How Digital Transformation Can Benefit Every Business

How Digital Transformation Can Benefit Every Business

by Evelyn Addison — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 5 min. read

The business world is evolving rapidly. Constant advances in technology are creating opportunities for businesses to streamline processes and reduce expenditure. Every business can benefit from the digital transformation that is sweeping across the globe. Whether you operate an eCommerce site or a factory, there are suites of software that can help you to find new efficiencies and boost your profit margins.

Pocket-Sized Businesses

Technology has a habit of shrinking things. The first computers could fill the whole floor of an office building, and now they can fit in your pocket. As businesses become more online-focused and begin to utilize digital technology, it is now possible to take your business with you anywhere you go. You can access desktops and custom applications from home or on the road, solving problems and engaging with customers when it is convenient for you without having to return to the office.

This type of tech used to price smaller businesses out of the market, but now there are more cost-effective alternatives that bring the spoils of digital transformation to companies of any size in every sector. Citrix is a leader in application virtualization that allows any business to access its legacy Microsoft applications and customized apps from anywhere. This helps make remote working possible at scale for even small businesses.

The price of the service is prohibitive, but the TSplus alternative to Citrix puts this power into the hands of any company for less. TSplus has a long history of supporting businesses with the latest software solutions for less. With their help, you can use an alternative to Citrix that has all of the functionality of the software without prohibitive costs. This levels the playing field for small and mid-sized businesses and allows them to compete with bigger companies in the marketplace. The savings your company can make by using various services can give your customers more value for money, which helps your business and your profits to grow.

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Transforming Customer Experiences

Customers no longer expect simply a good product or service, they expect an experience. By using the latest software solutions you can streamline purchasing processes and customer services to give your clients more value for money while reducing costs. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can empower your customer service team, giving them more information and a clearer understanding of consumer needs and behaviors. You can also utilize its data to create more effective marketing campaigns to bring potential clients through your digital doors.

Nearly every business now has an online presence. Whether you sell your products and services through an eCommerce site or use your website as a promotional tool for your business, the online interactions and behavior of your customers generate data. This information can be incredibly valuable, giving you precious insights into the demand and expectations of your customer base. By analyzing your consumer-generated data your business can find niches in the marketplace that you can fill or discover deficiencies in your service that you need to address.

Customer experience, or CX, can be used to make your business and brand stand out from the competition. You can leverage services like data security to differentiate your business from others in the marketplace. This demonstrates value for money, which helps to draw in new customers and retain your existing customer base. Customer experience is one of the most important drivers of sustainable business growth. The more you invest in customer service technology, the bigger the returns will be.

Digital Tools Add Adaptability

The global and local economy is constantly changing. Globalization has given even small, locally focussed businesses access to suppliers and products from the other side of the world, creating huge opportunities for profit. When there is a disruption in the supply chain or a crisis in another part of the world, your business can suddenly face challenges beyond its control. Using digital tools and outsourcing services can help your company adapt to changes in the marketplace, succeeding while your competitors are floundering.

Outsourcing in particular can help your business stay flexible, and increases its ability to adapt to challenges. By handing over common tasks or even whole departments to another business service, you gain the ability to expand or contract these services to suit the demands of your company. This can help you to grow quickly without having to go through a recruitment process but also helps you to reduce services just as fast if a sudden crisis reduces demand. Labor is the biggest cost on the balance sheet.

By outsourcing through software and digital tools, you can have a flexible workforce. This allows you to move forward with confidence, no matter the economic circumstances. Having the ability to switch quickly to remote working also comes with a lot of benefits, both short and long-term. If you need to quickly reduce overheads you can change to a remote workforce to save money, and switch back when the economy improves and there is an opportunity for growth.

Artificial Intelligence Creates Real Opportunities

The biggest impact that the digital revolution will have on businesses is just around the corner. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI), computer learning, and algorithmic analysis is going to give even small business big data opportunities. With the help of AI, you can streamline production processes and automate tasks that previously could only be completed by a human workforce.

This has already happened to many companies. Online customer service ‘bots’ are now commonplace on many websites and social media pages. These help businesses handle low-level customer service inquiries, creating more time for human personnel to concentrate on bigger issues. They can act as a filter, analyzing customer queries and sending them to the right department or manager.

AI services can also help populate forms and enter consumer data to build a better picture of a customer and help you service their demands more effectively. This is only the beginning, however. AI has the potential to disrupt the business world in the same way that early machines and production lines changed industry at the turn of the last century.

As Artificial Intelligence gets smarter and more capable it is going to be able to do more, and its impact will be felt in new areas of business. Sales and marketing are going to feel the influence of AI in the near future. Artificial Intelligence will soon have the ability to write informed and unique advertising copy, create marketing strategies, and handle more complex customer queries. This will have a huge effect on the workforce and profitability. Every business will be able to do more with less, and push up their profits as they slowly reduce their wage bill by utilizing advanced, business-focused artificial intelligence.

Whatever sector your business operates in, and however big or small it is, embracing digital technology has lots to offer you. With the help of advanced software, outsourcing services, and artificial intelligence you can streamline processes and maximize profits.

The business world is changing rapidly, and if you do not keep up your business will be left behind. Start looking for ways to utilize technology to empower your employees and offer your customers better value for money. If you accomplish this your business will grow, and ride the wave of digital transformation into the next decade and beyond.

Evelyn Addison

Evelyn is an assistant editor for The Next Tech and Just finished her master’s in modern East Asian Studies and plans to continue with her old hobby that is computer science.

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