How To Develop Soft Skills: Guide For Students

How To Develop Soft Skills: Guide For Students

by Evelyn Addison — 2 years ago in Development 3 min. read

You have probably heard of soft skills and how are they important for every person to build a successful career. But what if you are only a student now, and you are not working in any professional environment? Do you already have developed soft skills or do you need to work on them hard when you still have time? Let’s find out the ways you can develop your soft skills.

Consult A Coach Or Psychologist

You are unlikely to find open communications training – there is no demand for them, although these skills are crucial. It is also very rare to come to a psychologist or coach with a request to learn to communicate more effectively. But we advise you to do it if possible because the specialist will be able to quickly see your areas of development and give practical tasks and advice.

Ask For Feedback

Of course, reading books on this topic is also useful, but skills are developed as a result of practice – in real communication with feedback from your interlocutors – relatives, colleagues, leaders, teachers. Also, you would need to listen to the feedback. If your teacher at the college is saying that you need to work on your academic writing to become a better student, it would be to your advantage to follow this advice. You can also apply to a paper writing service for a part-time job to improve your writing and your soft skills at the same time.

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Communicate With All People

Do not avoid communicating with people with whom you have a hard time. This can have the best effect on the development of communication skills.

Think of difficult situations you have dealt with through your communication and leadership skills. You will definitely be asked about this in interviews, so collect these stories and reflect on each difficult situation. Analyze your failed communications with the people and failed tasks as well, this way you can avoid making the same mistakes. And remember it there are lots of helpful services out there, like Pay for Essay which can help improve your current academic situation.

Communication Training

Take a look at Marshall Rosenberg’s non-violent communication training. This author has done a lot to raise awareness and rethink how we communicate in private and professional life and has given

Why Soft Skills Are So Important?

While hard skills determine the ability to perform specialized tasks, soft skills determine how a person thinks and how he will perform them. We are now living in an era of tremendous technological change, seeing how quickly and strongly trends are changing. It is therefore not surprising that young professionals are trying to compete in the labor market and are more likely to ask what they need to learn or develop to secure employment.

According to Harvard researchers, 85% of a person’s success in the professional field depends on well-developed soft skills and only 15% on technical hard skills. This trend is gaining momentum in the Ukrainian labor market: more often managers are looking for employees who can understand and share the company’s values, ready to solve non-standard problems. Managers are willing to hire specialists with little experience if they have and develop their soft skills.

The Set Of Important Soft Skills Every Student Should Obtain

  1. Time management. This is the ability to organize tasks in an organized way to use time efficiently. This skill helps to delegate tasks and prioritize. If you master time management well, you can reduce stress and significantly increase productivity.
  2. Ability to adapt. This is necessary not only not to lose market share, but also to have time to increase assets because company leaders are trying to play ahead and quickly adapt to change. This skill is also valued in employees who are able to understand the business and are willing to experiment and adapt quickly to get the best results.
  3. Ability to collaborate. Now teamwork is reaching a qualitatively new level. There are many international companies in Ukraine, and often employees are not only of different nationalities but also in different time zones. The success of the tasks depends on how the communication between the team members takes place, how well the roles are distributed and how openly the team is ready to discuss problems.
  4. Creativity. It is the ability to generate new ideas and non-standard solutions to solve problems, as well as to innovate. Every company tries to attract creative workers. Employees with a well-developed search engine are able not only to find new solutions but also new processes for their implementation.
  5. Persuasiveness. This skill is necessary for every employee who intends to build a successful career. It determines the ability to influence and change the opinion of others, to persuade people to move in the direction you want, using rational arguments, not manipulation. People who have this trait can become leaders.
Evelyn Addison

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