Why Content Marketer Should Use ChatGPT Voice Chat Feature

Why Content Marketer Should Use ChatGPT Voice Chat Feature?

by Micah James — 1 month ago in Artificial Intelligence 4 min. read

All OpenAI chatbot users now have access to the ChatGPT Voice chat feature, which can carry a conversation on its own, unlike Siri or Alexa. Anyone with the iOS or Android app can now start a conversation, something that was beforehand only possible as a premium feature.

OpenAI is still releasing new updates despite the ongoing turmoil at the top, which included Sam Altman being fired by the board, hired by Microsoft, and then rehired by OpenAI as CEO in five days.

Everything you or the AI says is available in text form only like any other chat, and the voice feature is built on top of the standard ChatGPT platform.

Speaking into the microphone with ChatGPT records your speech, sends it to the AI, and the AI creates artificial speech in response. This feels like a natural conversation with a human and occurs almost immediately.

How to Use ChatGPT Voice

The mobile app versions of the platform are the only ways to access ChatGPT Voice. It is compatible with Android and iPhone and can be downloaded for free with a Plus account, which grants you access to the more sophisticated GPT-4 AI model and more organic responses.

1. Sign in on Your Phone and Tap the Headphones Icon

Open ChatGPT on your phone and log in. This is where you’ll see the main blank screen with a message box at the bottom, a headphone icon in the bottom-right corner, and a circular logo in the center. Press the headphones.

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2. Ask a Question or Start Speaking

As a result, there will be a floating circle that looks to be changing side to side on the screen. Once it completes a circle, it is ready for you to speak. At this point, “start speaking” will show up at the bottom with four .s and a microphone icon. Only express your thoughts.

3. Wait for a Response

Following your speech, the changes into a speech bubble as it processes what you only said. It said, “I’m just a computer programmer, so I don’t have feelings, but I’m here to help you with any questions you might have,” in response to my question, “How are you today?”.

4. Turn It into a Conversation

By tapping the space only above the close button, you can end the ChatGPT Voice response at any moment. By doing this, you’ll be able to reopen your microphone and ask a fresh or modified query.

It keeps track of your earlier messages. The circle will reappear after it responds at the beginning, at which point you can continue conversing. You can incessantly improve a brief poem that you asked it to write by interacting with the AI back and forth.

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5. End the Conversation

Only tap the red circle with the X in the center to end the conversation at any time. Additionally, you can always press the bottom-left pause button to put ChatGPT Voice on hold.

The minute you press the red circle, it forgets what you said during the voice session, so you’ll have to start over. After everything, after you end the voice session, the content it generates will remain accessible in the chat window.

6. How to Change ChatGPT’s Voice

How can I alter the voice of ChatGPT Voice? It’s not a problem at all. This is how it’s done.

Go to Menu > your name > Voice

ChatGPT Voice offers five distinct voice options. To convert these, press the Voice menu item after tapping the menu button in the top-left corner and your name in the bottom-left corner. At this point, you have the option to convert the default language or keep it set to auto-detect based on system settings.

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7. Select Your Favorite Voice

The voices are those of Cove, Juniper, Breeze, Ember, and Sky. They range from voices that sound androgynous tones that are powerful masculine or feminine.

They all serve the same purpose; the only difference is that ChatGPT will sound otherwise based on what you choose. After choosing your option, only hit the confirm button. Consider Sky is better.

8. Go Back to the Voice Session

Only click the x in the upper right corner of the settings menu to return to your current conversation.

That’s the only thing about it. See our other tutorials for more ChatGPT instructions, such as how to use ChatGPT, how to create your own ChatGPT chatbot, and how to use ChatGPT with Bing.

Why Use ChatGPT’s Voice Feature?

The voice feature of ChatGPT has various benefits over standard text-based communication.

  • Enhanced Naturalness: It offers a method of communication that is more instinctive and natural, more like how people interact with one another. Users who prefer spoken interactions over typing may find this especially helpful.
  • Improved Accessibility: ChatGPT’s voice conversation feature improves accessibility for users with physical limitations that prevent them from typing, such as vision impairments. These people can interact with ChatGPT and use all its features without any restrictions by speaking.
  • Better Communication: The voice feature gives ChatGPT’s conversational capabilities a new level of depth. ChatGPT can convey emotions and nuances that are hard to convey in text alone by using voice intonation, pauses, and emphasis. Conversations between users and the AI may become more interesting and meaningful as a result.
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In general, ChatGPT’s voice feature is a big advancement for communication between humans and artificial intelligence. Voice interactions with machines will in conclusion become even more common as AI develops, and ChatGPT’s voice feature is setting the stage for this future.


How do I access the Voice Chat feature in ChatGPT?

To use Voice Chat in ChatGPT, simply click on the microphone icon in the chat interface, grant permission for microphone access if prompted, and start speaking after the recording begins.

What languages does the Voice Chat feature support?

Currently, ChatGPT's Voice Chat feature supports English language input for generating text-based responses.

Can I use Voice Chat on mobile devices?

Yes, the Voice Chat feature is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing users to interact with ChatGPT via voice input on compatible platforms.

How accurate is ChatGPT's Voice Chat feature?

ChatGPT's Voice Chat feature leverages advanced natural language processing technology to provide accurate and contextually relevant responses based on spoken input, with performance improving over time.

Are there any privacy considerations with Voice Chat?

ChatGPT respects user privacy and does not store voice recordings beyond the duration of the current session. Additionally, all interactions are encrypted for added security and confidentiality.

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