Explore Top Instagram Trends Dominating The Online Marketing

Explore Top Instagram Trends Dominating the Online Marketing Scene Today that Marketers must Adopt

by Randy stark — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Social marketers know that Instagram is all about strategy- proactivity is often rewarded while slacking off is punished into oblivion.

Instagram certainly isn’t an outlier to the social media landscape, in that there are trends that come and go very quickly. This has been especially true in the pandemic-riddled 2020 that has seen more people online than ever before.

With all these fast-moving trends, you cannot afford to be reactive and discard your content calendar entirely. Instead, being flexible and proactive is the order of the day for any Instagram marketer looking to succeed. Here are some of the top trends to keep an eye on.

IGTV Becomes a First-Class Citizen

IGTV’s relatively tepid launch left pundits wondering whether the sub-platform was going to be a mainstay in the social network’s long-term plans.

It has since, however, received significant updates that have seen it grow in viewership and importance in the big picture for Instagram.

There is now an IGTV tab on the “Explore” page, which means users will be pushed towards video content and creators that Instagram thinks might interest them.

Further, users are now given the option to integrate “previews” or little trailers for IGTV videos on their profile, which is great for notifying followers of new uploads, signaling interest in great content, and also giving shoutouts to other Instagram profiles.

Another much-anticipated change sees landscape video being welcomed onto IGTV, thus allowing brands to reuse a lot of content that they had prepared for YouTube, television, or other platforms.

Anyone considering getting on board should know that while they can share landscape content, they should also make fresh vertical videos since they are more natural and engaging for the platform.

Some brands have also found tremendous success in creating IGTV series to keep their audiences hooked.

You should also definitely push video previews to your feed and stories to get the word out and widen your audience. You could buy real Instagram accounts to boost engagement and promote your business online.
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Stories Are Better than Ever, and Here to Stay

As per searchenginejournal before the COVID-19 pandemic, Instagram was already phenomenally popular for offering brands huge and engaged audiences.

We know that 1 billion people or more are currently using the app every single month and around 500 million accounts are using Instagram Stories daily. This speaks volumes about Instagram Stories.

One of the most popular features for Instagram has been Stories, which gained more than 500 million users in less than 3 years since its introduction in 2016.

The ephemeral short-form content is tremendously loved by users on the platform and is widely available to personal as well as business profiles.

This meteoric rise has also been noticed by the admins and they have made integrating stories even easier now, by giving users an option to directly share their stories to Facebook, as well as make them interactive by using stickers, polls, music, and so much more.

We understand that today more and more businesses and top brands are concentrating on story content more than their Insta feeds. All businesses must consider doing the same.

Instagram Feed content is becoming less essential as you could just share content twice or thrice every week to your Insta feed, however, you must update your Instagram Stories every day.

An effective way of using Instagram Stories is cross-promoting your Insta content to your existing Facebook Page.

Make the most of cutting-edge Instagram Stories’ tools such as coloring tools, fonts, stickers, Boomerangs, and even more.

When you successfully reach 10 K followers or more, you must focus on linking to your business website content consistently to drive more traffic.
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Focus on Generating Revenue via Instagram Shopping

As per hootsuite Instagram Shops are promising to make things easier for businesses and brands so that they could make money on this platform.

Shops allow businesses on the platform to come up with a storefront straightaway within the app to ensure that people could buy successfully without the necessity to visit your website for conversions.

By getting rid of this friction, businesses should successfully drive remarkably high sales and conversions.

Instagram has already integrated a lot of amazing shopping features so that the platform could become a totally novel revenue stream particularly, for your e-commerce company.

We understand that over 130 million users are clicking to see Instagram shopping tags present on pictures every month, this is certainly a stratagem, you wish to use.

Instagram has introduced and incorporated several features to boost shopping on this powerful and versatile social media platform such as the capability of tagging products in all your Instagram posts, tagging products directly in your Instagram Stories, and seeing and finishing entire purchases here.

You must focus on tagging a product whenever it has been referred to in the usual post or story. You must remember to enable or focus on allowing in-app checkout


Instagram is a lot more about presenting high-quality flawless pictures and also, hyper-curated feeds. Instagram focuses majorly on real life situations and about precisely how real things are.

Instagram comes up with updated and new platform features; hence, it is of pivotal importance to stay abreast of the latest Instagram trends.

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