Facebook Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Sales

Facebook Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Sales

by Sawailal Jangid — 4 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

Facebook marketing, whether it is for a business, author, blogger, or a musician to must achieve the goals you have set out in your plan and strategy.

The marketing strategy that you have created will keep you much more focused and on track otherwise so that you can be heading off and engaged with all the sorts of marketing tactics and activities that don’t achieve much but keep you busy, scattered and distracted.

The Facebook page and the marketing activities which you carry out on Facebook eco-system should be viewed as an extension of your blog. So, tactics you maybe already doing on your blog that can even be enhanced and synergized by replicating some of the blogging platform activities on the Facebook that are relevant ad appropriate to the Facebook culture or the use of bulk WhatsApp sender.

There are lots of goals that you could set for yourself for your Facebook to increase sales. Goals could even include improving customers service, reducing the traditional marketing costs, optimizing your brand, and improving customer acquisition.

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To keep it much simpler, so, here are the Facebook Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Sales

  1. Don’t publish too much post.

More is not always better when it comes to publishing a post on Facebook marketing strategies. No one wants to be spammed, especially with a business page, so make sure to keep it to one post a day only at the most. If you don’t, then your followers will start to unlike your page or mark your content as spam, which also makes it harder for you to reach other people as well.

  1. Reward fans for following or liking your page.

Do you have a mortar and brick store? Run a promotion offer where you reward customers for coming in and showing you, that they liked your business page, as this is the best strategy of Facebook to increase sales. Offer a discount off on their next purchase to encourage a sale for every new like.

  1. Grab the attention of “scanners.”

Many of the Facebook users scroll via their newsfeed without even paying much more attention unless something happens to catch up their eye. Make sure to make your post the one that stands out of the market by focusing on the image. Use eye-catching, bright, attractive images and add a text to it to announce a “limited time offer” or even “40% off” sale that will certainly make the customers stop scrolling, and ultimately sales will increase.

  1. Promoted page likes.

It is not possible to be successful on Facebook if you don’t have any of the pages like, as having a like helps in Facebook marketing. No matter, whether you are a new firm or one who just has not paid much attention to the social media channel, it is always a right choice to use the promoted pages likes the ad feature on the Facebook. This tool allows and helps the business to expose with the new people in their target audience to their Facebook marketing strategy, and even encourage these people to click through and “like it.” Once people like your page, then they will begin to see your posts and possibly even buy your products when they see something that appeals to them.

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  1. Make sure to engage with fans

Social media channels are built around the idea of engaging with the fans, so it is much more essential that you do this with your followers on Facebook. Scan your page at least twice a day to see if anyone is interacting with your posts with the comments or questions. If so, respond back on time to time basis manner, especially if it is a question about the products which even shows interest in making a purchase.

  1. Remarketing ads.

Remarketing advertisements are a more valuable tool which is offered to the business for Facebook marketing. With the help from your web developer, you can use this tool to start spending advertisement to people who have even visited your website but left without converting. For example, let say, if someone browsed through your online store and added something to her cart but then bounced off the page, so that you can direct an advertisement to her with the exact item she has in her profile cart to reminder her to come back and finish all the transaction. This will help you to bring up back customers that otherwise would have even lost, and thus increases your sales.

  1. Sell the lifestyle.

A big part of winning over the customer’s is, showing them the lifestyle your product or service that can help them to create via compelling images and text. Let say, for example, if you own a yoga clothing company, mix up Facebook marketing posts about the products with the posts that show the lifestyle of yoga. Feature beautiful images of different poses, paired with inspirational quotes about love and peace. This even shows potential customers the lifestyle you are selling as opposed to just the product.

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  1. Upsell.

Facebook to increase sales is one of the best marketing strategies, by using the custom audience tool, businesses can try to target only users who are already part of the customers. The ads could even feature some of the special offers for returning customers or the new products that complement the purchase which they have already made. Either way, with the help of this Facebook marketing tool, will help you to increase sales from a group who is much more and already familiar & satisfied with what your company has to provide.

Bottom line

Facebook is not just about socializing! When business follows all these tips, Facebook can become a wide range to move more product and increase the bottom line.

Sawailal Jangid

Sawailal Jangid is Digital Marketing Executive and Content Analyst at SotwareSuggest. He researches and analyzes software to educate and advice to the business managers to streamline their business. In spare time he loves to do sports activities.

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