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Here’s why Small Businesses are finally taking C...
By: Huzayfah Habib, Fri November 6, 2020

Small Business Administration reveals that about 30 million small businesses have half of the total workforce of the United States working for..

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What are Data Unions? How do they work? Which ones...
By: Sina Sanders, Thu April 2, 2020

As a developer or business owner who’s integrating a Data Union into their app, you become the Data Union’s de facto administrator. That means you can take a cut of the money that your users make selling their data. Or you can offer your users free or premium access if they share their revenue with you...

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Business Security: 6 Tips to Protect Customer Data
By: Aaron Smith, Mon February 17, 2020

To concerned consumers, it seems like a new security breach hits the news every day. Some big-box stores are so..


How to Protect PDF Files to Prevent Sharing
By: Karishma , Tue December 10, 2019

You’ve put together sensitive information in a PDF file, and you want to make sure that not everybody can access..

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