5 Ways How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Education

5 Ways How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Education

by Jonas Barker — 2 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

Artificial intelligence is starting to play a huge role in education. It has transformed how one performs their educational job and also how students receive and retain information. While this is not a new technology, it is one that is being introduced into classrooms around the globe and has had a major impact on how one learns and develops academically. Here, we look at the 5 ways in which AI is being used in classroom settings.

1. Personalized Learning

Personalization plays a key role in an academic setting. It refers to the pace of learning and the approach of teachers to optimize the needs of every student. Artificial intelligence can be used to adapt to the individual pace of a student and offer consistency. It can also help to provide complex tasks that can speed up the learning process. With the use of artificial intelligence in a classroom, all students, regardless of their learning speed, can continue to study and benefit from a quality education.

Artificial intelligence in education can enhance individualized learning and will let students obtain and absorb details and data at their own pace. Studies have shown that this form of learning can enhance overall performance in school. AI has the ability to create a custom education for any student. Human teachers will be there solely for support and explanations of complex issues. This technology also allows one to easily use it to help with complicated tasks.

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2. Universal Access

With the offering of AI tools, people around the globe can benefit from classrooms and higher education. Even those that speak various languages or have learning disabilities will benefit from AI. This means that no one will be left behind and that everyone will be able to receive the same materials and opportunities to learn. With this technology, there is an open door for everyone to learn at various levels or to even take a course that is not offered at their own school. Based on market research, AI use will have an annual growth rate of 45% globally.

3. Smart Content Creation

Another way artificial intelligence can be used in a school setting is by providing smart content creation access. This type of info can include videos, guides of books that have been digitized, or video conferencing. Robots are used to enhance the classroom experience by using interfaces and digital information that will apply to students of all ages. AI works to make ideas and concepts easy to grasp and will divide info into sections that include summaries of important aspects.

4. Teaching The Teacher

Artificial intelligence can provide great benefits to teachers as well as students. When teaching, one can use AI to get new data that can improve knowledge and teaching abilities. It can be a useful tool in identifying a weakness in a classroom. By using AI in e-learning, an educator will be able to know when students miss a question or need extra help on a specific topic. The feedback received can help professors identify problem areas and provide better education to any student. Data collected can then be used for progress report creation or for making future lesson plans.

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5. Additional Ways How AI is Shaping Education

There are many other ways in which this technology can be used. Some examples of artificial intelligence in education also include the offering of 24-hour assistance through the use of chatbots. These bots can answer questions and offer material relative to specific lessons. Help is available on any topic at any time of the day. Instead of relying on extra help from a professor after class or hiring a tutor, AI can play a significant role in improving education by providing round-the-clock assistance.

For tutors or professors, this can be a great help when it comes to grading and assessing work. AI can be used to perform administrative tasks to help with time management and ensure that papers are graded on time and using the same set of standards. It can also be used for professional development.


The AI educational scene is always changing. With new technology and various teaching and learning techniques, AI is shaping the future of our youth. The way AI assists educators is just as beneficial as the ways in which it is used to enhance an academic experience. Artificial intelligence will not replace teachers but will be used in the educational sector to provide the best adaptive learning and equal opportunities for students.

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