What’s The Real Difference Between AI And Automation?

What’s the Real Difference between AI and Automation?

by Amelia Scott — 5 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 2 min. read


  • Automation is essentially making a hardware or software that’s capable of accomplishing things mechanically.
  • Artificial Intelligence is a science and technology of making smart machines.

what will that future actually look like? We often hear that machines or robots will take over human jobs, that there’s an AI revolution just around the corner. The terms automation and artificial intelligence are used interchangeably in this same context of a futuristic world. But, there are significant differences.

Difference between AI and Automation


Automation is essentially making a hardware or software that’s capable of accomplishing things mechanically. Example of Automation… Fire alarm systems set up in buildings. The moment smoke detector is triggered, water begins pouring down the pipes.

Automation can or can’t be predicated on Artificial Intelligence. Automation can be given by setting some detectors and creating something do corresponding to detector readings. If you would like to develop precisely the exact same matter to take an Artificial intelligence service, then you may have to do extra little effort. Your coding degree or developer will choose to just how much widen you can produce your system excite like human. In the event of straightforward automatic you can readily predict the output signal, based on sensor readings.

Automation is when tech does a repetitive job with no human intervention. Automation does not only pre-date computers–it pre-dates power. The custom of using a system to control something mechanically was a focus of dreamers and inventors from historical cultures such as Egypt, Persia, Greece and China. While the idea is older, the term’automation’ is newer, coined in the 1940s by automakers as they sought to enhance production prices.

New automation differs from older automation and how we utilize automation in a wider sense. There’s a kind of workflow which basically manages itself. This definition of automation may encompass several distinct kinds of engineering, from the simplest programs like packaging up cans of beer at a box to digitizing the regular business processes your workers spend time on now to AI-based workflows that may use machine learning how to make recommendations or perhaps reroute operating procedures.

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 Artificial Intelligence is a science and technology of making smart machines (based on John McCarthy, individual who coined this expression ). AI is about attempt to produce machines or applications mimic human behaviour and intelligence. Automation may or can’t be contingent upon Artificial Intelligence. Alexa is Best example of AI that is worked doing like as human. The best way to leverage AI is to combine its superhuman abilities with the super augmented Intelligence abilities of human.

AI is where matters get intriguing — so much so that Elon Musk called it our”largest existential threat” and Stephen Hawking stated it could be”potentially our worst error ” to dismiss its own stressing implications.

The larger worries are diminished because Artificial Intelligence development was imitate human intellect with infinite possibility of studying. Contrary to the easy automated systems where you’ve got a machine setting things into a box, which you can instruct your dog to perform, you need a great deal more sophisticated intelligence to understand how to indicate which film to see based on your past viewing history on Netflix.

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