The Ambiguous Job Opportunities Offered By Learning The AI Skills

The Ambiguous Job Opportunities Offered by Learning the AI Skills

by Niti Sharma — 4 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

AI skills and eye-popping salaries!

Who wouldn’t want to earn a whopping salary package? Salary compensation for AI specialists has always been the highest as there are considerably less skilled professionals in AI.

Not many people understand the technology but hundreds and thousands of companies are looking forward to working with it.

But sadly, for professionals to get into the AI industry, they would require a strong and in-depth set of skills in AI.

Chris Nicholson, the chief executive and founder of Skymind, a start-up working on A.I says, “There is a mountain of demand and a trickle of supply.” Couldn’t you agree more to what he just said? Doesn’t this issue raise an alarming bell to the governments and universities? Thus, they will be needing more AI experts, both to take up jobs as well as to teach the next kin of AI specialists how to use this technology, how they can put these technologies into practical use – from building robots from scratch to discovering a new drug.

With multiple companies deciding to adopt AI, it is evident that people have started accepting the idea of AI and automation to be the next game-changer.

Artificial intelligence: essential skills required

AI is here to change almost everything – and as it turns out, it is doing one of the cleverest things that only humans once could do. However, at the same time, it also fails at performing certain tasks that even the most stupid human could accomplish without making efforts.

AI today becomes one of the major aspects of our everyday lives as such we’re even seeing the change taking place in the industry. While it is still in its infancy, AI has already provided us with multiple benefits – from facial recognition to driverless cars, AI is already ruling the world as we know.

Imagine the kind of skills AI specialists will be needed if they’re looking to make advancements in AI. AI is a wide field with varied career prospects, however, all of them require to have in-depth practical knowledge and education.

For instance, AI researchers use their knowledge in theory then they study them closely and come up with newer ranges of systems and capabilities. The responsibility of a researcher includes finding new and different ways of how a machine can think.

Whereas an algorithm developer then takes the AI research, transform it into repeatable processes using mathematical formulas that can further be implemented with the help of software and hardware.

On the other hand, a computer scientist or a software developer can use these algorithms and write codes or software pieces that can easily analyze, interpret things, and make better decisions.
Also read: Top 10 IoT Mobile App Development Trends to Expect in 2021 Almost all careers in AI need below-mentioned skills: –

  • Science – mechanics, cognitive learning theory, language processing, and physics
  • Computer science – programming, logic, data structures, and efficiency
  • Mathematics – statistics, calculus, algebra, Bayesian algorithms

AL skills can be easily acquired if the candidate has extensive knowledge of the above-mentioned skills. However, professionals who are looking to start their career in AI can also pick up AI certification programs from credible online providers.

Besides these skills, AI specialists must also have non-technical skills such as critical thinking and curiosity.

Great tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook already have their set of AI engineers doing their work for them. The demand for AI professionals will still rise, despite the different job roles.

For someone acquainted with certain AI skills needs to start experimenting with their knowledge with technologies like MySQL, Postgres, Big Data, Map-Reduce, Python, and Matlab.

Despite the kind of job roles, you’re looking to get into, it is ideal you learn as many technologies as you can.

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