What Cryptocurrency Strategies Became Popular During The 2021

What Cryptocurrency Strategies became popular during the 2021 bull Market

by George Keburia — 3 years ago in Blockchain Technology 4 min. read

There are several avenues to benefit from cryptocurrency trading. Trading methods assist you with putting certain tactics into a logical, followable context. This way, you can keep track of and improve your cryptocurrency strategy at all times.

Technical analysis (TA) and fundamental analysis (FA) are the two major schools of thinking to remember when designing a trading strategy (FA). We’ll distinguish which one corresponds to which of these techniques, but before we go any further, make sure you grasp the distinctions between these terms.

The following article will go through some of the more popular trading techniques since there are so many. The focus of this article is on cryptocurrency trading strategies. Other financial properties, such as forex, bonds, futures, and precious metals like gold, can also be affected.

Trading Strategy Explained

A trading strategy will also serve to reduce financial risk by removing many needless decisions. Although a trading strategy isn’t needed for trading, it can come in handy at times.

If anything unforeseen occurs in the market (which it will), your trading strategy, not your feelings, should determine how you respond. In other words, putting a trading strategy in place prepares you for the worst-case scenario. It keeps you from making rash, impulsive mistakes that can cost you a lot of money.

Furthermore, the trading schedule can include other general instructions, including minor information. You may, for example, specify that you will never trade on Fridays or when you are tired or sleepy. Alternatively, you can set up a trading calendar such that you only deal on certain days of the week. Before the weekend, it is important to make sure that you have closed your positions.
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Active Trading Strategies

Active tactics necessitate more time and commitment. It’s called Active because it requires continuous analysis and portfolio control on a daily basis. Some of the most popular forex trading strategies in 2021 appeared to be simple day trading, swing trading, and scalping methods which are active trading strategies. The article will review both active and passive strategies, as they have some important differences.

Day Trading

The most well-known aggressive trading technique is perhaps day trading. It’s a common myth that all active traders are day traders by definition, but this isn’t the case. Day trading is where you open and close accounts on the same day. As a result, day traders tend to benefit from intraday market fluctuations or price shifts that arise during a single trading day.

The word “day trading” comes from physical markets, which are only available at those hours of the day. As a result, when trading is suspended in such markets, day traders never remain in positions overnight.

For others, day trading cryptocurrencies can be extremely lucrative, but it can also be extremely stressful, time-consuming, and risky. Day trading is therefore preferred for more seasoned traders.
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Swing Trading –

Swing investing is a longer-term trading tactic that entails holding positions for more than a day but no more than a few weeks or months. Swing trading is a form of trading that comes somewhere between day trading and pattern trading.

This gives traders some time to think about their options. They usually have enough time to adapt to how the trade is progressing. Swing trading allows you to make more informed decisions in less haste. Day trading, on the other hand, always necessitates quick decisions and implementation, which isn’t suitable for a novice.

Scalping –

one of the fastest trading methods possible is scalping. Scalpers don’t want to benefit from major shifts or long-term patterns. It’s a technique that relies on repeatedly manipulating minor movements. Profiting from bid-ask premiums, liquidity gaps, or other market inefficiencies, for example.

Scalping is a more sophisticated trading technique that, due to its difficulty, is not recommended for casual traders. It, therefore, necessitates a detailed understanding of business mechanics. Scalping, on the other hand, is normally more suited for large merchants.

Passive Investment Strategies

Passive investing techniques allow for a more hands-off approach to fund management, requiring less time and effort. Although there are certain variations between trading and investing strategies, trading is simply the process of purchasing and selling commodities in the hopes of gaining.
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Buy and Hold –

The phrase “buy and hold” refers to a passive trading approach in which traders purchase an asset with the intention of holding it for a long period of time, independent of market volatility. The HODL phenomena can be compared to the buy-and-hold technique, including the fact that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have only been around for a little more than a decade.

Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are a speculative and unpredictable asset class. Although buying and keeping Bitcoin is a well-known cryptocurrency strategy, the buy and hold strategy might not be appropriate for other cryptocurrencies.

Index Investing

In most situations, index trading involves acquiring ETFs and indices on conventional stock exchanges. However, in cryptocurrencies, this form of the commodity is also possible. Both within the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) trend and on a centralized crypto exchange.

Over the next few years, tokenized index investment will definitely become more common. It makes it easier to take a more hands-off approach to trade in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.
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Summing It Up

Finally, to sum up, it’s not easy to come up with a crypto trading plan that suits your financial priorities and personality.  The simplest way for a trader to figure out what works and what doesn’t is to follow and track each trading strategy without violating the rules.

It’s also beneficial to have a trading log or sheet so that the trader can track the success of each strategy. However, this does not suggest that the trader would adhere to the same tactics permanently. They should be able to modify and adapt their own strategies provided they have enough data and trading history. To put it another way, trading techniques can evolve over time as traders accumulate expertise.

It should also be mentioned that the trading process has seen major changes during 2020 because of the increased demand on the market, which also leads to the changing popularity of the different strategies.

Thus, it is very important to keep in mind that while choosing the strategy for your trading/investing process, the period and events should be taken into account.

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George is an SEO expert and a software developer from Georgia with two years of experience in trading in the financial markets. He is now working to spread knowledge about blockchain in his country and shares all his findings and research with as many crypto enthusiasts as possible.

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