Who Is The Best Critical Power Service Provider?

Who Is The Best Critical Power Service Provider?

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Finding the best utility company for your home is vital, as you need reliable electricity sources in daily life and when inclement weather arrives. So, who is the best critical power service provider?

Many states have deregulated energy systems, leading to more choices for consumers. Here are 10 of the best critical power solutions in the United States, with some servicing nationwide and others remaining regional.

1. Unified Power

Unified Power is the best critical service provider in the U.S., with regional offices and coverage from coast to coast. It has existed for over 20 years and has operated under Unified Power since Pfingsten Partners acquired On Computer Services in 2011. Since the acquisition, this critical power supply brand has offered nationwide services, with most of its offices in the Southeast and the mid-Atlantic regions.

This enterprise brings comprehensive services to customers through generator maintenance, numerous equipment options, and battery preventive maintenance. You can also rely on Unified Power for battery spill containment, infrared scanning for failure detection, design building, and other essential tasks. It’s versatile in critical power solutions, as you’ll find them in data centers, government, health care facilities, and more.

2. Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy is an Austin, Texas-based utility company serving the Lonestar State, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and New York. Sam Wyly founded it in 1997 in Vermont — the inspiration for the name — and moved the headquarters to Austin by 2000.

Who is the best critical power service provider for renewable energy? Green Mountain Energy stands out for its sustainability measures. The Austin-based utility dedicates itself to eco-friendliness by selling solar energy products like SolarSPARC panels.

Green Mountain Energy gives customers numerous opportunities to save money and reduce their consumption. For instance, you can get bill credits for conserving energy in high-usage periods. Additionally, you can earn credits by returning electricity produced in your home to the grid.

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3. FirstEnergy Solutions

FirstEnergy Solutions is a household name in the Midwest, as it owned the naming rights to Cleveland Browns Stadium for a decade. This critical power systems enterprise is based in nearby Akron, Ohio, and serves much of the northeast region of the Buckeye State. You’ll also find FirstEnergy Solutions in much of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Maryland, as well as select parts of Virginia.

Investors own FirstEnergy Corp., making it one of the largest utility firms of its kind in the United States. The critical power solutions organization serves 6 million customers across these six states. Like other energy providers, FirstEnergy Corp. prioritizes sustainability through fleet electrification, climate reports, environmental policy, and waste reduction. It has renewable energy goals such as 50 megawatts of solar generation by 2025 in West Virginia.

4. Champion Energy Services

Champion Energy Services is a utility based in Houston, Texas, and serves mid-Atlantic and Midwestern states. You’ll find homes and businesses with Champion Energy in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Texas. This critical power solution supports over 2 million customers across these 10 states.

Customers with Champion Energy Services can leverage Smart Track to monitor their home’s electricity consumption. This device tells them their weekly usage, displaying what devices have used the most energy and what they can do to adjust. Champion Energy Services also offers sustainability through renewable energy credits to produce more environmentally friendly power.

5. AEP Energy

American Electric Power (AEP) is among the nation’s most prominent critical power solutions companies, with over 5 million customers. You can bring AEP into your home if you live in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Washington, D.C., and Delaware are available if you need commercial energy services. Founded in 2002, it lets customers use government energy aggregation programs to lower electricity and natural gas supply costs.

AEP offers services for residential, small brands, commercial, and industrial applications. It also provides customers with fixed or flexible plans, allowing clients to get stability or flexibility in their utility bills. The ECO-Advantage plan lets customers of all sizes purchase renewable energy certificates to ensure support for wind power and other sustainable options.

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6. Mitsubishi Critical

Mitsubishi Critical is a critical power supply institution in the United States, serving customers with UPS products since 1964 and critical facilities since 1985. While Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, its American base is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The organization has 50 locations in North America, with subsidiaries scattered throughout the United States.

This critical power service provider features single-phase and three-phase UPS systems to let operations of all sizes take advantage of backup energy. The last few years have seen Mitsubishi expand to cooling solutions, helping data centers cool their power systems and keep them as efficient as possible. Mitsubishi Critical Power Solutions serves government, education, health care, manufacturing, cloud computing, and other essential sectors.

7. Nationwide Power

Nationwide Power was founded as a backup power solutions business in 2001 in Lakewood, California. It moved to Nevada in 2006 and renamed itself Nationwide Power by the beginning of the next decade. The past couple of decades have seen tremendous growth, as Nationwide Power has become one of the premier critical power solutions in the United States.

It’s best known for its preventive maintenance services, with a sizable field engineer team and an extensive testing facility in Henderson, Nevada. The brand also provides site surveys, UPS design, and battery emergency service. You can find a Nationwide Power technician in most metro areas who can help you minimize downtime.

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8. DC Group

DC Group is a critical power solutions organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with coverage available in Toronto, Canada. CEO Jon Frank founded it in 1991 as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provider, and the organization has grown across North America and into Europe. Most of the U.S. receives a response time of four hours or less when on-site services are necessary.

The enterprise supports its clients by filling its facilities with advanced technologies and providing service for circuit boards, infrared thermography, and other vital components. It also specializes in utility maintenance and repair, and replacing batteries and capacitors. DC Group has service solutions for maintaining generators, HVAC, and fire suppression systems, too.

9. First Choice Power

Houston, Texas, is the United States’ energy capital and is where you’ll find Direct Energy. This retailer owns brands throughout the U.S. and Canada, and First Choice Power is one option in Houston. It’s a unique critical power supply business because it only serves residential areas, focusing on low rates for its Texas customers. The Lonestar State is the only area where you can find First Choice Power.

The Texas-based utility is one of many that provide free usage periods, letting customers save on their utility bills for periods. For instance, some plans allow free electricity between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Customers can also use the critical service provider’s app to check their energy usage and see the steps they should take to reduce their consumption. First Choice Power lets users pick short-term leases or month-to-month contracts to fit their needs.

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10. North American Power

North American Power is relatively new to the critical power systems industry, beginning operations in 2009. While based in Norwalk, Connecticut, this utility serves Texas, Georgia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York and New Jersey.

The utility delivers critical power supply through electricity and natural gas, depending on the consumer’s needs. For instance, customers in Pennsylvania and Texas are more likely to use natural gas because of their states’ mass production.

You can also purchase an energy plan through the firm to deliver power through your local provider. North American Power has previous mentions in Inc.’s 500 fastest-growing ventures and the Forbes Top 100 Most Promising Companies.

Finding the Best Critical Power Systems in North America

Selecting a critical power supply business is crucial because you need power to ensure your lights stay on all day, even if a storm arrives. The United States features thousands of utility brands nationwide, letting customers choose the most appropriate one for their needs. These 10 companies stand out as the best providers in the U.S., with some offering services in Canada and Europe.

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