iOS, and Ubuntu Download Instagram photo and video posts, entire accounts, hashtags and locations.
Insta Offline Web Download Instagram photos online and save them for offline use.
Glassagram Web No installation and real-time stories downloading.
Video Hunter Windows, iOS, and Android High-quality online video downloader for Windows PC/Mac.
SocialDown Web Free-to-use web application for public/private content downloading.
Story Saver Web Download Instagram stories or story archive.
Indown Web Download IG video in original quality.
Reelit Web Download reels on Instagram efficiently with the best quality.

Best Instagram Video Downloader For iOS (Top Picks) ✨

Need an IG video downloader on your iPhone or iPad? Here’s some top suggestions you can try.

Reposter for Instagram (Best IG Video Downloader)

Reposter for Instagram

File Size: 35.5 MB | Developer: New Marketing Lab

The app is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 13.0 or later and MacOS 11.0.

Reposter for Instagram is one of the user-friendly Instagram downloaders for sharing and saving high-resolution Instagram videos and photos without fear of watermarks.

It has a cool interface and convenient options for downloading on your device. Additionally, there is no paid option which means no coins and tokens are needed but with sort of less reliable updates.

Things you can do:

  • Repost video, photos, and stories
  • Save in original and high-quality
  • Repost favourite content without watermarks
  • Repost an unlimited number of photos and videos
20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 1 Pros 20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 2 Cons
Highly rated and interactive interface Lesser app updates
No watermarks on your reposts Too many apps alternatives
Absolutely free to use  

VideoHunter (Best Instagram Video Downloader)

VideoHunter Best Instagram Video Downloader

File Size: 129 MB | Developer: VideoHunter

Download any videos you like!

Available for iOS, iPhone users can download any videos from 1000+ websites, including Instagram and YouTube.

Incorporates user-friendly interface, powerful features, and speedy performance lets users download and save online videos and audio in many formats.

The app works excellent. However, it offers limited features in the free version. Some features and functions require upgrades.

Things you can do:

  • Save Instagram videos in high-quality
  • Download up to 3 videos per day (free version)
  • 320Kbps mp3 conversion available
20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 1 Pros 20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 2 Cons
Easy search and fast downloading Limited access to features
Save audio and video together Limits in downloading
6x speed to save video in bulk  

InsTake (Instagram Downloader App)

InsTake Instagram Downloader App

File Size: 15.9 MB | Developer: NA

Similar to Reposter for Instagram but offers more lethal features to the users such as access to followers, search accounts and tags, track new engagements (likes and comments), and automatically save history.

There are more features you could try. By visiting profile you will have detailed analytics garnering about new followers, lost followers, mutual following, and so on. You should try this advanced Instagram photo and video downloader on your device.

Things you can do:

  • Repost photos and videos with auto caption and tags
  • Search accounts and tags at the convenience of a click
  • Eye on the metrics and analytics
20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 1 Pros 20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 2 Cons
Auto reading caption and tags Cannot download private videos and photos
Automatically save history
Repost photos and videos in a click  

Best IG Story Downloader For Android (Top Ranked) 🔥

Android users often try to download their favourite videos, anime episodes, and music videos to watch them later. To increase your indulgence, we’ve mentioned some best instagram video downloaders for the android operating system.

Quick Save (Image & Video Downloader)

Quick Save Image and Video Downloader

Rating: 3.8 | Downloads: 10L+

Quick Save is used by hundreds of thousands of users across the globe. It lets users download images and videos from Instagram in a simple way. The application is light and user-friendly prompt downloading through copy and paste URL method.

Additionally, there are no in-apps purchases which means completely free to use and downloading Instagram videos online whenever you wish.

Things you can do:

  • Downloading public profiled Instagram images
  • Saving non-private reels up to 4K
  • Could create 9-grid images or photo-split
  • Share downloaded photos and videos from the app
20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 1 Pros 20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 2 Cons
Free to use Private Instagram downloading not supported
Saves in high-quality
No glitch and bugs  

Insget (Instagram Downloader App)

Insget Instagram Downloader App

Rating: 4.6 | Downloads: 10L+

Insget is another good option for Android users to download and save Instagram content offline. The app allows downloading in two ways. Firstly, simply by copying and pasting the url. And, secondly, by sharing to Insget.

Share any content to the Insget app and it will download them in high-quality for you. The app also allows users to download private videos and images of another account. Doing that requires signup with the community.

Things you can do:

  • Download albums including reels and images
  • Watch the video in the app’s interface
  • Open downloaded post on Instagram
20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 1 Pros 20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 2 Cons
Simple and fast Not found
Smooth interface
No ads at all  

Story Downloader (IG Video Downloader)

Story Downloader

Rating: 4.3 | Downloads: 50L+

Designed by Sara Tech’s expertise, Story Downloader is a dynamic and effective app for downloading Instagram content on your android device. Through its user-friendly interface, you could search and save stories, easily download photos and videos, and repost those to your Instagram page.

