How To Save Outlook Message As PDF With Attachments?

How can I Save Outlook Message as PDF with Attachments? Know Here!

by Lindsey Smith — 3 years ago in Top 10 3 min. read

An MSG file was originally developed for MS Outlook. This is a file format used to save an e-mail message, task, journal, calendar, contact and e-mail.

The Outlook e-mail message format with .msg extension stores related details such as date, sender, recipient, subject, contact details, contact information, and other information.

PDF on the other hand is a portable file/document format with .pdf extension. Adobe Systems developed this format. This format is popular for its safety, security, and ease of use features.

Because of PDF’s efficient properties, people are looking for a solution to save Outlook message as PDF with attachments.

Then you will ask countless questions about how to save Outlook MSG to PDF with attachments.

So this article will discuss the issues related to saving MSG files with attachments to PDF file format. So keep reading until the end to find the solution of how to convert MSG to PDF file format.

Why Save Outlook Message as PDF with Attachments

MSG and PDF are popular formats of users, but sometimes users need to save messages from MSG to PDF format for various reasons. Today, many e-mail applications are used to send e-mail from one e-mail application. And as we all know, each email client supports different file formats. So exporting in PDF format becomes a must. The importance of conversions will be discussed in the next section:

  1. After converting, users can save many important files in one format.
  2. The MSG document is deleted from the server due to reduced size of e-mails.
  3. To save Outlook MSG to PDF with attachments, it allows users to use MSG files in PDF format so they can be used in any legal situation.
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Multiple Ways to Save Outlook Message as PDF with Attachments

There are two main methods to save Outlook MSG to PDF with attachments, which are discussed below:

Manual Method to Save Messages from MSG to PDF Format

The manual method is a free method that doesn’t require any form of payment. To manually save messages from MSG to PDF format, follow these steps:

  1. First, add the MSG file to Outlook.
  2. After this, select the email file or message you want to export.
  3. Then go to the File option and choose the Save As option.
  4. Select a location to save the mail.
  5. Now, choose Save as or .html.
  6. Then, select the file you saved as .html and right-click on it.
  7. Click Open to select the word MS.
  8. Finally, go to File in MS Word, click the Save As option and choose PDF.

Shortcomings of Manual Processes

Manual procedure works well but is not a wise choice due to some limitations. A few of the disadvantages of the manual method are covered below:

  1. Only one file can be converted manually at a time.
  2. It requires technical expertise.
  3. This process often consumes a lot of time.
  4. Data loss is a serious problem with manual methods.

Automatic Method to Save Outlook Message as PDF with Attachments

The automated method means using a third-party app or software. These methods provide a professional solution for conversion.

It has been found that such apps make life easier for users who need a simple solution like us. There are a number of automated tools out there that can help. One of these tools is SysTools MSG to PDF Converter Tool.

MSG to PDF file converter is a complete, high-end solution to save messages from MSG to PDF format.

This tool not only exports MSG files in PDF format but also from MSG File to PST, EML, NSF, HTML, MBOX, etc. Some of the key features of the MSG converter are:

  1. It has a friendly and easy to understand user interface.
  2. You can export multiple MSG files at the same time.
  3. The file can be renamed after conversion.
  4. Date range filters are available.
  5. No technical experience required.
  6. No data loss and no time.
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The manual methods are convenient but have many limitations that are seems to be annoying from the user’s point of view.

So, you can use the automated solution to save Outlook message as pdf with attachments. We’ve covered both methods, but it’s up to you to decide which one meets your needs. Hope this article helps.

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