Web Design: Why Most DIY Web Design Projects Fail

Web Design: Why Most DIY Web Design Projects Fail

by Alex Noah — 2 years ago in Development 4 min. read

A website is essential. It is the only way to create a successful business today. If you are new to entrepreneurship, it will be difficult to decide how your website should look, function, and maintain.

Are you willing to pay thousands or even thousands of dollars to have a professional web designer create a website layout? Do you spend a lot of time and effort trying to create a website yourself?

DIY web design is definitely appealing. However, it’s not just for the low-cost basis. Most DIY web design projects fail.

What is the cause of this? And how can you stop it from happening again?

High-Level View

Before we can understand why so many DIY web projects fail we must first understand what “failure” means.

There are many potential points of failure. The first is that most people want their website functional and to present their brand positively. They also want visitors to fill out forms or buy products.

A website can fail in many ways. It could be hampered by poor user experience, ruining the brand’s reputation, or suffer catastrophic losses due to a cyberattack.
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Why DIY Web Design Projects Failed

Inexperience is the simplest explanation.

Effective web design and development is complex. You need to understand everything from the basics of website operation to the most recent trends in user experience. If you don’t know these elements, and you attempt to build a website from scratch yourself, no web designer will be able to help you.

In other words, inexperience can lead to poor design and bad results.

The Appeal of DIY Web Design

It’s not surprising DIY website design is so popular. It’s cheaper than hiring an agency to design a website.

It’s easy these days. You can design a website with a few clicks. There are many, if not hundreds, of free website builders. Even an amateur can set up a website with the help of WYSIWYG editors, and other helpful guides.

DIY web design allows you to have more control and transparency over the development of your site. You might be a novice to web design or have had bad experiences with professional designers.

Problems with DIY Web Design

Because of the number of possible problems with DIY web design, it can also be problematic.

Take, for example:

There are many CMS platforms. There are many options available for web builders and hundreds of CMS platforms. Some platforms are better than others, but some of them are objectively superior. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses that are worth considering. They may be ideal for one type of business but not for another.

It takes a lot of time to research each CMS and weigh the pros and cons before you make a decision. This is something you cannot afford to overlook. It could have a huge ripple effect if you choose the wrong CMS.
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Cybersecurity concerns

Cybercrime is a serious problem that you can’t afford not to address. Cybercriminals around the world are always looking for ways to exploit those who don’t use best practices. It takes just one flaw in your website’s design or development to compromise your security. This could be a missing patch, corrupted file, or a weak password. These vulnerabilities are easy to spot if you don’t have the right knowledge.

Problems with templates

If you are new to web design or don’t have the time, it’s easy to gravitate towards template-based solutions. Templates can also present a host of problems. First, templates can be more difficult to work with than a custom-made website.

Inability to recover from Core file damage

An experienced developer will have a backup or know how to fix it. If you aren’t familiar with this type of problem, you could end up with a lot of downtime or even a broken site.

You may not have direct access to your database if you use a website builder that is free or similar to create your website. This may not be a problem for small websites. This can cause major problems if you have to deal with issues in the future or need to expand your business.
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Inadequate optimization

While your website may technically be functional, is it loading as fast as you would like? Are you able to load it on different browsers and operating systems? You will need to optimize design elements such as images in order to achieve these goals. You could end up with a poorly designed or functional website if you lack the technical skills and expertise.

The possibility of a significant break

There is always the possibility of your website going down. If a customer cannot purchase something from your online store suddenly, then your entire business model will be affected.

Multiple businesses have suffered significant losses as a result of prolonged downtime. Although you might be able to recover your business and keep it running after you fix the problem, that could lead to another problem.

Common troubleshooting issues

What should you do if something goes wrong with your website? Web developers with experience can often find the root cause and fix it quickly. You might not be able to solve the problem if you have little experience. You will need to hire someone to help you understand the problem. This can be costly and could compromise your otherwise low-cost base.

Inability of scaling

Also, building your website yourself means that you don’t have the same flexibility to scale. Many web designers and web design tools that are introductory don’t have the ability to handle large sites with extensive functionality or large user bases.
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Design Isn’t Everything

Design is not everything. It doesn’t matter if you can create a beautiful and functional website by yourself. It’s still important to optimize your site for conversions and invest in marketing and advertising. You should also continue to promote the site as it grows. You can certainly do everything yourself, but it is not an easy task.

DIY web design projects are almost certain to fail. There are many solutions.

For example, you could spend enough time studying web design basics and develop enough knowledge to be an expert on your own. For most entrepreneurs who want to build a website from scratch, it is easier to hire a professional agency.

Alex Noah

Alex is senior editor of The Next Tech. He studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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