There’s no signup requirement contingency to use this application. Simply download from Google Play Store and begin downloading ASAP. The application updated frequently with new features and fixes to enhance user experience.

Things you can do:

  • Repost stories for Instagram
  • Quick save stories for instagram
  • Browse stories from your feed
20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 1 Pros 20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 2 Cons
Simple interface and easy to learn Contain ads
High-quality content downloading Can not download private videos
Report bugs and errors to the community

Best IG Reels, Photos, & Story Downloader For Windows & macOS (Top Rated) ⭐

There are many desktop and macOS users searching for software that could let them search, download, and convert videos from social media. Here’s the top picks for video downloader software for them.

4K Stogram (Best Instagram Downloader Software)

4K Stogram Best Instagram Downloader Software

Compatibility: Windows (32-bit & 64-bit), macOS (1-.13), and Ubuntu (64-bit)

Want to save Instagram content on your personal computer? Look nowhere other than 4K Stogram is one of the best software for Windows users for downloading Instagram photos, reels, stories, and hashtags.

The software has also been featured in top media platforms like digital trends, tech radar, and editor’s choice. The experience is overwhelming. The interface is quite impressive and easy to learn. Anyone could easily use this software conveniently.

Things you can do:

  • Download Instagram posts by username or location
  • Save Instagram stories and highlights
  • Back up your instagram account
20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 1 Pros 20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 2 Cons
Used by 11 million users Limited features in free version
Affordable plans
Used in your language  

SnapDownloader (Instagram Video Downloader)


Compatibility: Windows 11, 10,8 & 7 | macOS: 10.10 and higher

SnapDownloader is another better alternative to 4K Stogram and works perfectly. It allows users to download several types of content from their Instagram profile as well as another.

There are no ads experiences as well as the UI-interface is simple and friendly. To download content, simply paste the URL in the box and hit search. It will fetch and prompt downloading in various resolutions.

Things you can do:

  • Bulk downloading without compromising on speed
  • Save and schedule your downloads
  • Download from multiple sources
20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 1 Pros 20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 2 Cons
High-speed download No advanced features
No bugs and phishing attacks
Simple installation process  

Best Instagram Video Downloader Websites (Top Working) 👍

Besides apps and software, you can also try the mentioned instagram video downloader websites which are 100% working and provide fast downloading content.

iGram (Online Web Tool)

iGram Video Downloader

iGram is used by a myriad of people and businesses. It is a free-to-use Instagram video and photo downloader tool that works completely online. No signup and credit card is required to access iGram to download content from Instagram.

Simply, paste the link in the search box and it will fetch the result for you. The algorithm is speedy and provides fast results for downloading. It also lets you choose video quality before downloading on your device. You can save reels and videos in 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

Things you can do:

  • Photos and videos downloading
  • Carousel/album search and downloading
  • Free downloading without any restrictions
20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 1 Pros 20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 2 Cons
Fast result and downloading speed No advanced features
Ask before downloading
FAQs to solve any doubts  

Toolzu (Online Downloader Tool)

Toolzu Online Video Downloader Tool

Looking for an online IG video downloader tool? Try Toolzu – it provides a distinct Instagram video download service, with a quick fetch algorithm and advanced features. The best thing is that it’s completely free, no restrictions, and unlimited downloading.

This all-in-one tool lets you download versatile types of content from Instagram. You can download photos, reels, videos, stories, and IGTV including DP and user’s profile.

Things you can do:

  • Download photos and videos
  • Save DP and profile info
  • Download stories and reels without waiting
20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 1 Pros 20+ Best Instagram Video Downloader In 2023 (Tested & Secured) 2 Cons
No registration needed Pay for private account downloading
Copy and paste algorithm
Use for free, lifetime  

Frequently Asked Questions About Downloading Instagram Videos

What is the best instagram video downloader?

For Android, Quick Save is the best instagram video downloader. For iOS, Reposer for Instagram is a brilliant app for iPhone users. For Windows, 4K Stogram would be the best alternative to try.

What type of instagram videos can you download?

Instagram video downloader apps allow users to save various types of content such as Instagram photo downloading, Instagram reels and IGTV downloading, and even hashtags and captions.

What are the benefits of using instagram video download apps?

An app gives you various advantages. For example; it lets you save Instagram profile, images, videos, and reels including hashtags and captions on-the-go anonymously.

Is it legal to download instagram videos anonymously?

Yes, it is legal to download instagram videos anonymously. There are various instagram video downloader apps for anonymous downloading.

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