Digital Transformation And Your Small Business

Digital Transformation and Your Small Business

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 2 min. read

Digital transformation might sound a little bit like you and your staff are going to be turned into online avatars. Fortunately, the reality behind this phrase is substantially less alarming in that digital transformation is all about becoming more efficient and productive by digitizing as many processes as possible. What this actually ends up doing is better serving both customers and employees, driving higher rates of satisfaction alongside profit.

Improve Safety and Compliance

Every company needs to have an awareness of safety protocols in the workplace, but safety is a more critical issue in some sectors than others. Fleet management is one of those sectors, and a dash camera in every vehicle can help increase safety. These cameras can be integrated into fleet management software that helps managers stay on top of costs, compliance, and more.

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Greater Accuracy

Throughout your accounting department as well as other areas, computers and other automation tools can take care of many of the more tedious tasks in your workplace and can do so regularly. Maintaining records on employees, including keeping up with vacation time and sick leave, allows human resources to work on more complex tasks. That accuracy is also important when it comes to data, as discussed below.

Dealing with Data

No one has ever dealt with data the way that computers do today because no one had the time and capabilities. Not only does tech aid you in collecting data on your customers, but it can be used to make profiles of who you are creating products or services for and what they want. This is vastly more data than it has ever been practical for humans to gather or analyze, and in using it, you can get some truly granular and useful information about your customer base.

The Customer Experience

It’s important to prioritize the experience that they have when they engage with your products, services, or just a representative of the company online. A good user experience remains one of the core values of effective web design, and a revamp of your website may be long overdue. If you didn’t hire a professional for it before, now is the time to do it. You might want to consider a mobile app if it is appropriate in the context of your business and would add value to the customer experience. If you don’t know what customers want, ask them, but try to do so via a survey, with assistance in designing and analyzing it. Simply asking online can produce a distorted view since most likely, only a small fraction of your customers are on any given platform.

Driving Collaboration

Too often, when people think in terms of all things digital, they may imagine people cutting themselves off from one another, but a digital transformation within your company can greatly improve teamwork. There are a number of tools that can help drive this collaboration and ensure that your teams keep talking to one another whether they are in the office, working from home, or scattered throughout the world.

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