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Machine Learning and Exception Management in Logis...
By: Alan Jackson, Thu July 16, 2020

There has been a lot of talk about machine learning in logistics management. The idea is simple: optimize, infer, implement..

News/Supply Chain Management

The Journey to Digital: Transformation, Strategy, ...
By: Shigim Yusof, Tue July 7, 2020

Confused and overwhelmed by all the digital terms being shoved at you? Let’s start with those that are relevant to..

News/Supply Chain Management

Important 3 Benefits of Digital Manufacturing
By: Alan Jackson, Mon July 6, 2020

What is digital manufacturing? Digital manufacturing uses computer systems to integrate data from various manufacturing processes. It relies on digital..

News/Supply Chain Management

5 Technologies a Trucking Business must be Aware O...
By: Alan Jackson, Thu July 2, 2020

In long-ago-days, the trucking businesses and fleets may have refrained from adopting new technologies because of the inherent resistance to..

News/Supply Chain Management

4 critical inventory management strategies
By: Alan Jackson, Sat June 27, 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has exposed the fragility of the global supply chain and, in turn, the organizational structures of..

News/Supply Chain Management

7 use Cases for RPA in Supply chain and Logistics
By: Alan Jackson, Fri June 26, 2020

Finding new ways to boost supply chain management efficiency is more critical than it’s ever been. Robotic process automation —..

News/Supply Chain Management

Why Our Supply Chain Failed Us During the Pandemic
By: Richard Gall, Fri June 19, 2020

We might have crested the tide of COVID-19 that’s taken over 116,000 lives (count yesterday), across the U.S., but we’re..

News/Supply Chain Management

Opportunity For Startups in Manufacturing(Logistic...
By: Amelia Scott, Tue May 26, 2020

The lockdown imposed in reaction to this COVID-19 pandemic had consequences that echoed in every corner of India. Not just..

News/Supply Chain Management

7 Supply Chain Improvement Tools You Should Know A...
By: Becky Holton, Sun May 24, 2020

Efficiency in the modern supply chain starts with a superior Supply Chain Management Software (SCMS) that helps the manager keep..

News/Supply Chain Management

Logistics Firms face Covid-19 Challenges in their ...
By: Richard Gall, Sat April 11, 2020

Companies grapple with employee safety issues while trying to meet evolving customer dynamics during coronavirus-related shutdowns, quarantines. Most of the..

News/Supply Chain Management

How to Prepare for Major Supply Chain Disruption d...
By: Richard Gall, Fri April 3, 2020

Globalization has made the world strong, a move that has profited businesses all things considered and enterprises. With various global..

News/Supply Chain Management

Coronavirus disease (Covid-19): How can your Suppl...
By: Amelia Scott, Thu March 19, 2020

Chairman of supply chain risk data and analytics company Resilience360 outlines steps to responding to coronavirus outbreak at publicly supply..

News/Supply Chain Management

How Supply Chain understand the Accuracy of Demand...
By: Alan Jackson, Fri March 13, 2020

Get Exclusive Insights on Demand Forecasting We conducted research to assess how supply chain teams perceive the accuracy of their..

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