6 Game Design Tips For New Developers

6 Game Design Tips for New Developers

by Amelia Scott — 2 years ago in Development < 1 min. read

Thanks to the development and design of online entertainment, individuals are able to express their creativity because they need to come up with unusual ideas to create wonderful games.

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If developers manage to implement their ideas successfully, their product has more chances to become popular. That is why game design services do their best to meet the requirements of their customers.
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Things to Consider When It Comes to the Design of Games 

Below, you can find six-game design tips that can serve as a useful guide for those who want to design a game. However, you are not obliged to follow all of them if it is your first product, but they can turn out to be valuable in the future:

  1. Create it with consumers in mind. Wonderful UX is crucial to exciting gameplay. Players may be frustrated by too complicated interfaces and menus. Hence, the best thing you can do is to make everything simple and consistent to provide people with smooth navigation.
  2. Find an outstanding idea. There are several things that can make your game exclusive, and they might be the characters, the plot, the interface, etc. Therefore, you need to find the hook, which will attract consumers and keep them engaged from the very start. You should also bear in mind that it is the aspect to be initially considered, as it is going to determine how successful your entertainment will be. A professional game UI UX designer can easily assist you in conceptualizing your future product`s hook.
  3. Do not forget about sound design. The suitable sound that appears at the right time means a lot, no matter whether it is a 3D game or a plain one. The great part about sound effects is that they can be an implicit direction to the consumer, assisting them in navigation. Moreover, a wonderful sound design will create the necessary atmosphere for the story. As a result, entertainment becomes more attractive and fun to consumers.
  4. Try for viral. Being a game designer, you must see what the trends are on the market. If you expect your product to be successful and bring some money, you should not ignore the mass appeal. Creating mechanics, levels, and other things with viral quality happens to be the best solution to gain popularity.
  5. Controls should remain intuitive. The control scheme of your product is tightly connected with UX, and it also determines how efficiently and easily consumers learn to play it. Furthermore, the controls have an impact on their progression while gaming. It implies that you should pay extra attention to the functionality of your game controller and other things to make them as convenient as possible.
  6. Market the product. It is worth remembering that marketing is vital. The reason is that potential consumers need to realize that your game exists to play it. Fortunately, one is able to access a wide variety of simple ways to market a game. Let us say, you can utilize social media to introduce entertainment, and this option is free of charge. Hence, you can use suitable hashtags, post videos, and present yourself as a developer. Having friends who actively take part in game development and obtain a substantial number of followers, you are highly likely to attract a lot of new people. Another option is paid to advertise, and it can draw consumers` attention so that everyone would know about the product.

Creating and introducing an amazing game that will be preferred comprises numerous aspects. At the same time, if you pay enough attention to every stage of the development process, you are highly likely to create an entertaining game. Nothing is impossible. Keep practicing, benefit from the offered game design tips, and you are going to eventually succeed.

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