Should Universities And Apartments Have Digital Mailrooms?

Should Universities and Apartments have Digital Mailrooms?

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Imagine apartments and universities with many residents trying to inquire about their packages and mails. This leads to chaos and long queues at the desk. Digital Mailrooms allow the management to streamline the mailing process and have smooth delivery processes to the apartment residents and campus students.

Every day there are frequent inbound and outbound mails that need to be handled and delivered efficiently. Digital mailrooms can assist in quick deliveries, keeping the mailroom clutter-free while ensuring the security of the packages.

The advent of COVID has also increased the demand for digital rooms as it can support contact-less pickup by the recipients. Apartments have seen an increase in the number of mails during this pandemic. In the year 2020, around 6.3 billion parcels were sent by mail.

What Happens Inside a Digital Mailroom of Universities and Apartments?

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Mailrooms can be frenzied with the constant incoming and outgoing packages and mails. Let us take a quick look at some of the significant operations that take place in a Digital Mailroom.

  • Mail collection: collecting mail from the delivery service.
  • Scanning barcode and data entry: Scanning to retrieve information about the sender, recipient, and other such details and feed it into the system.
  • Notifying recipients: Notifying recipients to collect their package.
  • Adding a unique number or tag: Generating a unique number for each item to the mailroom makes it easy to find it.
  • Sorting: Sorting the mails and packaged so it is easy to retrieve from the mailroom when needed.
  • Organizing the mailroom: Organizing the mailroom to avoid cluttering.
  • Picture for proof: The staff has to take pictures of packages that are received and then collected for proof.
  • Scanning, forwarding & discarding: The recipients can communicate with the staff to provide further instructions about their mail.
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Digital Mailrooms for Universities and Apartments

Apartments and Universities have numerous residents leading to many mails and packages. Using packageX Mailroom Management Software, the staff can ensure that each mail reaches the recipient in time by streamlining the entire delivery process.

It is also significantly important for apartments to ensure that the resident’s emails are not lost. This is because the loss of important mails and packages can lead to resident dissatisfaction, and they may choose to leave the apartment.

Moreover, efficient mail handling is also vital on university campuses. Students look forward to receiving packages at the campus from their families and friends. Thus, it is essential to have an efficient campus mail management solution.

8 Reasons to Invest in Digital Mailrooms

Here are a few reasons you should invest in Digital Mailrooms for your apartments or university campus:

1. Mail Scanning

Digital mailrooms provide the service of mail scanning. They can every mail that recipients can access online. They can ask the mailroom to keep the mail for collection or discard it.

This helps the mailroom staff to quickly de-clutter by discarding emails that are not needed. They have fewer emails to sort and store in the mailroom if the recipients request to discard mails that they have received the scanned version of.

2. Reduced Operational Cost

The digital mailroom reduces the staff needed to manage a mailroom. Quick notifications to the recipients lead to rapid package collection by the recipient. Thus, there is less mail in the mailroom to be organized, subsequently reducing the need for staff.

Furthermore, data entry staff is not needed as data entry is automated through barcode scanning. Digital mailrooms also reduce the need for desk staff because there are no more queues of people trying to inquire about their packages and mails.

In addition, a smaller mailroom area is needed to store the packages. This is because packages are collected in time. Often the management can achieve same-day deliveries.
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3. Reduced Loss and Theft of Packages

Mailroom management can take a picture of packages and mails on arrival to send to the recipient. This way the recipient can confirm that they are receiving the right package.

When the staff receives packages at the mailroom, they scan the barcodes and give the packages a unique number. This helps the mailroom staff to store and retrieve the package conveniently.

Moreover, getting the package to the right person in time reduces the chances of losing it in piles of packages in the mailroom. Digital mailrooms also eliminate the need for manual data entry, thus reducing errors that may lead to mixing up packages and mails.

4. Clutter-Free Mailroom

When packages are not delivered on time, it can lead to a chaotic mailroom. This further makes it difficult to find packages and mails. It also increases the chances of damage caused to packages. Perishable and fragile products are at risk.

Digital Mailrooms allow mailroom management to send out one-click notifications to the recipients along with a picture of their packages. The quick recipient identification through barcode scanning and immediate notification speeds up the overall delivery process and reduces the need for storing packages.

5. Contact-Less Package Collection

Recipients can collect their packages without interacting with the staff. They can scan the unique QR Code or barcode to find the locker in the mailroom that has the package.

Once they pick up the package, they have to take a picture and enter it into the system for records with the mailroom.
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6. Automated Notifications

The staff can scan barcodes on packages that will display a list of associated recipients. The staff can send a notification to the recipient with a single click about the arrival of the package.

Digital Mailrooms allows recipients to receive automated reminders, reminding them to pick up their mails. This allows same-day deliveries to the residents while reducing theft and loss.

7. Mail Forwarding & Discarding

If any recipient is not available to pick up their mail, they can ask to forward it or hold on to the mail.  This way the mailroom management knows what to do with every package and they do not have to chase the recipient.

The recipient can also ask the mailroom management to discard the mail if it is not important. Thus, digital mailrooms make it convenient for both the mailroom staff and the mail recipients to communicate and to view the mails and packages.
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8. Time-Saving

The staff spends less time managing the packages. Using the efficient system of barcode scanning eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Furthermore, packages can be retrieved conveniently when they are tagged and packaged with unique numbers before storing.

So, if you are the property manager of a residential area or a university campus, you might want to consider investing in digital mailrooms. You will surely find it cost-effective and you can ensure improved mail and package delivery service.

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