Do Apple Airtags Work With Android

Do Apple Airtags Work With Android? Answered

by Evelyn Addison — 3 weeks ago in Gadgets 4 min. read

The way AirTags functions on iOS does not translate to Android. AirTag is not compatible with Google’s Find My Device app; instead, it depends on Apple’s Find My network for accurate location tracking and finding. Moreover, you can check for undesired AirTags that might be tracking you without your knowledge using an Apple airtags work with Android phone.

AirTags are trackers made to make it easier for you to locate your stuff. To enjoy peace of mind, just fasten one to your wallet, keys, or even your pet’s collar. You can also share AirTags with your friends and family according to Apple, starting with iOS 17. Moreover, if you use an Android phone, we’ll cover all the details of whether or not AirTags are compatible with Android phones in this article.

Does AirTags Work with Android?

Regretfully, Android devices are not compatible with AirTags, at least not in the same manner as Apple products. AirTags connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth, just like other smart trackers do. For exact finding and location tracking, it makes use of Apple’s Find My network.

An AirTag uses the Find My network to send a signal not just to your iPhone but to all other iPhones in the vicinity. As a result, your tracker’s location is uploaded to the cloud by other Apple devices as well. Hereupon, even when your AirTag is outside of your Apple device’s Bluetooth range, you can still view its last known location.

Given Android compatibility, an Android device is the only way to search for undesired AirTags. You need to look for Android AirTag substitutes if you are going to buy an AirTag to use with your phone.

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Can I Set Up AirTags using an Android Phone?

No, you cannot use an Android phone or any other device to set up your AirTag. Setting up Apple’s AirTag requires an iPhone connected to the Find My network. Once configured, the only way to track your AirTag is with the Find My app, which works with iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.

The Android Find My Device app and network from Google do not support AirTags. As a result, using AirTags with an Android device is limited.

Can Android Phones Scan for Unwanted AirTags?

It is possible to scan Android devices for undesired AirTags. Although AirTag is an excellent tool for monitoring your priceless possessions, some individuals exploit it for unethical activities like stalking. In an attempt to prevent individuals from being stalked or followed by unauthorized AirTags, Apple and Google collaborated to enable users to identify unidentified trackers.

Your Android phone will identify and alert you to an unwanted tracker if it follows you for ten minutes or more. The iPhone accomplishes precisely this. To locate the tracker precisely and to play a sound, there is also a Play sound option. There won’t be any communication sent to the AirTag owner. Once you’ve located the tracker, you can access moreover owner information by tapping it on the back of your smartphone.

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How to Scan for AirTags on Android

An undesired tracker that follows you for at least ten minutes will be automatically detected by your Android phone. Your device will display an alert as soon as it is detected. On Android phones, you can manually search for nearby AirTags as well. Here’s how to carry it out:

  1. Your Android device’s Settings app should open.
  2. Here, select Unknown Tracker Alerts by tapping on Safety and Emergency.
  3. Press the Scan Now button now.
  4. It will display a list of trackers that were installed in your possessions or close to you without your permission.

Additionally, Apple provides the Tracker Detect app for Android, which aids in locating nearby unknown AirTags. The software is simple to use and searches for Find My network-compatible Apple AirTags that have been lost or stolen. There is a warning here, though. To track nearby trackers, you must manually launch a scan; the app is unable to search for undesired trackers.

  1. You must download the Tracker Detect app from the Google Play Store to use it, then follow the setup instructions on the screen.
  2. When you press the Scan button after configuring the app, any available nearby trackers will be displayed.

Is There an Android Version of AirTags?

Yes, you can use several alternatives to AirTag. The Samsung SmartTag is a Samsung take on AirTags, available to smartphone owners. Related to how AirTag works only with Apple products, the Galaxy SamartTag and SmartTag Plus are only compatible with Samsung smartphones.

The greatest Bluetooth trackers, such as Tile Pro and Tile Mate, are available from Tile if you’re searching for a more versatile choice. They work with both Apple and Android smartphones. If you wish to avoid becoming enmeshed in an ecosystem, this is a fantastic option. Take a look at these top 7 AirTag substitutes for more choices.

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The compatibility of Apple AirTags with Android devices presents a mixed bag of possibilities and limitations. While Android users can operate certain features like locating AirTags via the Find My app on iOS devices, the full functionality of AirTags, including setting them up or accessing precision finding, remains exclusive to Apple devices.


Can Android users use Apple AirTags?

Yes, Android users can still detect nearby AirTags using the Find My network, but they won't have access to all features like precision finding or setting up AirTags from an Android device.

Do Apple AirTags work with all Android phones?

AirTags can be detected by any NFC-enabled Android device, allowing users to receive notifications if an AirTag is near, but the full functionality is limited to Apple devices.

Can Android users track items with Apple AirTags?

While Android users can receive notifications if an AirTag is nearby, they can't track items with the same precision as Apple users, as some features like precision finding are exclusive to Apple devices.

How do Android users interact with Apple AirTags?

Android users can detect nearby AirTags through the Find My network, but to access full functionality, like setting up AirTags or using precision finding, they would need access to an Apple device.

Are there any alternatives for Android users similar to Apple AirTags?

Yes, there are various Bluetooth trackers available for Android users that offer similar functionality to AirTags, allowing them to track items using their Android devices with dedicated apps.

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