The Importance Of Event Marketing For The Success Of A Business

The Importance of Event Marketing for the Success of a Business

by Akshay Sharma — 4 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

In recent years, more organizations have started to host events to grow awareness about themselves in the market. The step is also aimed at achieving sales and positioning through establishing connect with the target audience and leveraging face-to-face relationships. Well-planned events can bring benefits that are far-reaching in scale therefore transforming the face of a business.

From growing sales to leads, bosting database to building brand affinity, companies can use events for various purposes and enhance their footprint in the market. Above all, events are a great opportunity to showcase thought leadership in the industry and win credibility of customers in the market.

Here is the importance of event marketing for the success of a business –  

  1. Boost your conversation rates

Events are hosted to market brands and help them sell their products or services. Whether a company is into B2B or B2C, it can always leverage the impact of event to forge human relationships and in turn positively impact their conversion rates. Both businesses and customers will come face to face where the latter can clear their doubts, get assurance of quality and then establish a bond with the company. A lot of companies took event as an opportunity to drive sales and increase their ROI.

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  1. Grow your database and leads

B2B marketers use event as an opportunity to add prospect to their database, nurture them through the sales process and then convert them into leads. Whether your goal is new prospect or lead sourcing or business opportunities, an event can always prove handy. In most cases, companies use email addresses of those who have visited them at event to build relationships. People will register at any event from where you can get the data to contact them for lead generation.

  1. Increase your brand awareness

When businesses host an event, they basically give potential customers a chance to find them. Hosting an activity is always quite helpful in letting people interact with the brand. A lot of companies use events to offer free samples to their customers to increase their brand awareness. Some events have guest speakers, freebies, discounts etc to catch the attention of the target audience and build the brand. Plus, the event photo and other information can be shared on social media to get more mileage out of them easily.

  1. Building brand affinity

People who attend event want nothing but a great experience. If a company is able to provide that, it will always be etched in the memories of potential customers. And once people remember a company, it leads to brand affinity. A good experience can be delivered in many ways, like by letting customers interact and clear their doubts; by bringing speakers for the occasion; by catering to their needs etc. Brand affinity is also built by taking up causes like charities that really strike a chord with the target audience.

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  1. Grow relationships with the target customers

People crave fruitful relationships more than anything else. Brands should thus focus on enriching them with stories and magic so that they can feel a sense of connect. Without building an interpersonal connections, no business can benefit from event on any scale. You can host an event to show existing customers how much they mean to you and this will definitely reflect in your conversions. If an event is hosted to value the existing customers, then you can be sure about amazing results and better returns for your investment.

  1. Establish thought leadership and credibility in the market

By using event production, a company can establish thought leadership in the market and show to their audience the domain-leading expertise and skills they possess. You can take steps that add value to potential customers whether directly or indirectly and prove your utility in the market. To gain a leadership position and build trust in the market, you need to use event judiciously and with the interest of the target audience at the forefront. You can get a speaker discussing about innovative concepts and show how much you’re keen on adding value to the industry.

Clearly, events can prove magic and beneficial for any company if used rightly and open the door of prospects as well.

Akshay Sharma

This article is shared by Akshay Sharma. He is a blogger at LetsJumpToday & Imagination Waffle. He loves to write and read about latest health, fashion and technology trends.

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