Top 25 Digital Marketing Blogs To Follow (2024 Updated)

Top 25 Digital Marketing Blogs To Follow In 2024

by Micah James — 1 year ago in Business Ideas 12 min. read

Updated on 29 February 2024

Want some inspiration for digital marketing blogs to follow. You can explore best blogs to follow for digital marketing niche.

According to the report, it was observed that the digital advertising spending worldwide amounted to 626.86 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.

It’s a good thing if you are using the digital landscape in your business. You can follow digital marketing blogs platform to stay updated with the latest current affairs of digital marketing.

Get yourself ready to eye on the top twenty-five digital marketing blogs to follow, read, and engage in 2024.

You would agree with me that digital marketing blogs to follow is an ever-changing phenomenon.

So, knowing about its trends is equally important – from time to time!

It is like keeping yourself parallel with the waves of the ocean and floating over it.

I know digital marketing is vital these days (for both) – beating your competitors and extending relations with clients and customers.

In digital marketing, blogging is vital for the marketer(s).

Indeed, being a good source of;

  • Generating potential traffic
  • Sharing business-oriented knowledge
  • Keep up readers engage and mindful

But sometimes (uncertainly) you get empty!

You might google for online marketing blog ideas or best digital marketing blogs to follow.


Our team has picked up the 25 best digital marketing blogs (platform) for everyone, including beginners.

Aiding these blog resources will help you learn new things about the digital landscape, get to know where the world is heading using new tools, breath-taking ideas, and so on.

Without any ado, let’s look at the top twenty-five cakes (Oh! I love eating cakes)

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The 25 Best Digital Marketing Blogs To Follow

1. Ahrefs blog

Ahrefs blog

Good for: SEO and Marketing

Update frequency: Two-day interval

A globally popular and recognized platform for SEO geeks and digital marketers. Ahrefs is best blogs to follow for digital marketing and ranked at the top of our digital marketing blog list because of the various courtesy that it offers to millions of readers and curators.

The platform is best for both the world; beginners and seasoned content writers, digital marketers, and freelancers.

One could get complete and in-depth knowledge of multitudes of digital marketing phenomena including SEO’s basic and advanced, general marketing along with real-based data and studies put up by their professional writers.

I personally like reading each piece of a blog from Joshua Hardwick (Head of Content @ Ahrefs).

2. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal

Good for: SEO beginners and professionals

Update frequency: Daily

SEJ (Search Engine Journal) is another good digital marketing blog to read. It is more than just an SEO blog.

Accordingly, an in-depth guide you will find related to Search Engine Optimization, Content, Social, and Digital Strategy by SEJ’s veteran(s).

The unique concept of this platform is that they also deploy news and trending geeks relevant to the above realm.

If your agenda is “work smarter, not harder” you should consider watching the SEJ webinar program and follow.

3. HubSpot


Good for: Students and SEO beginners

Update frequency: Two-day interval

HubSpot has to be your go-to platform to gather brilliant and outstanding content related to Sales, Marketing, and Website.

The community works on the principle to help businesses grow by providing in-depth ‘how-to’, ‘example & template’, and ‘digital software’ content.

With their free-to-use Ebooks resources, anyone can master to increase productivity in the subject they are a concern.

4. Moz


Good for: Anyone looking to level-up online marketing skills

Update frequency: Daily

Another SEO blog that you would love to visit and best digital marketers to follow.

Moz offers the industry’s top wizards the best advice, how-tos, and accurate details with graphs and facts in the context of enhancing SEO skills.

Their advice really works for industry leaders and anyone looking to level-up online marketing skills. With Moz Academy training, one could achieve mastery in SEO (basic and advanced).

In addition to this, it has created a series of SEO tools, some of which are free.

5. Neil Patel Digital

Neil Patel Digital

Good for: Marketing specialist and Growth hackers

Update frequency: Monthly

If you have ever felt something untrue with your SEO practices, you could refer to Neil’s adhesive guides. His guides are like a goldmine of information that readily helps you escape from obstacles and your business grow.

He writes on SEO, email marketing, and content marketing guides with everything intruded to make revenue more and more. In between, his experienced thoughts would also help you start your own blogging platform in the right way.

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6. Backlinko


Good for: Content writer and marketing specialist

Update frequency: Monthly

How we would forget Backlinko, after mentioning Neil Patel?

Another yet SEO blog you could best digital marketers to follow and learn from.

He is very popular in providing factual information on how to hack growth, succeed in online marketing efforts, and double traffic.

Almost all his guides cover tried tricks, hacks, and tips. For instance; if you’re building backlinks, you have heard him saying “how to build 5,600 backlinks in 30 days”.

Moreover, SEO beginners can unlock even more invaluable content by joining the email newsletter.

7. Semrush Blog

Semrush Blog

Good for: Content strategist and marketing specialist

Update frequency: Two-day interval

Semrush is much similar to SEJ and Ahrefs worlds.

