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Team Building Activities: 6 Activities that Encourage Team Building

Team building is very important in professional and mutual relationships, especially when it has to do with a professional work environment. Teamwork fuels growth, interpersonal relationships in the workplace and fuels collective growth.

Team building activities work better when you have common goals, but some activities help people with a common interest come together to form a team. They can be sport-related games, politics, common social interest, mutual friendship, or (most of the time) romance.

Today, some companies engage in these team-building activities to secretly select people amongst their staff to take up a new project. But most of these activities are usually performed by young people in get-together parties, birthday parties, or normal teen hangouts. Below, we have listed and explained some team-building activities needed to encourage the act of team building.

6 Known Team Building Activities

1. Virtual Escape Rooms

This has been one of the most popular virtual escape rooms played during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was created by a real-life escape room acquaintance, in this game, this challenge kicks off in some enchanted forest that is only accessible through Zoom.

In this game, you are meant to help in solving puzzles and plot an escape from a witch’s curse. But unlike those we have earlier mentioned, this game has a fee tagged to it, every player is to pay $30 per person, again, you have to book your room in before the game commences properly.

Virtual escape rooms provide a challenging and immersive adventure for teams of all kinds and in any location.  Players get the same puzzles and tasks to overcome as they would in a physical room all while working towards a shared goal – escaping!

Played via Zoom, The Escape Game’s Remote Adventures hold up to 8 players and are guided by a host in the room with a live camera feed. Teams will direct their guide through the adventure while picking up clues in their digital dashboard to solve puzzles and complete their mission in 60 minutes!

For even more awesome team-building ideas check out The Escape Game’s blog here.

2. Coin Logo

This is a 5-10 mins game played by 3-6 teams depending on the number of participants. This game is often played in the office during break hours; it is also played in the military to enhance teamwork.

First, the moderator instructs everyone to empty their pockets, wallets, or pursue to get rid of any coins they may have; those coins are placed on the table where everybody can see them. But if any participating party doesn’t have a coin, people with enough coins may as well share with them.

Now, the moderator goes ahead to instruct them to use their coins to create the logo of their choice in one minute (or more). While on this, other objects in front of them, like wallet, pens, key holders, etc., can also be used in creating the logo.

After each team must have been done creating this logo, they are now expected to explain it to the other group; they are meant to explain what led them to create that particular logo. Again, in this game, everyone is a winner.

3. Picture Pieces Game

This is 30-minute gameplay; this game requires the leader to pick a well-detailed picture of his choice; those pictures are cut into eight or more equal angles. When that is done, it is scattered, and the leader will now be instructed to rearrange the puzzle pieces to look like the original picture.

While struggling to do this, the leader can use paper, pencil, or marker to make the procedure easier. When each group has completed their tasks, they are displayed on the board to be examined, the group with the best picture arrangement wins at the end of the day.

4. Sneak a Peek Game

This is simple; it doesn’t only build teams but allows you to express your leadership skills. In this game, teams are created, and a leader is nominated from each team. The moderator will first construct a structure and exhibit it in a room, then invite each team leader to inspect the structure in the other room.

After the inspection, the group leaders will now return to their different groups to instruct their members on how to replicate the structure shown to them in the other room. Every team is given just 10 minutes to reproduce what their leaders have been shown. The team with the best structure wins. This game doesn’t only encourage teamwork; it also measures each participant’s intelligence quotient.

5. Zoom

This is a wordless, creative problem-solving game that is played with the aid of a picture. This game is played with a book titled “Zoom” written by IstvanBanyai.

This book contains 30 sequential images that work as sequels to its narratives. The book is common as it is sold in over 18 countries; the images are often laminated to avoid wear and tear. To play this game, you will first have to have a good memory; you can observe the pictures and then memorize the images.

6. Two Truths and a Lie

This is very common among teenagers; it is often played at birthday parties or any other teenage gathering. This game lasts as long as 15-30 minutes and is usually played by young male and female folks to synergize. In this game, the participating parties are meant to write down one truth and a lie about themselves, fold it up on a piece of paper, and not be revealed to anyone.

The other participants will have to then engage them in one of the topics that were purported. After brief scrutiny, the paper is now opened to review the truth and a lie. On a normal, three persons are meant to put up these questions meant to be thrown to the player. In this game, everybody wins.

Finally, you have to understand that team building activities do not just encourage interpersonal relationships; it is also a major bonding tool. Good team-building activities in a business organization increase productivity, improve morale amongst workers, and identify those workers with leadership qualities.

Even outside the work area, team-building activities should be encouraged because of their ability to encourage creativity and increase confidence at all levels. It should also be encouraged among children for healthy mental development.

And for the fact that each team-building activity leaves everyone winner, it is the most recommended method for people battling with low self-esteem and related issues.

In a work environment, managers should adapt team-building activities to settle conflicts amongst workers. But note, there are still other team-building activities you can engage in, but the ones we have listed above are the most used. Again, you have to understand that you can as well create the type of team-building activity that works for you.

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