The Importance Of Data And Video Annotation Nowadays

The Importance of Data and Video Annotation Nowadays

by Evelyn Addison — 2 years ago in Development 4 min. read

Data is among the most important commodities a business or organization can have and its value in the modern business setting is increasing daily. More and more processes and activities are realizing the need for accurate data to function properly. Unfortunately, businesses can only take advantage of available data by using it correctly, hence the need for data annotation. Data annotation can be applied to any file, including video and image files.

Image and video annotation are necessary to make the data in question understood by computers. The video annotation process is commonly used in traffic management and identifying e-commerce products. For instance, video annotation allows computers to identify and recognize vehicle registration numbers. This may seem a daunting task, but with the help of the video annotation tool platform, everything is just a walk in the park. This is also true, especially when working with professional video annotation experts: they will precisely track the spatial and temporal features of an object and enhance the performance of your machine learning model.

What is Video Annotation?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are important aspects of automating complex tasks, innovating products, and developing new insights daily. Computer vision is among the most valuable AI applications that help transform industries dealing with massive visual data generation with close collaboration with video annotation.

Video annotation is highly considered and greatly helpful in tracking human activities, autonomous vehicles, and facial emotion recognition. Video annotation involves tagging or labeling videos for the purpose of training computer vision models for easy identification or detection of objects. Also, unlike image annotation, video annotation uses a frame-by-frame annotation basis to ensure objects can be recognized for machine learning models.

High-quality video annotation requires the best video annotation tool to develop a ground truth database for proper machine learning functionality. You may have come across several deep learning applications for video annotation without knowing; they range from geospatial technology to medical AI and self-driving cars.

Computer vision will allow your computer to derive a high-level understanding from video, images, and other visual inputs. Its application is in many areas, from autonomous vehicles to facial recognition software. Since computer vision shows some capabilities beyond human sight, training vision models will need a special image and video annotation tools.

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Uses of Video Annotation

Video annotation can be in different settings and for different purposes. Generally, it is used in dataset creation to training ML or AI-based computer models. During video annotation, clips are broken down into frames, study each structure, detect an object, and classify and tag them accordingly. Afterward, the simplified information is made recognizable to the computer to learn the process of identifying similar objects without human intervention.

Other than object recognition and detection, video annotation can be used in different areas like the creation of precise data variation reports, dominant object identification in a particular frame, description of perceived intent in human poses, spotting boundaries, and tracking movement on the screen.

With video annotation, you can achieve a lot in different fields. For example, video annotation in a moving traffic video can help people understand where vehicle ends and human begins. It is possible to differentiate between boundaries and vehicle lanes or identify the part of the screen that is footpath and roads. You can identify or detect many elements, from pedestrians, traffic flows, crossing lanes, and road signs to hydrants and cyclists.

A Common Type of Video Annotation Tools

When choosing a suitable video annotation tool for your business, it is essential to know some available video annotation techniques first. Because of that, you will clearly understand your annotation needs. Working with the right video annotation tool guarantees high-quality calibration of the job for the best cost-quality ratio.

Line and Splines

It is used to identify boundaries and lanes in areas with autonomous vehicle systems. The right tool will teach your models to properly identify physical boundaries and lanes and operate within.

Polygon Labeling

Polygon labeling is essential when dealing with irregular objects. It provides more precision, but it requires the annotator to have an idea of precision labeling. Therefore, professional annotators will pinpoint every vertex of the object in question. The main aim of this technique is to ensure all edges are annotated regardless of size and shape.

Keypoints or Landmarks Annotation

Experts take advantage of points on people’s faces and landmarks during video annotation. The working principle of Landmarks annotation is to add extra points to objects. It is useful, especially when capturing body part movements, changing facial expressions, and other skeletal objects’ movements. It creates a powerful training database for your high-performing vision models.

2D Boxes

This annotation type uses rectangular and square boxes to mark different objects in video clips. Annotators are required to draw boxes just touching the object of interest.

3D Boxes

Same as the name, this annotation method uses 3D boxes to mark objects in video footage. This will allow your computer vision model to accurately measure and mark all 3 dimensions and the interaction with the surrounding objects. Therefore, experts only have to draw accurate cubes around different objects in a video to complete the process. The system will have details of the object’s height, length, and width.

In A Nutshell

The need for high-quality video annotation is increasing every day. The right video annotation tool platform will combine world-class data experts with automated annotation technology to deliver the data needed for your production processes. There is nothing wrong with asking for help from experts. You will get a team of experts working on your unique business needs by offering the best solution that suits you.

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