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Benefits of artificial intelligence in education

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Alan Jackson
by Alan Jackson — 4 months ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

Robots or artificial intelligence will inevitably play a massive role in education in the next few years. Whether people know it or not, artificial intelligence is all around us.

Everything from gaming services, watching or streaming shows on our televisions or even buying things online, there is a presence of AI everywhere. Even essay writers have gotten in on the act and are using AI to deliver good quality service to students on their websites.

The one thing many people ask themselves these days is, what are the benefits of artificial intelligence in the education sector?

Benefits of artificial intelligence in education

Artificial intelligence allows tutors to personalize their classes

One of the best things about AI is it doesn’t disrupt classes when they are in session, if anything, they enchanted the learning experience of students while making the lives of tutors very easy.

Every student has their own needs that have to be met and it can be challenging for a tutor to meet them all. Some students might have special needs and will require extra attention to them while others might be advanced in their studies. Thanks to AI.

Tutors can adapt to the needs and wants of their students easily and provide them with the best possible learning experience. Tutors can set instructions into a system based on the weaknesses and strengths of every student. There are a few meaningless tasks that tutors must do which can be time-consuming.

Instead of focusing on their students, they can spend plenty of hours doing these tasks. Assigning them to an AI allows a tutor to focus on the most important thing which is providing students with the best possible education.

AI can be used to teach students in classrooms

There are so many universities and colleges across the world that are using AI to educate their students. Thanks to advancements in technology, machines can now be programmed to do the job that people do like teaching in the classroom as long as they are programmed properly.

They can deliver the same experience to students as that of a human being as well as know the amount of knowledge each student has.

AI can be programmed to grade student assignments/essays

Out of all the benefits AIs bring to the table, this is perhaps the best one. Grading assignments or tests can be boring for some tutors and it does take away lesson planning and professional development. Leaving it up to the AI means they can focus on teaching and providing a better learning experience.

AIs can give students constructive feedback on their work

Once again, this depends massively on how the machine is programmed. If programmed wrong, it will not give accurate feedback to students. Once students have submitted their work, they can receive constructive feedback as if their work was marked by a human being.

AI allows colleges to create global classrooms

These days it doesn’t matter which part of the world a student is, if they are not able to physically attend a classroom session, they can attend one via a video link. As long as they have a good internet connection at home, they can interact with their peers and AIs with ease.
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AI can  provide jobs or roles for skills tutors

Even if humans do make mistakes from time to time, there will always be a role one can play even in a world where machines can do most of the work. For AIs to perform well, they need to be operated by a well-skilled or qualified person meaning that teachers are not going away any time soon.

If teachers are driven away by machines in the education sector, there will be no one operating them which can lead to inconsistencies in student learning. This is why there needs to be a human on-site making sure it is operating smoothly.

AI makes learning interesting

If a student does not find a lesson interesting, they can get bored of it easily. One way to spice things up and bring excitement is to add technology.

Incorporating technology in education can make lessons more immersive, fun and easy to understand for many students. Tutors can use things such as VR headsets and even simulators to get their messages across to their students.
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AI can help colleges monitor how their students are performing

With the help of AI, tutors can easily track how their students are performing. Data is entered into the system allowing tutors from various colleges or universities to get a clear picture of who is performing well and who is performing badly. The good thing about AI is they are not a one-time thing. They can be used over and over again all year round.

Alan Jackson

Alan is content editor manager of The Next Tech. He loves to share his technology knowledge with write blog and article. Besides this, He is fond of reading books, writing short stories, EDM music and football lover.

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