Future Of Blockchain Tech Innovation In The East

Future of Blockchain Tech Innovation in the East

by Alan Jackson — 4 years ago in Blockchain Technology 3 min. read

Since the end of World War II, the United States has been an undisputed global leader in innovation. From putting a man on the moon to the birth of Fairchild’s “Traitorous Eight” and today’s Silicon Valley, the U.S. Is at the forefront of adoption of emerging technology. This situation has given the country a strategic advantage in explaining how technology is adopted and the basic standards set for its use. However, as we enter the new decade, the U.S. Is at risk of losing its place as Asia’s leading innovator, significantly affecting our technological future.

Future of blockchain innovation in china

The highest competitor to American innovation is China. We can see data of the past few years, China has mainly focused on best technologies such as blockchain and AI. WhilePwC survey respondents viewed the U.S. as the most advanced territory developing blockchain today, they believe that in the next three to five years, the leader will be China.

Over 450 projects have registered with China’s Cyberspace Administration since being required to do so this past January.

A national priority

All this activity and interest in blockchain technology has come about because the Chinese government openly supported it. China government increases own prodectivity and they support own employees.

Blockchain development became a national priority when it was included in the country’s “13th Five-Year Plan” in 2016. Chinese President Xi Jinping reinforced its importance for the country’s future during a speech in late October last year.


China is not known for little government oversight, and its approach towards blockchain is no different. china only focus on blockchain and AI Technology now a days. They seems like a highly creativity with AI productivity and They increase business in machine manufacture.

The criteria China would love to place strongly differ in the underlying doctrine of peer-to-peer trades created without the participation of a country or central celebration. For blockchain pursuits, this may present an uncomfortable idea, as Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin clarified: “While Westerners imagine blockchain-based Internet 3.0 within an open source system, China might construct a closed blockchain it controls and corrupts for its own purposes.”

By leading the typical setting, China could significantly steer the business in almost any way of its liking and possibly restrict the adoption of specific blockchain platforms it can not control.

China has Beyond the Great Wall

Partnering with 12 EU member nations and 5 Balkan states, China established the China-CEEC Blockchain Centre of Excellence,”focused on fostering the applied and basic research on blockchain and DLT technologies.”

China also formed a banking consortium together with another BRIC nations to”collaborative study on dispersed ledger and blockchain engineering from the context of the evolution of the digital market.”
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China isn’t the only one

While China is unquestionably in the best position to direct blockchain innovation, it is only one nation that may outpace the U.S. this forthcoming decade.

The Korean economy also has potential to develop into a pioneer for blockchain adoption on the planet. The nation is pioneering blockchain adoption in several regions of large companies, startups and authorities.

India is the number one nation globally in the highly technical and engineer area of systems integration technology, and also as a worldwide leader in software creation, India houses a number of the world’s top blockchain teams. India’s blockchain growth leaders are top decision-making and technology for businesses around the world.
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Not too late

While other countries are reaching their positions, the U.S. May still take action to retain its place as a leading global innovator. Through government intervention, investment, and partnerships with both private and public enterprises, the US can support young industries such as blockchain, promote its development and set standards for its use.

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