The Process Of Organizing A Hackathon In A Successful Manner

The Process of Organizing a Hackathon in a Successful Manner

by Rajesh Singh — 3 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Hackathons add a tinge of value to the developers or the organizations who are part of it. If the hackathon platform is organized in a poor way it paves way for a competitive and unhealthy atmosphere. You should be able to derive strength and the members should be able to gain something new from it.

An important tip is that the participants to a hackathon need to be guided and trained properly. They should not be confused about where their skills align properly. Being a hackathon you have to guide them through the existing set of projects so that they are in a position to be contributing.

Apart from this, you have to be aware that equal opportunities are provided to the participants with the necessary time along with space provided to them so they are able to accomplish their task in a comfort zone. Even before you are planning a hackathon they are some points of consideration

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The goal, theme and audience have a definite say

The focus of the event has to be well directed keeping the goal in mind. It could be for purely marketing reasons or you might be looking to hire new talent.

The reasons can be many but you need to have a mission statement and link it up with the other details with sponsors, speakers and the people who might be hosting the event.

Now once you are planning to hire the next set of API programmers or spread a word about the new brand in terms of your tech product, be aware of the needs of your target audience.

The time and venue has to be convenient

It could be turn out to be a bit subtle on a surface, but it is of utmost importance. The venue has to be accessible to people from remote locations of the world.

If reaching the venue is difficult, you might have to explore the possibility of alternate transportation ways. The full address along with viable instructions to the attendees has to be provided before the date of the event.

You have to fix up a date keeping the needs of the community in mind and make it a point that it is not going to clash with any other event.

Good projects are the way forward

The choice of the projects should not be random as they need to incorporate certain qualities
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Properly defined

Any project that is given to participants has to have a properly defined statement with an intended solution.


The goals of a project have to be administered, where you have to take into consideration the time frame of the participants. Once the end of the vent occurs, people should emerge out of the meeting that they have gone on to learn something new in the process.

Expert leadership

There is a definite need for a subject matter expert or a stakeholder to be mentoring a project so it is possible to drive the project in a realistic way.

Network requirements

Once you take stock of the network requirements and have an idea on the capacity type you need to possess. At the venue, the authorities are going to mention all the events you are looking to hear but do keep in mind that the network performance works out to be most important.

Even it is part of a hackathon platform if you are part of a commercial event.

The venue details are important

Before the choice of a venue, all the intrinsic details work out to be important. You have to take stock of the power requirements, seating arrangement, microphones along with the likes and dislikes of the participants.

For example, for a large organization, a convention centre that is handling millions of people is going to work, and on the other hand for a small organization or an SMB, even a small space is sufficient.

Even you have to take into consideration the service hardware where you are going to enhance the attendance pool. Even you have to check out for adaptors, projectors or a high-resolution experience when it comes to the attendees.


If the event is of large magnitude you might be requiring the help of sponsors to reduce the costs. The benefit of sponsors are manifold as not only they are going to help you arrange finances, but even for the additional stuff like food, souvenirs, calendars and a lot more.

But as a sponsor, once you organize an event you do expect some type of benefit.

Think on the lines of what you are planning to give a sponsor for the support they provide. Not only you can thank them during the opening or closing of an event, but you can even provide them with a platform where they can mention about their service or product.

Even provide them with a platform where they can display their staff. In this manner, you can ensure them an even footing.

Do put a budget about the venue along with the sponsors, so you have a fair idea about the sponsorship costs you might be needing.
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Finally, to sum it up hackathons provide numerous benefits to an individual and from an organizational point of view. The reasons for their use can be for internally or for hiring people they alter the manner you are going to invest your time.

Firstly you have to take into consideration that their organization is proper and there has to be justice for the resources or time that you might be putting into the event.

Any problems that are solved during the course of a hackathon can pave way for an impactful change. Even this can be a small feature that could end up making a lot of difference to the final customer.

A suggestion is that hackathon needs to be a regular feature of your company. In a way, you might be able to formulate a new path for yourself and the company.

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