10 Great IT Courses In 2020 Will Improve Your Skills

10 Great IT Courses In 2020 will improve Your skills

by Shiva Kumar — 4 years ago in Development 4 min. read

We are here in 2020, and technology is at its peak above all time. It is very exciting to know that what are the developments we are going to experience within the next couple of years. There’s no question about the fact that the future is always fascinating, and it is a great time to be in the IT industry. With that being said, in order to survive in this competitive era, you need to get their hands on the best IT courses to improve your skills. It is only by honing your skills right that you can land a better job opportunity in the long run.

Down below are the list of the top 10 IT courses that you must learn in 2020: 

1) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We have been ranting about AI and ML for a while now, and how it has started to show its impact. Fun fact, according to Microsoft, the early adopters of Artificial Intelligence has already started to see almost a 5% increase at their overall efficiency and functionality. As of 2020, it should give us a more obvious reason to learn AI and ML more than anything else.

2) Internet of Things (IOT)

If you want to learn the trending courses in 2020, IoT is the great way to start out. There’s no doubt that in the world of technology getting connected to one another, IoT is the reason behind it. In simpler words, IOT helps electronic gadgets to connect over the internet, and there’s a lot of usability to it. For everyone looking forward to opening a new business, IoT is just the perfect place to invest.

3) Virtual Reality

Last year was the time when the majority of the world was introduced to Virtual Reality or VR. But, now is also a great time to learn more about Virtual Reality and land the dream job you have always wanted for. What’s more interesting about virtual reality is that it helps to improve the overall user-experience by introducing Augmented Reality.

4)  Mobile app development trends

The mobile app development has been reshaping the business for years currently. Regardless of the business domain, each organization has to integrate the most trending mobile application development technologies to earn the most growth and increase the means that to succeed in the targeted audience.

  • The Emergence of Beacon Technology
  • APM and EMM
  • Impact of 5G Wireless Services
  • The prominence of Wearable Devices
  • Artificial Intelligence Making the Apps Smarter
  • Android Instant Apps
  • IoT Integration in Mobile Apps
  • Transformation Through AR and VR
  • Mobile Wallets Significance
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) into Action
  • Enhancing Mobile App Security
  • The Rise Of Bots
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Apps
  • Inclusion of Blockchain in Mobile Apps
  • Predictive Analytics to Enhance UX

5) Edge Computing

Right down to the processor to the increasing demand for storing, computing, and networking, the significance of edge computing has significantly grown. By learn edge computing, you can easily get into the demand of companies for handling current and future requirements. Edge computing also helps a company to remove the latency caused by the network so that it can perform faster response.

6) Voice Technology

Among the top software courses, voice technology is a great way to get your hands on. We are talking about the voice assistant like Siri or Alexa because they have already proved to be beneficial for our everyday life. As more technologies like such are coming over the surface, it is the best time than ever to learn about Voice technology. You might come across great opportunities in the near future.

7) Cyber Security

While making a list of IT courses, no one can ever leave behind the domain of cybersecurity. One might argue that it’s been here for a while now, and the market might have been saturated, but truth to be told, there’s always enough room for aspiring cybersecurity individuals. The world is not going to stop scamming, so why should you?

8) Blockchain

If you want to talk about the emerging technologies of tomorrow, then blockchain is the one standing at the pedestal. Being a decentralized digital ledger makes sure that no single individual is going to control the entire system. That has been the USP for blockchain, and it is surely going to grab the attention of the majority of the people. Definitely check out the blockchain courses to secure your career in the IT industry.

9) Automation

Courses on automation are the perfect companion for everyone opting for AI and ML. With all the emerging technologies such as robotics, cloud computing, and big data, there’s no doubt that automation is going to follow them soon enough. Even to date, several companies are using deploying automation for their distribution and manufacturing chain.

10) 5G

There’s no arguing over the fact that 5G is going to be the next big thing, and the entire world is counting on it. There’s going to be several benefits to it, including higher speed internet, lower latency, and higher capacity. And above all, it is being expected that 2020 is going to be the year when 5G will hit the market. So, for an IT professional, you can always enroll to a course and use it as leverage over your company.

Wrapping Up

This article was solely meant to make you aware of the top IT courses in 2020 that are worth pursuing if you are looking forward to a better career opportunity. All the above-mentioned courses are very lucrative and can indeed push your career further. So, without any further due, grab a course that suits the best for you and work towards learning it.

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