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How Mobile App Development Technologies are Impact on the Supply Chain

by Alex Noah — 5 years ago in Supply Chain Management 2 min. read

Mobile technology was implemented in the distribution chain of many companies now — in warehouses and in retail shops, as an example. Nonetheless, it is not entirely a new phenomenon, as a number of these businesses have used cellular technologies for a range of years, through monitoring through RFID, as an instance, or using some type of handheld unit monitoring things like onsite deliveries and orders.

Arguably then, it is not simply the portable hardware itself which is altering the distribution chain, but it has the capacity to incorporate information from such mobile devices with different facets of company analytics — to do this in real time.

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The Benefits of Mobile on the Supply Chain

To put it differently, instead of batch processing the information downloaded from those mobile devices in the close of the afternoon, cellular communications — through wireless or 3G, for example — are”always on,” greatly increasing precision and efficiency. Mobile technology has helped businesses optimize resource allocation and location. And this, together with real-time info, continues to be significant not simply from the retail industry, but in regions such as healthcare, in which the bets to effectively connect people and medication are even greater.

However, to date, the majority of the attempts in combining cellular technology and the distribution chain have happened around stock management and the shipping of products.

“This was pricey. But with the arrival of inexpensive mobile devices which do not monitor but develop complex shipping and mobile developer, partnerships are actually jumping on mobile-enabling that region of the distribution chain. There’s a particularly growing fascination in driver-interactive mobile”

It is not merely an issue of monitoring drivers, monitoring trucks, or monitoring tools. The advantages of real time data from mobile devices may also help the people across the distribution chain with real time communicating. Mobile tools can offer cooperation and communication so as to fix issues that come up across the distribution chain.

And as firms find ways to expand the execution of cellular, we will likely see additional regions of attention beyond simply delivery of products, so that service and sales agents may also link to the cellular supply chain.

Alex Noah

Alex is senior editor of The Next Tech. He studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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