Google+ Will Die April 2, 2019 Thanks To New Bug Affecting 52 Million Users

Google+ will Die April 2, 2019 Thanks to New Bug Affecting 52 Million Users

by Micah James — 5 years ago in Development 2 min. read

After declaring in October it could be shuttering Google+, its own little-loved social networking website, Google today announced that, thanks to another security flaw, the conclusion would need to come much sooner than initially anticipated. The website will shut down entirely in April, as opposed to August, and accessibility to this API network is going to be cut off at the next 90 days.

What would have happened to create Google hit on the proverbial panic button? While the firm fixed the defect in a week of its being published, Thacker claims that the program developers could have obtained a wealth of information in these six days:

Depending on the API, programs that asked permission to see profile data that an individual had added to their own Google+ profile like their name, email address, job, age — have been granted permission to see profile info about that user when putting to not-public.

Additionally, programs using an individual’s Google+ profile information also had access to this profile information that was shared with all the consenting user from a different Google+ user however that wasn’t shared openly.

As with the first insect which brought the website down, Thacker says that the firm doesn’t have any proof third-party programmers misused the insect or were aware that it existed. Nonetheless, the powers that have apparently concluded that the website is much more trouble than it is worth — and they are probably appropriate, given that the scrutiny Google is beneath.

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Thacker also says consumer security is your organization’s top priority, even more so than the annoyance of programmers:”We realize that our capacity to construct reliable products which protect your information drives consumer trust… We’ll never stop our job to construct privacy protections which work for everybody.

Google says it is now reaching out to customers affected, and it is going to continue to supply tools to people who wish to migrate or save their information. Whoever is doing this may want to get it done quickly — there is no telling when another security bug will come together and force Google to quicken the shutdown much more.

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