Panic On The Web. Hong Kong Massively Delete Accounts On Social Media

Panic on the web. Hong Kong massively delete accounts on Social Media

by Alan Jackson — 4 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

After Beijing imposed a serious sweeping law, the activist of Hong Kong started deleting their social media accounts.

As the law imposes a great threat to the autonomy of Hong Kong, people are fearful, and this can easily be analyzed by seeing the actions related to the mass deletion of social media accounts.

But such a problem usually arises when people don’t have any means to hide their digital footprint. Hiding the digital footprint is not as tough as it seems.

Today we will give you some amazing tips that will help you to stay safe from such panic and possibly help you to stay away from the trails.

Use the internet sensibly

Having access to the internet doesn’t mean you will be using the internet without having any problems. Most of the time, the users are careless about their social media comments or contents.

But the government can easily track down your activities by using a smart search algorithm, or they can do this via manual effort. To ensure safety, you should not discuss topics that can cause chaos and anarchy in society.

If you are in Hong Kong, you should start using the VPN immediately as it can protect your data privacy and potentially help you to stay away from the government’s eyes.

Since Hong Kong has been stripped of its autonomy, the users have to be careful about future actions.

Beijing is very strict about its actions, and these have been done to mitigate the actions of the activist. But the activist is now in fear as the power has been revoked, and they are also subject to the trail.
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Start using the VPN

Staying anonymous in the online world is the best way to protect yourself from such a problem. Using VPN may be the solution and can provide perfect means to protect your identity.

VPN will create a strong layer of security, and all your communications will be done in the encrypted medium.

It will protect your identity from the government officials who are trying to hunt down the people who impose potential threats to society.

Though the use of a VPN can offer a perfect solution, you must know the limits. You don’t have the right to impose a great threat to your government when they are taking care of your needs.

Moreover, VPN allows you to access entertainment content as well that is locked in your country because of licensing issues.

You can easily watch your favorite documentaries and TV shows as well with the help of a VPN. However, one must keep in mind that they should use the VPN only for safety and good purposes.

Be aware of political agenda

When such sophisticated issues arise, internet users must be aware of the political agenda. A small mistake can create massive trouble in your life, and this can impose a great threat.

To ensure that your life is not at risk, you must learn about the political agenda of Hong Kong and China. China is the second-largest economy, holds a massive power to control the chaos that imposes a potential threat to its economy.

Stripping of the autonomy of Hong Kong was a classic example. When you search for different geopolitical news, you should be aware of the latest impact and use the VPN. The reason for which you should choose the VPN is to stay anonymous in the eyes of the government.

Though it might seem a hectic process, the VPN will also secure your internet connection by creating an end to end encryption.

It will help you to protect your identity and eventually boost your confidence level to a great extent. So, be careful about your actions and make sure you are not becoming the victim of the political agenda.

Remember, even when VPN is offering you a safe passage or channel to browse the internet, you must keep the political tensions of the country in mind and respect the policies as well. The law is there for the protection of people, and you must not disrespect it.
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The future of Hong Kong

The future of Hong Kong is at great stake as China has imposed a great barrier by passing this law. However, the mass deletion of the social media account is a sign of relief for China, and it might hold them off.

But nothing is certain to this point, and everyone should be careful with their internet usage. Just by installing the VPN, they can erase all the digital footprint on the internet and stay tuned with the latest news and information caused by the drastic actions of Beijing.

The news of the law being passed has sent a chill throughout the country, and people have started to panic as well. It was this panic that pushed a lot of social media users to delete their accounts.

Because what was an open speech before has become a crime in a matter of hours. This law was imposed because the people of Hong Kong were questioning the authority for quite a while now, but it seems like the government has found a way to take control of them now.

There were a lot of protests as well, and the police have arrested over 300 people so far. Right now, no one can accurately predict what will happen in the future. We will find out more about it in the coming days as things will unfold.

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