Samsung Galaxy S10e Reviews

Samsung Galaxy S10e Reviews

by Micah James — 5 years ago in Review 4 min. read

The front part of the S10e appears appealing with the 5.8-inch display. There is a hole-punch camera in the very top right, that’s the title for its floating selfie camera which resembles a pit wrapped in a bit of paper. It is what helps Samsung reach these thinner bezels, which then allows for much more display property. In the event the hole-punch camera disturbs you, there is a method to conceal it or you may use a more creative background that pushes it on your house and lock display.

The phone looks outdated, like a classic Galaxy S6. The remaining part of the spine is clean, and that I really like the eye-catching Prism Blue colour.

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The S10e is so light it seems somewhat vague (not having physical existence). And then there is the fingerprint detector. To keep prices down, Samsung using the ultrasonic, in-display sensor located at the S10 and S10+ in favour of a much more conventional sensor wedged high on the S10e’s side. That ultrasonic detector has been for many individuals, this hardly appears to be a compromise.

  • In my experience at least, obtaining your finger to the ideal spot can be somewhat of an inconvenience, particularly for those who have little hands. And that is assuming you are using your right hand. I have never managed to unlock the phone with my left index finger over the first attempt, so I am a bit concerned about how nicely lefties would take for this item.
  • You could consistently put up face recognition for quicker unlocking, but because Samsung ditched its iris scanners to the Galaxy S10 collection, that is easily among the least protected techniques of getting in the S10e.In certain significant ways, the S10e does not away from the conventional S10’s high-performance formula. This was the entire point.
  • Generally, Samsung has said it concentrated on two important areas for every single edition of the S10 household: The displays and the cameras. The 5.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display this is markedly smaller than the S10’s, and following years of clinging to large telephones, becoming used to a board similar to that has taken me a longer time than I would care to admit.
  • You may expect the exact same type of learning curve if you are utilized to bigger displays, but you will feel right at home if you are upgrading from a very small device previously, or in the event that you simply like the notion of a comparatively pint-sized phone.
  • The S10e sports among Samsung’s first HDR10+ accredited displays, and it shows the colours here only sing, and that I never had difficulty reading on the screen under harsh sunlight as a result of its enhanced brightness. That is another crucial compromise that Samsung designed to keep the S10e relatively affordable, but it’s a simple one to live with.

I have been utilizing the S10e along with the S10+ broadly over the last week and frankly, the gap in overall quality is not very noticeable. It is surely there: The S10+’s screen is much more pixel-dense and is, thus, better at displaying nice detail in pictures. Concerning brightness and colours, however, the S10e becomes fairly near, and there are several situations where I have actually chosen how colours appeared about the S10e. (In case you were interested, both telephone screens were operating at the”Vivid” colour style so that they ought to have appeared almost identical.)

Between CES and Mobile World, I have analyzed my talk of hole-punch smartphone displays, and if you are worried about them, do not be. Viewing a hole cut from a display to allow a 10-megapixel camera glance through is a bit odd at first, and for some time at least, you may have difficulty not considering it while you are seeing a full-screen movie or enjoying a match. That urge will fade. The cutout is off at a corner where your eyes never truly linger for long anyhow. I find it a lot easier to endure than large notches that eat on the surface of a screen. And if not, well, taking into consideration how in which the business is moving, you are just going to need to get used to them.

Samsung Galaxy S10e –


  • Affordable by S10 standards
  • Excellent performance
  • Great trio of cameras
  • Much-improved software
  • Great for one-handed use


  • Underwhelming battery life
  • Questionable fingerprint sensor placement
  • What is the point of Bixby?


When it is time to get started constructing their brand new, premium smartphones, firms such as Samsung are often driven with a very simple mantra: “more”.

Many men and women desire a strong, competent phone that does not cost $1,000 and will not feel absolute annually. If mobiles such as the S10+ represent the business in the summit of its own hardware and software match, the S10e reflects an understanding that these new advancements really shine when more men and women get to use them.

The Galaxy S10 and S10+ place a high bar with this year’s top Android and using all the S10e, Samsung is attempting to ensure more people benefit from its job. That is new territory for your business and it paid off. The Galaxy S10e provides the essentials of their S10 encounter -exceptional performance, fantastic cameras and enhanced applications — in a bundle which feels much more manageable, both emotionally and physically.

Nevertheless, it is not just ideal. A more compact mobile usually means a smaller battery, and a few individuals will find it lacking. And the location of its fingerprint detector could be more than you may anticipate. Despite that, however, that the Galaxy S10e packs sufficient functionality and polish to almost any high-end smartphone shopper that does not wish to invest $1,000.

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The S10e comes in the exact same vibrant finishes as the normal S10 and a couple of extras in certain niches and stones the exact same slightly squarish layout.

There is a USB-C interface along with a timeless headset jack on the phone’s bottom, and a SIM tray on top which also carries microSD cards as big as 512GB. For better or worse, the bodily Bixby button lives on the phone’s left side so that you can speak to Samsung’s marginally improved digital helper. Granted you will not be charging your buddy’s telephone or smartwatch terribly fast, but the simple fact that Samsung even bothered to take it to the S10e stays a nice surprise.

Above all, however, the S10e utilizes the specific same Snapdragon 855 chipset you’ll discover in every other superior smartphone this past year. I will dig performance somewhat later, but mention that with the 6GB of RAM located at the base version S10e, you are still getting complete flagship power in a considerable discount. Oh, and if it was not apparent, you are getting it at a more compact package, also.

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