Firefox Update Version 67 Is All About Fingerprinting Protection And High Speed

Firefox update Version 67 is all about Fingerprinting Protection and High Speed

by Evelyn Addison — 5 years ago in Development < 1 min. read

Firefox update is all about speed and fingerprinting protection

Mozilla is now rolling out Firefox version 67 on Windows, macOS and Linux. Along with also the Employee is detailing a few changes in a blog article. With the current new edition, users must expect improved performances throughout the world.

Firefox is currently better at loading content that is essential and simplifies non-essential scripts, not loading the auto-fill module when there is no kind on the webpage, and Firefox is working on better speed etc..

Desktop browsers are currently doing exactly the exact same thing, such as Firefox. In case your memory drops under 400MB, some previous tabs will probably get suspended.

In case you’ve got a lot of add-ons and topics, Firefox is currently quicker to begin when you stop and relaunch your browser. At length, AV1 videos must function better, as a result of dav1d, a new decoder in the VideoLAN, VLC and FFmpeg communities.

On the front, Firefox 67 is incorporating cryptomining and fingerprinting cubes . Yet more, the group is working with Disconnect to add lists of principles and domains that stop your browser from loading content that is supersized.

Cryptomining and fingerprinting cubes are disabled by default — for today. However, you can trigger them in a few clicks from the browser configurations under”Privacy & Security.”

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In regards to browsing, Firefox now enables you to disable or enable any add-ons during sessions. You are also able to save on your browser passwords by a personal tab.

I’m pretty sure Firefox better doing plans to roll it out to more users in the future.

Evelyn Addison

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