How AI Avatars Can Help You Outside Your Home

Learn How AI Avatars Can Help You Outside Your Home

by Neeraj Gupta — 1 month ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

Say Hello To AI Avatars 👋

Dream comes true where the world of great minds has imagined living with robots and digital avatars.

While robots are still under development, the implications of artificially created AI Avatars has been seen in palpable form.

Think of the banking sector, who first incorporated this technology, leveraging the potential to facilitate customer experiences.

Comes with communication, logical, and emotional intelligence skills, these characters cannot sleep or not be bored from repetitive tasks and could work for a whole day or beyond.

Such potential features give businesses an edge advantage to keep AI Avatars alive and running where human interruptions are highly required.

Some example can be concluded, as follow:

  • Welcoming and greeting customers
  • Communicating with customers query
  • Replying clients questions quickly
  • Assisting a new customer though guided steps
  • Taking interviews or briefing responsibilities

Apart from these, AI Avatars can also be helpful in managing your home, even if you are not present.

Controlling lights, thermostats, and appliances through voice commands or avatar interactions. Keeping an eye on your home with AI avatar-powered cameras.

In addition to this, providing reminders, medication management, and video calls with loved ones. While taking care of grocery lists, ordering deliveries, and managing schedules for residents.

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Where Can AI Avatars Be Used Outside From Residency?

Well, the world outside home is wide and unpredictable. In this regard, the use of digital characters is also wide and unforeseeable.

Few applications of AI Avatars outside home are mentioned underneath. Take a look at each constraint.

In Stores

AI Avatar in stores

Indeed, the actions of AI Avatars transform the in-store experience. Imagine a friendly AI avatar greeting you as you enter the store.

Not only this, they can provide detailed product information, user reviews, and even create interactive demonstrations.

In fact, they are the best option for guiding the customers for things such as ongoing promotions, product specifications, and how-to guides for better understanding before buying.

In Tourist Offices

Digital avatar in tourist offices

Speaking of digital characters, assistants in tourist offices are a prime location to leverage.

It is because it can eliminate language barriers. AI Avatars can interact with customers in their preferred language, to better understand the right thing at a glance.

Additionally, based on a tourist’s interests, budget, and travel style, the AI avatar can curate personalized itineraries.

With AI advancement, tourist offices can become more efficient, accessible, and informative.

In Shopping Malls

AI-powered avatar in shopping malls

In modern days, shopping malls are the center of attention for clothing and lifestyle behavior.

AI avatars can greet shoppers upon arrival, guide shoppers with directions, maps, and navigation.

While between all of these things, AI avatars can gather valuable data on shopper behavior, preferences, and traffic patterns.

In Museums

AI Avatar in museums

Museums are at the forefront of adopting AI Avatars for various reasons with focus to enhance the visitor experience.

Imagine a friendly AI avatar greeting you at the entrance.

One of the advantages of AI Avatars used to represent historical figures, learning about their lives, perspectives, and the historical context of the exhibits.

Those with disabilities may assist them by providing audio descriptions, sign language translation, and navigation guidance through the museum.

With time, AI Avatars will be widely used across various aspects of our lives in the future. Telepresence and content creation are the future of work.

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Are AI Avatars Good Option For “On-The-Go” Things

Yes, Artificial Intelligence virtual character is a good option for on-the-go activities targets.

Following are few examples of AI Avatar on-the-go:

  • They can be helpful for personalized city guides as travel companions providing real-time information and recommendations.
  • Facilitates communication in foreign languages while traveling or planning for business.
  • These avatars also champion in assisting with navigation, reading signs, and providing support for people for disability.

In the end, AI Avatars have its widespread implications outside the home. Referring some examples such as shopping, tourists, and stores; potentially provide advantages for growth.

Thus, AI Avatars have the potential to be widely implemented across various aspects of our lives in the future.

That’s all in this blog, thanks for reading 🙂

Neeraj Gupta

Neeraj is a Content Strategist at The Next Tech. He writes to help social professionals learn and be aware of the latest in the social sphere. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology and is currently helping his brother in the family business. When he is not working, he’s travelling and exploring new cult.

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