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Youtube changed the way you navigate videos on its phone app

by Amelia Scott — 5 years ago in Mobile Apps < 1 min. read

YouTube is upgrading its mobile app development to make it much easier to browse through videos. The business announced that coming week it will roll out of a brand new horizontal swiping gesture which allows you to move forward and backwards throughout the movies you are watching. Swiping forward requires you to another recommended movie while swiping will take you into the previous video you saw.

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The change was made to provide users control over video playback mobile — the stage where currently 70% of YouTube seeing is happening. The organization annually added other features targeted at mobile app users, such as short-form founder content named Stories, display time controllers, a dim mode, autoplaying videos to the cell program’s homepage and much more.

Additionally, YouTube was thinking of methods to utilize gestures on cellular. By way of instance, in 2017 it was introduced a feature that enables you to double-tap a movie to jump back or forward by 10 minutes. The swipe seems like a natural extension of the earlier attribute.

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With flat left-right navigation, YouTube is making it a lot easier to move through its program and that, in turn, can increase user participation with its own video content. Additionally, it could see people begin to use the program for longer lengths of time each time they start it which means more chance to market users via advertisements as well as other in-app buys, such as merch and digital money (Super Chat).

The business declined to say when the attribute would reach Android.

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