Consider These Factors When Getting CVS Pharmacy NNN For Sale

Consider These Factors When Getting CVS Pharmacy NNN For Sale

by Ivan Walker — 3 years ago in Finance < 1 min. read

There are several factors you should consider when buying an NNN CVS pharmacy. They include responsibility and freedom of ownership, a chance to operate on your terms, portfolio diversification, and the power to enhance communal health.

CVS Health is one of the largest companies that operate solely in the US, with about 9,700 stores throughout the nation. In 2015, US drug stores and pharmacies generated about $263 billion in revenue. In that same year, CVS Health had $153 million of the nation’s total drug store sales, second to Walmart.

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Despite the competitive market, every goal mentioned earlier is still achievable with a good CVS Pharmacy NNN for sale. But buying the right pharmacy can be challenging and complex. There are chances of the buyer making mistakes.

Hence, it would be best if you were well prepared with a reliable agent. Here are some things you should be mindful of while buying an NNN CVS pharmacy:

Getting the Right Contract

When purchasing an existing NNN CVS pharmacy, consider its frequent patients and geographic location. You’ll also need to sign some contracts with different authorities. Ensure the contracts are feasible without losing customers.

Having your PSAO (Pharmacy Services Administration Organisation) contract is a requirement before getting contracts. Although you can negotiate contracts independently, getting a PSAO is the safest and most innovative decision.

The PSAO is in charge of contract negotiations on your behalf. One of the vital contracts they help negotiate includes one with the PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers).

There are some specific contracts you can also negotiate yourself, though you need to consider how they’ll affect your customers.

For example, you or the PSAO might decide to bypass the PBM and work with another wholesaler whom other nearby health systems use. Doing that can be a grievous error as clients might not fill scripts at the pharmacy.

Before choosing a PSAO, first, study the market conditions within the potential location to avoid ruining your company even before starting. While hiring a contract manager for your CVS pharmacy NNN for sale, it’s advisable to also use an agent for the CVS store property management.

choosing a PSAO

Singularity and Consistency in Your Business Name

When establishing a corporation for the pharmacy, ensure to have your business structure, attorney, and a CPA available.

Your company’s name must be consistent in all areas. Ensure that the IRS paperwork and similar agencies contain the same name. Several firms have run into complications from using separate names for different purposes.

For instance, some firms use one name on their signage, a different one on their websites, and another on checks. Whether it’s an error or not, you might be spending lots of resources and time to fix it.

Hence, consider every complicated undertaking before purchasing and running a pharmacy, as any naming inconsistency may result in problems in the future. Make sure your name on every platform perfectly matches.
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Construction Delay

Construction delays can also cause sleepless nights for business owners, especially those who attempt to enter the market early.

Such delays are often expected when building a pharmacy from scratch. You might encounter inspection delays, bad weather, back order on the supplies, design flaws, etc. All these factors can halt the construction process until you find a solution.

You might be thinking the factors are easily preventable, but business owners tend to experience them more often than not. You might even experience similar delays while purchasing an existing pharmacy.

There might be a need to remodel, which results in a high chance of building delays. This issue always has a consequential impact on businesses. So it would help if you considered getting the best agents and builders.
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The Cash Flow Problem

Owning a pharmacy or drug store can be quite expensive as it can take over six months or even up to a year to achieve a positive cash flow. Several new pharmacies find it hard to thrive under such a condition.

Each prescription paid for by a customer is only a small portion of the cost, so you’ll need to wait for some weeks to get the remaining money.

A new pharmacy owner needs to prepare adequately for cash flow delays to boost their chances of success. Consider the fact that you’ll have to pay your employees constantly. Hence, it would help if you planned well to avoid your business crashing before its establishment.

There are several ways to boost your capital base before entering the business. You can speak to investors, work with a bank, or make inquiries on CVS pharmacy NNN for sale.

Cash Flow Problem

Bad Credit

In most cases, entering a business with bad credit is usually beyond one’s control. Since you can’t change your history, having bad credits can further complicate things for you when purchasing triple net leases for sale.

That doesn’t imply you can’t buy one with bad credits. Although it may be a bit complicated, there’s always a way around it. Some deals involve the seller choosing to “finance” the start-up capital, though the buyer may be required to pay a percentage.

However, you’ll require cash flow to ensure a smooth business operation and might need to apply for a loan if necessary. Your credit history can hinder you here. That’s why you must always consider it ahead and have contingent plans on time.

You can choose to make another individual the owner, among several other alternatives. Your bad credit alone may increase the surety bond cost of Medicare from about $200 to more than $5,000 annually.

Hence, if you’re looking to purchase a CVS pharmacy NNN for sale, you can always find a way around bad credits.
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Every pharmacy acquisition or sale can prove challenging. You’ll have several things to handle at once, and you could use some help. It’s advisable to consider the factors listed above and get a good agent.

The good thing about working with NNN CVS pharmacy for sale is that you can trust their agent to get the best deals, reducing any reasons to worry. Browse for sale triple net leases to get started.

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