Employee L&D Program : Easy Ways To Improve It For Better Results

Employee L&D Program : Easy Ways To Improve It For Better Results

by Hubert Dwight — 3 years ago in Development 2 min. read

One of the best ways for a company to gain a competitive edge against its opponents is by having a skilled workforce. This is possible by offering ongoing learning opportunities to employees. Learning & Development opportunities help employees learn better ways to perform their duties and also enhances their skill set so they can deal with all kinds of challenges.

But just building a basic L&D program doesn’t solve the problem. L&D professionals need to ensure the training programs address employee learning needs as well as fulfill the company’s learning objectives. This will not only make the L&D program effective but also provide greater ROI. If your L&D program is not producing great results, here are 5 easy ways to improve it :

Easy Ways To Improve It For Better Results

  • Use the right training software

Providing employees the flexibility to learn from anywhere at a time of their convenience is essential to ensure employees don’t have to compromise on work in order to learn. This requires investing in a training software that automates the delivery of online courses.

With tools like the Learning Management System, you can easily manage and track employee learning progress which allows you to identify any areas of improvement. If you think LMS are expensive, you can opt for Accord LMS which has a starting price of $1.00 only.

  • Gather employee feedback

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The easiest way to improve your existing L&D program is take feedback from employees that have finished the training program. A program curated with employee learning needs in mind is bound to engage employees. This ensures employees make the most of the training program.

Simply asking employees what they need to learn can help you build a better L&D program. Moreover, employees today are aware of their skills and what they need to learn to perform better. 

  • Use tools that make learning flexible & accessible

Learning becomes impactful when employees can go through content when they find it convenient. Mobile-based LMS are a great option to deliver training as they allow employees to learn on-the-go.

Moreover using video conference tools to provide instructor-led sessions ensure employees can get access to information directly from instructors regardless of their location. This allows employees to balance work and learning effectively.

  • Provide engaging training content

Employees find training a boring exercise because they have to spend hours learning a single topic. This perspective can be changed by creating micro-modules focused on one topic at a time so employees can quickly go through them without investing too much time.

You can make use of gamification features of an LMS to foster healthy competition amongst employees. Quizzes become engaging when employees receive rewards points, badges and top position on the leaderboard if they perform well. 

  • Encourage informal learning & coaching

When employees are encouraged to learn informally from their peers or superiors by watching them, it leads to a repetition of the concepts learnt in the formal L&D programs. It also helps them learn practical implementation of knowledge. This highly increases the effectiveness of the L&D program.

Moreover, when managers mentor employees and guide them personally on certain important topics covered in the L&D training, it allows employees to learn better. It also leads to better retention of information. Direct coaching from managers makes the training concepts clearer.
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Every company wants its employees to grow, and a productive L&D program can make it easy to do so. Use the above mentioned ideas to ensure employees stay abreast with industry changes and can provide your company a competitive advantage with constant skills development.

Hubert Dwight

Hubert works for a creative agency as a digital content writer for a range of businesses, large and small. He particularly enjoys making complex dull subjects sound fun and interesting.

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