Top 6 Ways To Boost Employee Morale With Visual Communication

Top 6 Ways to Boost Employee Morale with Visual Communication

by Amelia Scott — 5 years ago in Development 5 min. read

If productivity round the office is small slow, or individuals look somewhat depression, and no one appears to be especially excited to try for a larger, common function — you might get a worker morale problem in your hands. While the absence of morale can be challenging for any group, virtual teams are able to lose their group spirit or feel disconnected from one another on a higher degree. Dissatisfied workers (in the janitor to the VP) frequently have a negative effect on clients. However there are strategies to improve employee morale with communication.

Boost Employee Morale With Visual Communication

Visual communication does not only help you when everybody’s feeling good — but can hugely boost everybody’s mood, maintain culture high, enhance employee morale, and reconnect your own rockstar staff to their brilliance–as after all, that is why you hired them.

Here are 5 powerful ways to visually improve employee morale get everyone charged up:

1 – Visual Communication to boost employee morale.

In today’s workforce, we’ve observed a convergence of both distant employees and individuals in a traditional office setting. The issue? If communication is lacking in any way, remote employees can feel disconnected quickly. Think of all of the cues, information, and emotion that you feel when communication with somebody face-to-face.

Top 6 Ways to Boost Employee Morale with Visual Communication 1

If you are relying solely on email memos and standard dial-in meetings to fulfill distant employees in — odds are you are isolating them which signifies productivity (and excitement) takes a real nose dive. You might also not know it, but you need a good deal of business and nonbusiness associated side conversations with folks when you’re in a workplace setting. It is crucial to attempt to recreate those together with your remote workforce. As a rule of thumb, morale is only a visual communication dilemma.

What is Slack?

Slack is fundamentally a chat area for your entire business, made to replace email as the main method of sharing and communicating.

Its own workspaces permit you to arrange communications by stations for group conversations and allow for personal messages to share data, documents, and much more all in 1 area.

Additionally, Slack integrates using a bunch of other programs so that you can manage your whole workflow via a single stage. It can be an excellent way to put those unwanted conversations to textual and visual surroundings as a way to participate with emoji and GIFs. That casual conversation can go a long way towards fostering employee morale.


The video conferencing unicorn. Zoom gives a fast and effortless means to link immediately over video (or sound) with clients and employees. Many startups have turned to an”always-on” Zoom area at HQ for a means for remote employees to connect visually with other members.

Zoom additionally incorporates with a ton of additional workflow tools you’re already using.


Lately for, I shared with CloudApp, paired using Zoom, Slack, and also several other tools can offer a yearlong link point between distant and in house groups.

CloudApp is an immediate video and picture sharing platform for professionals. CloudApp is the quickest way to catch and embed webcam, video, GIFs, screencasts and marked up pictures throughout company workflows (e.g. software creation, layout, client success, service, sales, advertising).

The stage makes it super fast and easy to talk with other people. Freelance programmer, web programmer, software engineer, client support specialist, or even a startup creator it may do the job for you. They may also, be shareable on the internet via exceptional, protected, and password secure brief links.

Looking to save time, be more effective, and concentrate much better? Look no farther than Calendar.

Calendar is your wise program which you will need to improve your stack. This artificial intelligence contributed productivity program is obviously learning to you personally. It’ll help save time and effort on the way. The longer you use the website or the Calendar program, the more precious it becomes.

With Calendar, you are going to be able to permit anybody to select and reserve a meeting time straight to your own Calendar. Your Calendar will guard you from some other pre-existing or contradictory meetings being scheduled at precisely the exact same moment.

2 – Visual Praise to boost employee morale.

Company owners are worried out. Your staff receives it. However, a worker can simply internalize a lot of your anxiety until they do not care anymore. While verbal praise goes a very long way, the extra incentive of visual compliments and reinforcement can inspire a fighting team member(s) to kick this up.

Remember, all staff members may confront burnout and demoralization, however, distant employees won’t take a considerable hit the praise-meter. Remote workers can overlook these casual communications and might just acquire critical comments about their job.

Going the extra mile to say thank you think fast, personalized movies, a humorous screenshot, or even a movie memo which goes from the staff praising particular people, shows your staff you do detect and you are eager to take a moment to reveal them in a non-arbitrary manner.

Whenever you’re handling a remote workforce, consider preparing a Slack station where you are able to praise team members openly using text, GIFs, and movies. You’ll realize that enjoying both in house and remote employees facing the entire business often can help increase morale at small and large businesses.

3 – Make Them Laugh.

Your staff has inside jokes and if they like you, then you are likely in on some of them.

We know the ability of GIFs and memes, after all, even as soon as your team is not feeling incentivized you will find them scrolling through dozens of these.

Why not create your own?

It takes moments to make a GIF, and it is also the great bite-sized method to humorously and keep folks updated on new info, wins, and advancement on the most important thing.

Slack also lets you make customized emojis that could provide for an enjoyable approach to emojify (is that a word?) Your inside jokes.

4 – Visually Engage, Motivate, and Entertain Employees.

Culture is a huge part of why folks wish to utilize your business. In a regular job-switching world, it’s crucial to offer a voice for your workers. I adored the Facebook Walls they’d for clients, workers, remote workers seeing, etc.. To place something on similar to some bodily Facebook post.

Top 6 Ways to Boost Employee Morale with Visual Communication 2

The most essential issue isn’t the medium you use to produce the visuals. The focus is you will produce something with your team. The”what” doesn’t matter. Developing a culture which encourages and provides ways for workers to communicate creatively may really create a connected contemporary workforce.

Do not be concerned if you have not begun this manner though. It may take a while but begin with visuals now. You will start to find an effect on how it impacts you and your staff shortly.

5 – Transparently Track Progress.

A superb method to enhance worker morale is monitoring progress. They exploit the power of imagining progress. Aims are like Pringles, as soon as you pop you can not stop.

Where project leaders and managers usually screw up isn’t communicating frequently with the group. Creating little goals to get a huge project is vital. All these tiny wins are BIG at the opinion of somebody who feels as though they’re functioning in the emptiness and can excite motivation, purpose, and also a giant push to achieve (and appreciate) the end.

While programs like Asana, Trello, and Slack are all fantastic, occasionally a fun, bright, and innovative graph that everybody in the area can see if they appear or walk, adds the perfect amount of spark and link to keep everybody motivated, without needing to log in and search for it.

Worried it’d take a bunch of time and expertise to execute these morale-boosting visuals?

Amelia Scott

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