8 Practices For Better CRM User Adoption

8 Practices for better CRM User Adoption

by Alex — 3 years ago in Top 10 3 min. read

A large number of companies in the modern market utilize CRM solutions to enhance their engagements with customers.

Users are however at the center stage of every CRM solution and should be widely considered in the choice and adoption of a company CRM for better performance.

Business owners who adopt best practices for CRM integration therefore report higher user adoption rates and as a result, enhanced ROIs.

CRM is very important as a customer data management platform. In addition, it supports a company’s campaign drives by sending customized ads on relevant social media platforms.

Creatio even makes it much easier for small companies to install the less advanced CRM free trial for an improved versatility and user adoption.

This is important because it gives your teams a better understanding of your customers and the information collected is of great help in building loyalty among customers.

Despite the goodies that a CRM brings to an organization, managers may face bigger challenges such as data integrity and particularly low user adoption.

Before you think of a good strategy to handle these challenges, your CRM usefulness can considerably go down.

Good thing, there are a number of CRM drills every entrepreneur can use to improve their sales and business development with sales teams turning more contacts into returning clients.

Let’s look at some of these CRM best practices here.

1. Advocate Your CRM Implementation

Users tend to oppose any changes from the norm. because you are bringing in a new tool, you are most likely going to face opposition from the team.

An amazing way to handle this resistance is by hiring CRM implementation advocates to add some sense to your implementation strategy. You can also set up a guide and easing the transition.

2. Convey Benefits

Communicate to your team and let them know what exactly are the benefits CRM adoption will bring to the organization.

Many users will think the tool has been installed as a strategy to lay off some workers. When they are able to link the software to personal growth and enhanced user efficiency, their acceptance levels will definitely rise.
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3. Practice

Every business team that intends to make a better experience with CRM must learn to use it more and more.

At first sight, maintenance of data and even extraction of reports will be a big challenge.

This narrative however changes for better with regular daily use and learning which extends adoption to every team member.

4. Plug Holes

If appropriately used as CRM software adoption strategy, plug holes can make CRM adoption more seamless.

For instance, if your business sells a product, integrate the key lead capture process you are currently using with CRM and the adoption will shock you.

5. Training

Training opens up the box for users bringing them closer to the understanding and usability of the tool.

Training sessions open up windows for the team members to ask questions and develop better understanding of the system which works best to increase the adoption rate among teams.

Another way in which users can learn faster and increase adoption is when you identify and train champions among the team members.

These champions will then be able to train the rest and increase the general output for your new CRM solution.
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6. Personalize And Simplify

The use of CRM doesn’t have to be similar across organizations. Just like your operations and nature of businesses are unique, so should be your CRM tools.

Make the system more relevant to your business by customizing it to the kind of operation of your company.

You can easily create fields, workflows, titles and many more features that make your CRM more unique and admirable. However, remember not to confuse your team even more by bringing in irrelevant features.

7. Never Drop The Ball

One of the major challenge businesses face is having a stand alone lead flow process which instead of revamping conversion, generates cracks for leads to fall through and disappear forever.

The integration of lead capture platforms and CRM enhances conversion and reduces loss of leads along the way.

In addition, if you are introducing CRM solution and need to import leads, the process should better be automated.

If this transfer can occur more seamlessly without requiring teams to carry out manual bulk imports, there are more chances that the team members will like the new system and back it up.

8. Mobile and social friendly

Modern markets require high mobile integration. Similarly, incorporating social tools such as ‘Follow’ and “Like” will make CRM software more interesting to users.

On the other hand, business owners can greatly incentivize CRM user adoption by introducing healthy CRM user competitions.

By rewarding top performers who use the tool, you encourage the other team members to learn more and better their understanding of the solution and in the process increase adoption rate.


My name is Alex and I have worked in various companies related to business processes. Now I am making my experience with readers and my articles are aimed at helping people understand how they can improve their business with the help of various automatic systems.

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