How To Make A Successful Software Dev Campaign

How to Make a Successful Software Dev Campaign

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Development < 1 min. read

What’s a campaign? It’s a series of planned actions that should lead to a certain result in the end. If you want to make an app, you need to work out a campaign plan – alone or, better, together with software development agencies. Then you need to follow the plan and update it when necessary. That’s what it takes to control the working process.

Make a Vision

Any campaign should start with shaping up your vision of the result. What app should it be? What is it supposed to do? Who forms the audience of it: your clients, your employees, your partners?

Will one app do, or should it be different apps for different people? If it’s made for the mass market, what segments should it be aimed at?

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Not only should its functionality be well thought of, but its design and usability as well. The app should leave positive impressions, so its users don’t choose rivals if they have a choice. This means necessary market research. It doesn’t work the Field of Dreams way.

You have to both build and come. And you have some business incubators to choose from. But when you turn to them for support, you need to show them more than a vague idea or text description. You need something visible.
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Make It Visible

Instead of fundraising and representing your ideas yourselves, you can go to professional fundraisers that do that work for you. But that does not mean you just get everything done at someone else’s expense.

When choosing the platform, you better look at the following parameters:

  • Experience in your field. If the company has any projects that have something in common with yours, it probably has the tools you need.
  • The number of workplaces. It should be just what you need for the moment, plus some more for potential scaling if new specialists are required for the project.
  • It should not be too high, especially given that before you find an investor, you pay yours.
  • Maybe after you find a good partner you will have to leave this platform and migrate to a different one offered by them. Then you will have to relaunch the work on the new platform, and moving is usually better than starting from scratch.

What to Ask For

You need support to make your software as grand as it deserves to be. So follow some ideas on how to lead.

  • Don’t go minor. Don’t settle for less than changing the world. Or at least your place in the world – and the place of your partners.
  • Show them where the money is. We all know it’s your investors’ money that gets the engine running. But investment is not about charity. Show them how they get a hundredfold back if they invest.
  • Be ready to change. Not only to nod to show you agree, but to accept you may be wrong in some assumptions. It’s okay if they show you where you go wrong: if they do it and still deal with you, they are ready to invest at least their knowledge.
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Dare to Envision!

It takes more than an idea. Write a story about how your software changes the world. And make your software the protagonist: a businessperson, a cultural hero, a punk rebel, a world-turning scientist – whoever you’d watch a movie about. And then envision your project in all the detail the hero deserves.

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