Top 4 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From Blockchain

Top 4 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From Blockchain

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Blockchain Technology 3 min. read

As small businesses seek efficiency and better ways of serving customers, blockchain can especially be useful for these companies as a way to conduct transactions and even raise capital.

While many small businesses might think that such advanced technologies would only be accessible by companies large enough to afford expensive developers, the cost to incorporate blockchain technology into a small business operation is less than you think. Vendors have emerged to provide blockchain-based technology not only for Wall Street but for Main Street, too.

Blockchain technology isn’t only for online-only or even digital-first companies. Restaurants, health spas, nail salons, bakeries, crash facilities along other small business groups that rely upon a concrete space can begin with the blockchain today.

Let’s have a look at a few of the benefits blockchain provides entrepreneurs who want to bring their business to the next level:

Top 4 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From Blockchain

It’s a new form of payment

The very first thing a company can do to embrace blockchain technologies is to just take cryptocurrency for a way of payment. What signs more of a devotion to blockchain than letting customers cover with bitcoin or alternative cryptocurrencies?

The rollout will expect a good deal of preparation and testing, as conventional merchant solutions aren’t set up to take bitcoin. Therefore, a small company will have to appraise and invest cash on an electronic wallet, a merchant gateway, or a blend of solutions required to take the cryptocurrency from clients.

There are a couple of advantages for associations when they take blockchain currencies. As a gesture, clients can see this kind of payment for a willingness to expand your services.

Cryptocurrencies also permit companies to directly take care of the client, which reduces transaction costs. Another huge benefit of this blockchain is the fact that obligations are permanent and irreversible, leaving the consumer with no option but to contact the company directly if they need a refund.

This helps to address the problem of chargebacks, where customers buy a product but subsequently cancel the payment together with the charge card firm, leaving the company on the hook.
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It provides safer and cheaper cloud storage

Firms and individual users spend over $20 billion annually on storage. Blockchain storage programs make it possible for users, including small companies, to save data in a secure manner and at a sensible price, without compromising information security or overspending.

Businesses can leverage smart contracts

Businesses can use blockchain for smart contracts, which are basically self-verifying, self-enforcing contracts.

Stored inside a blockchain ledger, the contract is listed in a means that can’t be altered or manipulated. Smart contract examples consist of commercial leases, agreements with sellers or providers as well as worker contracts. Bright contracts provide small businesses a degree of security that they would otherwise not have the ability to manage.

The middleman — generally a lawyer — wouldn’t be required in a wise contract, and therefore, a company would have lower prices.

International blockchain platform Ethereum has been the very first to introduce wise contracts into the crypto community, also is thought to be one of the very innovative platforms for processing and coding contracts that are smart.
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Businesses can use it for capital raising

Blockchain technology provides business owners with an alternative method to raising capital through Initial Token Offerings (ITOs).

As an alternative to the usage of standard banks, creditors, private equity companies, and even crowdfunding websites, ITOs are tokens offered for exchanges in which they could exchange freely. These tokens are similar to a sales share in a normal firm.

Interested investors may buy in the offering and get fresh blockchain-based tokens from the corporation. This token might have some usefulness in using the service or product that the provider is supplying, or it might just represent a stake in the business or project.

The expanding loyalty of token investors has made ITOs considerably more popular over time, and also a workable capital-raising alternate for companies of all sizes. These tokens could be bought, sold, and traded in marketplaces in which a new kingdom of bandwidth is made accessible to the public.

The blockchain has ushered in a completely different way to build trust. Instead of being viewed as a means for people to be secretive in their deals, individuals have started to find the worth of blockchain engineering and cryptocurrency from the regions of privacy and safety.

Clients who know the advantages of blockchain are very likely to seriously look at buying from a company that utilizes this particular technology, and tiny companies can utilize this inside their promoting strategy.

When it’s additional procedures of the understanding that their information is kept in a ledger that cannot be altered without their approval, small companies should think about integrating elements of their blockchain in their enterprise today. In doing this, entrepreneurs may bring their company to the next level of speed and safety.

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