Here Are 5 Data Report Design Inspirations You Can Choose From

Here are 5 Data Report design Inspirations You can Choose from

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Finance 4 min. read

Did you know you can win awards for making inspiring and amazing data reports? In the past, non-profit organizations such as and Pencils of Promise showcased their finest data reports that won plenty of worldwide recognition.

What if you can make inspiring data visualizations using their designs as templates? A high-quality graph maker can give you thousands of inspiring templates. For example, signing up for Venngage gives you access to fully customizable pre-made data templates.

Use the examples below to get inspiration for your next report.

Now, you won’t have to start from scratch!


Teal Healthcare Corporate Annual Report/Venngage

Highly Recommend Best Annual Report Template


Simplicity always wins when it comes to charts. The Teal Healthcare Corporate Annual Report template from Venngage is one of the simplest yet most detailed annual report templates you can use. It packs together all the essential data stakeholders want to see in an easy-to-understand report.

It might seem long because it has nine pages. However, you can effectively cover all the bases an annual report needs. For hospitals, that would be statistics, financial statements, and expenditures.

This template from Venngage did well on adding emotions by using personalized vector images. The designers expected stakeholders would want to know hospital statistics and cash expenditure in depth. Therefore, they made these areas easy to understand, resulting in the report design above.

Modern Report: Your Go-To Digital Annual Report Examples


Venngage’s Modern Report template lacks the adornments that the Teal Healthcare Corporate Annual Report possesses. You’ll quickly notice it lacks illustrative vector images. However, it quickly gets you down to the data’s brass tacks.

Modern Report uses a pie chart for the clearest budget spending illustration. Remember: pies work best with budgets because the slices represent the parts that make up a whole.

However, annual reports go beyond budgets. They require a bar chart to illustrate spending sub-categories properly. Bar charts allow designers to show even the smallest budget spending possible. Lastly, the template works exceptionally well for annual reports that break down data even further.

Modern Report might look like your average annual report template. But its go-to look is what makes it dependable for virtually any design.

Trade Area Chart: Excellent Starter Annual Activity Report Templates


This Venngage template works well for business-to-business transactions. In this example, the chart shows total trade, exports, and imports from Iran. Therefore, the data visualization provides excellent data without clutter. This trait makes it perfect as a singular graph for annual reports.

However, shaded graphs in this example can be tricky to use. So always remember to use it sparingly and clearly in any annual report. Plus, take the time to review the best practices for each chart. By doing this, you can prevent reader confusion and achieve full data transparency when using charts.

Population Growth Template/Venngage

Population Growth Template: Works Well For Marketing Reports


Marketing campaigns focused on customer number data collection can efficiently use this Venngage template. This template primarily displays population growth.

Plus, it showcases other essential data, including survey results, country fun facts, and others. Once you’ve input respective marketing campaign data, you can replace the “heat” diagram and pictograph with compatible graphs.

Traditional and digital marketing primarily uses bar charts due to the numerous categories it can handle. Furthermore, bar, line, and pie charts have their place in most marketing reports. You can use this annual report template plus a few additional charts to save time building your own.

Happy Burger Template/Venngage
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Happy Burger Template: Easy to Edit Annual Report Design Inspiration

Fast-food chains can use the Happy Burger Template from Venngage to their benefit. This ready-made fast food annual report template provides you with images that suit fast-food annual reports. You can remove these elements and replace them with your image and icons set.

One of this chart’s greatest achievements is to highlight their branch’s respective performance. Having insights on average consumer spending per branch clearly and concisely is a thoughtful addition.

Lastly, the Brand Identity Survey dot chart represents data that investors need. Brand identity is a huge investor leverage. Therefore, having this data immediately on hand answers their questions quickly.
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Use These to Jumpstart Your Own Data Report Design

If you’ve got zero ideas, you can never go wrong with free templates from chart-designing software. Luckily, many data visualizers, such as Venngage, can provide you with thousands of templates ready to use for all your projects.

Any business or student in need of annual data report design inspirations can select one from Venngage’s list of templates. Plus, edit your selected templates and replace their imagery with your brand. Remember that you won’t need to start from scratch to create effective and visually captivating annual data reports with these great templates!

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