5 General Misconceptions CEOs Have About Web Development

5 General Misconceptions CEOs Have About Web Development

by Alan Jackson — 4 years ago in Development 4 min. read

CEOs have the overall say in any activity that the company wants to engage in. Sadly they can be a stabling block it you want to develop a website for a company due to their misconceptions. We all know how important effective websites are when it comes to your online business and it is hard sometimes convincing them of this. This article provides several misconceptions CEOs have on web development. Read along for more insights.

Website development is easy

Most CEOs don’t understand how complex the process of creating an effective website is and they believe that it is very easy. This is not true. wordpress development requires a lot of research and tests to make them efficient and effective. The majority of clients will request what they call a simple 20-page website with a log-in setup, online payment, a blog, and other widgets. For example, websites such as Facebook and Craigslist may seem easy to create but in the real sense, they are actually demanding. They also consume a lot of time in the development process. I don’t understand why the simpler the design the more expensive it is. What most CEOs perceive as simple may involve complicated development work and require days of programming. That is why it is not good to complain whenever a budget is presented and they view it as outrageous. Developers look into many aspects before seating down to develop an effective website. If you rush them assuming that it is a simple job you may not get the desired results.
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Everyone should be involved

Another misconception that most CEOs have is that they should involve the whole team to design a WordPress website. Instead of packing all the staff into a conference room to present an idea of a great website and involve everyone or every department, concentrate on the few people who have the experience to do an excellent job. Come up with a development directive that includes content strategy, brand assets, business objectives, and user flows. The rest of the work should be left to the IT department to handle the technological aspect of your website development. There is no need to involve everyone whom you believe that that can assist, just because the results should be perfect or haven’t you heard that too many cooks spoil the broth? It is not in the CEO’s place to mull deep technical planning, database architecture, layouts, designs or widgets. Let the experts do their jobs and provide resources and the right environment for the best desirable results.

Websites are a commodity

Most CEOs believe that websites are commodities which is not a fact. Just because most Web developers use templates doesn’t make the website a cheap commodity. This is a big misconception that CEOs need to get off their heads. First, templates are used to simplify the development process and are not meant for serious companies who want to market and make their brands unique. A good website is not built using a template but it is custom made to represent the policies and the identity of the company. Unlike the personal websites that don’t require much when designing, a company website requires a lot of information and the right design to make it effective.

If you need a website that converts and increases engagement, you have to invest heavily in that. Most CEOs are not conversant with this and will sign for a minimum budget for Web development which will not produce any tangible results. To understand your business requirements, find a team of designers who are reliable and ask for their advice on the appropriate website to represent your company. If you are fortunate enough to find a suitable team, they will help you manage your goals along with your budget and find optimal solutions. Don’t worry about the cost, if the result meets your needs and goals then it will justify the cost. Not all web designers are up for your money, especially when you are dealing with reputable agencies who have years of experience.
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Once a site is built, it’s done.

CEOs should stop thinking that web development is a one-time activity and they are done. It is a long term process that requires follow-ups and monitoring. It’s not a car that you buy once and forget. And even if it was, don’t they take their cars to the dealership for maintenance? Once your site is launched, it needs to be maintained after a short while to ensure that everything works accordingly. Most freelance WordPress developers don’t offer ongoing support that is why I would advise any CEO to go for full-fledged web development agencies that are going to check your website frequently, to ensure that everything is working well. They check the technical aspects and maybe the SEO aspect of your website. Either way, you are going to benefit from the process. This doesn’t only apply to high traffic websites as small websites also need functionality checks to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Anyone can create a great user experience

It is not true to say that user experience is anyone’s job. You can’t build the website yourself. What you need to focus on is how you have stocked your business and there are any shortages. Leave user experience to the experts who know what it demands. Don’t assume that you know everything about running a website when you don’t. A lot goes into a site than basic knowledge of web design. Payments systems and integration require a professional touch to make them perfect.

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, a lot goes into ensuring your website functions are required. You need to put in some resources, time and hire the right people who understand what is needed to build a wonderful working website that will guarantee you results. Therefore, when you want to create an effective website, think of these things.

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