Top 10 Programming Languages For Kids To Learn

Top 10 Programming Languages for Kids to learn

by Daniel Abbott — 2 years ago in Top 10 3 min. read

Programming languages are now a must-have skill for teens and kids to learn and develop.

At first, it might seem daunting to learn code and decipher. Programming is a remarkable skill that children and teens can learn and develop.

It is clear that technology is becoming so important in our society that programming computer code is not something that only those who are interested should know.

The future of programming is evident based on current trends and technological advances. Computer literacy is a skill that children and teens need to learn for many careers. This article lists the top 10 programming languages that teens and children should know for their future.

Top 10 Programming Languages for Kids to learn


Earlier, Basic was the programming language that new computer owners used to create small programs. It has lost its appeal as a serious programming language, despite its popularity in the 1990s. It’s still a good programming language to help kids understand the basics of regular and basic programming.
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Choosing Java to be the first programming language for beginners is a great way to make learning other languages a lot easier. Students who are proficient in Java can create their own apps and websites. Many tutorials and online resources are available that will help you create your own apps by using Java.
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Python is a programming language that can be read like normal speech. Students will find it easy to learn Python code. Students will learn to create programming ideas, and then transfer these ideas into code that can be read by the machines. The language already contains many of the common functions that programmers need.


This is a programming language that you can learn online for free. It is very easy to learn for children. Scratch has enough functions and operations built-in, so even experienced programmers can use it for efficiency.

Scratch also features an interactive online community that allows people to share their programming ideas and work.


It is the easiest syntax to understand for programmers. This makes it easy for beginners. Ruby is a robust language that was used to create Twitter. This proves that Ruby can also be used to create other platforms. Students can learn a lot about programming from Ruby.


Lua can be embedded into applications as a lightweight programming language. It’s a multi-paradigm programming language with a variety of general features that can be used in many situations. This language is a great choice for learning how to program a game. Lua was a popular language used in-game engines.
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It’s used to create programs that can run locally on computers like laptops and desktops. This language, despite the complexity and time required to learn C++ will give teens a deep understanding of computer science. C++ can be used for creating software, games, or a wide range of other programs.


Blockly, a visual programming language for children, is also highly recommended. Blockly is a visual programming language that breaks down code into blocks. It allows kids to drag and drop lines of code, which helps them learn basic coding concepts. Blockly aims to minimize technical errors and allow kids to concentrate on the basics.


Alice, a block-based programming language for children and teens, is free to use. The innovative coding environment makes programming animators’ lives easier, as well as interactive narratives and simple games in 3D.

This programming language was created to help students understand concepts in other object-oriented programming languages such as C++.
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This is the most widely used programming language to create codes for 3D games. It is used mainly to create third-party Windows applications.

It is similar to Java and is the fourth most sought-after programming language. This is a great choice for students interested in creating Windows applications. It also works well for people who have worked in Java but want to learn more about other similar languages.

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