10 E-commerce Tips To Help Your Small Business Successful

10 E-commerce Tips to Help Your Small Business Successful

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

The e-commerce economy is expected to grow at a fast rate in the years to come. Now is the time to get into it whether you are already involved in an e-commerce business or looking to engage in such a venture.

Approaching the market right away will allow you to see results in your e-commerce business. The following are 10 tips to make your e-commerce business successful.

10 E-commerce Tips to Help Your Small Business Successful

  1. Don’t Rush in Launching a Website

You need to take it slowly when you are launching a website. You should not be too rushed to get a domain name and buy the template. Instead, take it easy when thinking of the domain name.

It is the URL that people will type to visit your website so you want to make sure it is easy to remember. You should take the time to figure out what template is the best for your website.

Once you’ve determined these foundational aspects, consider hiring nearshore software development staff to ensure your website’s design and functionality align with your business goals and customer preferences.

After that, you can decide whether to buy it or hire someone to make the template. If you buy the template in a rush, you could end up wasting money.

  1. Focus on the Customers

With an e-commerce business, customers will not be able to feel and touch the products. You can compensate it by offering a discount on the price and providing free shipping.

You can offer a discount code now and then to let customers know that they will enjoy lower prices when they shop at your online store. Besides, you should also simplify the checkout process to make it easy for your customers to complete the transactions in your online store.
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  1. Add Social Buttons

You can put social buttons on the side of your page to make it easy for your visitors to interact with your brand. It allows visitors to jump to your social channel directly. You may be thinking that adding social buttons will create distractions. However, for first-time visitors, they usually don’t make any purchase.

If you redirect them to your social channel, they will be able to interact with your brand. It allows you to engage with your customers and get them into the right mood to make a purchase.

On your social media page, you can post short and engaging videos about your products. You can make use of Instagram Stories to post videos on brand intros and product tutorials.

One social media mistake people often make is that they tend to use low-quality photos. You want to make sure all your images are of high quality so that they will be interesting to look at.

It is important to always use a positive and upbeat tone of voice when you are interacting with your customers on social media.

If you get negative comments, make sure to respond to them as well. Besides, you can also encourage user-generated content to demonstrate the values of your brand and product. User-generated content can be used as testimonials for new customers.

  1. Make Your E-commerce Site Mobile Friendly

You need to make your e-commerce store mobile-friendly to allow your customers to conveniently shop on their phones.

Study shows that the average person spends about 2 hours on their mobile device every day. This means that your business can become irrelevant in 3-5 years if you don’t build it with mobile in mind.

  1. SEO Optimize Your Website

You must stay on top of SEO to thrive in the competitive e-commerce world. You have to do keyword research to find the best keywords for optimizing your product pages. The site architecture has to be organized.

The internal links must be working and not broken. The menu must be easy to see and accessed by visitors. Off-page SEO activities such as content marketing and link building can help to improve your website ranking.

  1. Enable Live Chat

Enabling live chat to your e-commerce site will enable you to have a chance to persuade your customers into making sales. E-commerce and online shopping are strong nowadays. However, human interaction is equally important. You want your customers to know that they are interacting with humans.

If you can’t hire an assistant for the live chat, you can use a chatbot instead. A chatbot can answer basic customer questions in a short response time and reduce customers’ frustrations. If you use live chat for your e-commerce site, the live chat button should be placed in an easily visible spot.
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  1. Set Up Sign Up Form

You may want to set up a short sign-up form on the landing page with a clear call to action button.  There is no need to know your customers’ telephone numbers and address information to get them to sign up.

You only need to get the customer to provide the email address. Another method is to include a sign-up form in your email campaign. You will need to use a platform for email and marketing automation to create the sign-up form or you can include the link to the sign-up form page.

  1. Collect Customers Data

If you want growth in your e-commerce business, you should collect information about your visitors.

You should install a good analytics program like Google Analytics to track your visitors. Some of the details you should collect are location, device, and the time they access the website. With the analytics data, you will be able to predict what the customers are going to do next. You will then know how to optimize your website to improve your conversion rate.

  1. Install SSL Certificate

You must have an SSL certificate on your e-commerce website. SSL certificate can encrypt all the incoming and outgoing connections.

Not installing the SSL certificate will make your website vulnerable to attackers. Not having an SSL means hackers can easily access sensitive information in your databases such as passwords, login, and credit card information.
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  1. Use More Visuals

Using more visuals on your e-commerce website can improve the conversion rate. Many people are visual learners and able to process visuals faster than text.

Therefore, you should get the message to your customers through the inclusion of visual content on your website.

You should use photos that can make an impression in the customer’s memory. It is important to use large-size high-resolution images for your products.

Customers want to see the details of the products in the picture before deciding whether to buy them. It is also important to show the product in context so that the customer can imagine how it looks when using it.

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