Computer Vision: Businesses Transforming From An Unrealistic Idea To Practical Reality

Computer Vision: Businesses Transforming from an Unrealistic Idea to Practical Reality

by William — 5 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

Technology has already proven to be immensely helpful to businesses.  AI is guiding the business to improve its efficiency by utilizing actionable information. The attribute of AI “Computer vision” is a field involved to interpret and understand the visual world. Using digital images machines can accurately identify and classify objects with the help of Machine Learning.

Today, several industries in different sectors are benefitting from computer vision technology. The systems enabled with this technology offer a range of features from on-site safety to predictive maintenance. This scientific field allows computers to capture, interpret, understand, and process the objects scanned. This helps the business to suitable decisions. Moreover, with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled computer vision systems can understand the captured digital images accordingly.

What is computer vision is all about?

Computer Vision is the AI-enabled technique to analyze information in images or videos of the product. Businesses are using this technology to scan the logo of the brand product and derive useful information. This technology works on both still images and video to extract meaningful data.

From unlocking your smartphone with your face to auto-tagging your friend’s photos on Facebook. A big thanks to this technology helping to enhance our experience. Businesses are offering a secure and engaging solution to their potential users benefited from computer vision. Artificial Intelligence technology has proven to be one of the best among all technology to bring profits.

Computer vision helping the business to improve process efficiency

Computer vision technology gives several reasons for business for implementation and one of them is ROI. That’s why businesses in various industries are employing computer vision in their business operations. 

Face recognition/detection

Computer vision come up with unique technique empowered with AI, helpful in many ways. Face recognition is generally matching the face of the particular person using the detection method.

Face images can be captured from a distance and can be analyzed easily using AI. Facial recognition is somewhat similar to biometric techniques that can serve as an excellent security measure for time tracking and attendance.

Emotion analysis

It is a challenging task to detect emotions with technology. With AI, everything is possible, the face recognition with machine learning algorithms have shown great promise.

Business into customer dealing and services are using Facial Emotion Detection API, to can process customers images and videos in real-time. This helps to monitor the customer’s emotions, helping to make life better for businesses as well as the customers.

Video analytics

Video analysis is the major part of computer vision, helping in object tracking based on algorithms.   With the help of the Computer vision, video analysis algorithms are used in automated visual surveillance systems. Video analytics involve motion detection, object tracking, and scene understanding.

This helps to detect a moving object in the background of the scene of the video. This is helpful to know thing better and take a fast decision during any auspicious activities.

Image processing

It is helping to improve business services. The trend of automated tagging of images is taking the user experience to another level.  Image processing on a large scale is quicker and more accurate comparatively. This has insightful worked when querying large sets of images.

Business in product and services are using this technology broadcast their services. With the help of the image processing, a huge chunk of the images in photo archive can be processed hassle-free. It is the best way to reach targeted users.

Uses of computer vision in marketing & customer experience

Smart product discovery

Computer Vision services offer an advance feature of visual product discovery. Business in the retail and CPG sector are using this technology for correct product discovery with an algorithm of a product catalog to find products. Customer with AI-based algorithm can separate the categories of the products. Visual product discovery is based on their visual affinity that means shoppers can select a product using a standard filtering system.

Targeting users

This technology once tracked the activities of the customer that can guide the businesses to target the customer. To enhance the customer experience this key strategy can be a game-changer in the field of marketing. The merchandisers can go through the visual pattern of the product and target the user based on the activities.


The artificial intelligence company is helping the business to look after the different the process. AI sub-fields are making lives better in every sense. Form Intelligent Chatbots to driver assistance systems, AI with its elements is helping to secure the businesses of any size of threats.

Businesses these days are incorporating the computer vision into apps as a part of the improvement. Computer vision is improving our everyday lives, from smart home systems to safe driving, to better hospital diagnostics. With the help of the data analysis, the personalized customer experience is improving with time.

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