Of Course, it is the best digital marketing blog to follow.

One can experience everything about digital marketing when visiting the blog section. Additionally, their guides are written in easy-to-understand language, with expert suggestions, and more.

One of the unique things you will find is the blog’s UI and the images they use are eye-catchy – all time.

8. Buffer


Good for: Small businesses and team

Update frequency: Daily

Buffer could be your other go-to platform for gathering inspiring and knowledgeable ideas for social media.

Buffer community and its writers focus on bringing invaluable ideas for small businesses and startups to help them best use social platforms for their marketing efforts.

Last month, Buffer turned 12 and posted some of their favorite stories, memories, and lessons.

9. SocialPilot


Good for: Marketing and Analyst expert

Update frequency: Daily

SocialPilot is your next go-to-hub for friendly social media blog inspirational ideas.

The community writes well on everything social and online marketing.

The majority of their guides are based on business growth. So, if you’re concerned about how to best use social media channels for growth, you can adhere to SocialPilot.

Additionally, with their podcast series you could delve deeper to improve your efforts too – they are entertaining as well.

10. Convince & Convert Blog

Convince & Convert Blog

Good for: Influencers and content writer

Update frequency: NA

The C&C blog is another reliable digital marketing blog platform that you can follow.

In case you need unique ideas and a solution with insightful parameters, you must look at this platform.

The platform offers both short and in-depth content for categories such as content marketing, social media, customer experience, digital marketing, and influencer marketing.

One would definitely experience something more than expected!

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11. GrowthRocks


Good for: Copywriters and SEO intermediates

Update frequency: Two-day interval

GrowthRocks is all about growth hacking blogs.

It is a good platform to be aware of the tips and hacks that alludes to digital marketing. It is an absolute go-to-platform for startups and SEO beginners for potential blog ideas.

Most of their guides are enthralled and based on optimizing websites, Google updates, and outreach marketing.

12. Orbit Media

Orbit Media

Good for: Content marketing and web design

Update frequency: NA

Are you a web designer? Looking for inspirational web design ideas, web development blog topics, or something in between. Orbit Media is also the best digital marketing blogs to follow.

You can rely on the Orbit Media blog community that consistently writes and shares fact-based and tested tips. All of their guides are practical and could be used as a weapon to enhance your blog’s credibility and business recognition.

13. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute

Good for: Content copywriter

Update frequency: Daily

Content Marketing Institute in short CMI is a wonderful destination to gather expertise thought-based blog ideas for your digital marketing practices.

The platform is grasped with practical, how-to-guidance, and veterans guides. Moreover, CMI aimed to teach marketers and creators how to attract and retain customers through resources such as articles, magazines, webinars, etc.

It is the best go-to-destination for digital marketing blogs.

14. CognitiveSEO


Good for: Technical based SEO writing

Update frequency: NA

By name, it’s clear that it offers intellectual guides on Search Engine Optimization and its associates. It is a good source to learn how to prepare technical drafts.

Ironically, 80% of their blogs are technical niches to digital marketing concepts such as page index, URL structure, schema markup, sitemaps, and so on.

So, if you’re writing your next blog on technicalities, you can consider the CognitiveSEO platform for getting remarkable blog ideas.

15. Social Media Today

Social Media Today

Good for: Social media specialist and social media copywriter

Update frequency: Two-day interval

Want to know what’s happening in the world of the social landscape, you would love to visit SMT (Social Media Today) as it provides a leap of trending articles on what’s new happening.

For instance; recently they’ve published a Snapchat new, voice-powered AR experience article, and more like this could also be found.

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16. BuzzSumo


Good for: Content marketing and Search engine optimization

Update frequency: Monthly

BuzzSumo’s blog is an ideal platform for content creators and marketers.

However, the blog’s main concern is content marketing. Besides, you will find other mainstream categories like digital PR, influencer marketing, and social media marketing.

With their content marketing guides, one could quickly grasp its paradigm. Additionally, their writing style and way of demonstration help users stay for a long time.

17. BigCommerce


Good for: eCommerce content copywriter

Update frequency: NA

If your writing job is mostly related to eCommerce you would then love exploring the BigCommerce website which is a popular destination to gather the best ideas and what’s going on in the eCommerce realm.

However, the agenda of BigCommerce is to provide actionable information to help stay on top of eCommerce. Whether it’s done through blogs or tools, the bigcommerce platform is perfect for eCommerce content writers and marketers.

18. MarketingProfs


Good for: Anyone looking to improve marketing practices

Update frequency: NA

One of the oldest digital marketing blogs on this list. Founded in 2000, and almost 23 years old, it is still a choice by many digital marketers.

The platform incorporates plenty of marketing resources. It has everything for everyone. Some most explored topics of the platform are career management, marketing technology, public relation, and account-based marketing.

Other than articles, one could also listen to podcasts, watch video tutorials, webinars, and much more.

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19. Unbounce Blog

Unbounce Blog

Good for: Digital marketing tips and ideas

Update frequency: Monthly

Another best digital marketing blog to follow.

Unbounce blog is a home for many pros looking for definitive hacks for their digital marketing business.

The community helps in crushing an array of marketing goals with expert advice on conversion rates, copy, design, eCommerce, and campaign strategy.

However, you would find the platform mainly close to hacks talking about conversions.

20. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner

Good for: Picking trending and technical topics

Update frequency: Two, three-days interval

I think it does not need any description as its name suggests what it is.

SME is dedicatedly the best social media blog to follow. Gather and learn about ins and outs of social media platforms more deeply.

The community talks about basic to advanced guides, new trends, and strategies on how to best use social media – in the right way.

To add more doses, it also offers a free newsletter and Web3 course. Hence, it is a good platform to add to your list.

21. CMSWire


Good for: Specific industry like DM, call center, eCommerce

Update frequency: Daily

CMSWire is a popular platform where you can gather useful ideas for your work.

Regardless of your profession, it provides deep coverage, advice, and tips on various contexts such as digital marketing, marketing automation, call centers, customer experience, and many others.

Other than this, the platform is also rich for press releases, a product directory, and a good podium for advertisement.

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22. Post Planner

Post Planner

Good for: Social media copywriters

Update frequency: NA

Post Planner is a kind of social media management software but also an excellent platform for finding good quality social media blogs to write on and follow.

The guides aren’t based on standard talks instead highly principle to subjective based. Additionally, their articles will help you learn more about social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and others.

It is best for those looking to create high-quality write-ups on how-tos. For instance; how to get more google reviews or how to post an Instagram carousel.

23. MarTech


Good for: Marketing specialist

Update frequency: Daily

MarTech formerly known as Marketing Land is another top digital marketing blog to read.

With everything marketing involved, one could tie-up-nord to learn in between. You could explore topics on digital transformation, marketing management, marketing operations, performance marketing, etc to scale marketing practices.

The guide talks about pain paints, solutions, hacks, and tips. This could be your everyday go-to platform for finding something new.

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24. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Good for: Social media tips and tricks

Update frequency: Daily

If your niche is social media and looking to engage your readers with high-quality, trending, and solution-based ideas? Sprout Social is your way to head up.

Other than offering a suite of social media solutions, the community is ample in providing a leap of factual info, guide, and hacks related to everything social.

25. GatherContent


Good for: Gathering unique ideas to produce high-quality content

Update frequency: Two-days interval

GatherContent by Bynder is our last best digital marketing blog to follow.

Having a team of passionate content writers, then your team could adhere to this platform. Their blog is an amazing resource for this reason. They can explore articles, templates, webinars, and other useful information to gauge more info about the content marketing world.

Anything from content marketing hacks to critical level of subject could be found on the GatherContent platform.

Why Should You Follow Digital Marketing Blogs Platform?

Digital marketing blogs provide unfolded benefits to a number of entity counting from content writers and marketing teams to digital marketing specialists.

Generally, it is best observed for content curators as it provides them with plenty of ideas and other information. They could even eye on what’s trending in the digital marketing landscape.

The aforementioned digital marketing blogs will help you in the best way. It enables you to find the best, high-quality, and in-depth guides on online marketing by cutting your time on research and scripting.

Some of the best digital marketing blog platforms to follow are Ahref, HubSpot, Moz, and Sprout Social. Additionally, you could also refer to Neil Patel and Backlinko guides.

However, each person has a different taste and likeness. Let us know which digital marketing blogs you loved here!

Best Digital Marketing Topic Ideas To Write On

  1. Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Marketing to Organizations
  2. Digital Marketing Presents Opportunities of Technology
  3. Utilising Digital Marketing Strategies in Business
  4. How Digital Marketing Helps Business to Develop
  5. Pharmaceutical Companies’ Digital Marketing Issues
  6. The Importance of Ethics In Digital Marketing
  7. Predictive Analytics in Digital Marketing
  8. Artificial Intelligence: Optimising Digital Marketing Experience
  9. How Digital Marketing Affects the Perception of Luxury Brands
  10. What You Need for a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

In the end, bookmark these digital marketing blogs to follow and share it with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital marketing blogs?

Digital marketing blogs are references of the best publishers, guides, and experts in the industry that speak, share and write about digital marketing practices (based on experiences they own) to help other communities (businesses or individuals) grow.

What are the best online marketing blog platforms?

The overall best online marketing blogs to follow (based on our expert recommendations) are Ahref, Moz, HubSpot, and Neil Patel Digital.

What are the best blogs to learn SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a principle-based marketing strategy hence it is important to be aware of its changes over time. You could refer to Neil Patel's guides, Ahref's blog, and SEJ’s resources to learn SEO.

What are some latest digital marketing blogs to follow?

If you like reading about digital marketing a lot, you should follow Moz, Ahrefs, and HubSpot Marketing as they publish the latest geeks and trends on digital marketing blogs to follow.

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