Top 5 Tips And Tricks That Will Help You Avoid The Temptation Of Debt

Top 5 Tips and Tricks that will Help You Avoid the Temptation of Debt

by Alex Noah — 3 years ago in Finance 2 min. read

It is very easy to fall into debt. All it takes are a few swipes on your credit card. It can be difficult to get out of debt once you start buying things you like and worrying about how you will pay them back.

Top 5 Tips and Tricks that will Help You Avoid the Temptation of Debt

There are ways out of this debt spiral if you have fallen into it.

Always Pay With Cash or a Debit Card

To avoid credit card debt temptation, you can simply give up using credit cards and rely instead on cash or debit for purchases.

“You can’t overindulge if there is a set limit to how much you can spend,” said Tyler DeStefano, a financial representative with Guardian Life based in Middleton, Massachusetts. For large-ticket items, set a budget and make sure you have enough money to cover it. This will help you develop good money habits and a long-term strategy.
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Track Your Spending

When you don’t pay attention to what you spend your money on, it’s easy to accumulate debt.

“Being mindful of your spending is a powerful financial habit to build and can be essential in avoiding debt,” said Amber Cisneros, chief member experience officer at Orange County’s Credit Union.

A monthly budgeting plan will help you keep track of how much money you have, how much is going out each month to pay bills and expenses, how much you have leftover for living expenses, and how much you can spend on your financial goals paycheck. You will be able to control your spending and avoid unnecessary debt.
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Avoid Spending Triggers

Natasha Rachel Smith, a former TopCashback personal finance expert, stated that it is important to identify your spending triggers and avoid situations that could prompt you to use your credit cards. Common spending triggers are stress, bad days, social pressure, credit card pressure, boredom, or social media pressure.

Next time you feel tempted to spend money, think about whether you really need it or if this is a reaction to another situation.

Remove Saved Payment Information From Shopping Sites

When all of your credit card information is stored in your account, it’s easy for you to make impulsive online purchases. Kenzi Wood, a blogger at Picky Pinchers personal finance website, stated that she spent $1,000 on Amazon because it was so easy to do so.

She said that she was guilty of spending money on useless Amazon trinkets. “I changed my browser settings to ensure that I did not save my login and payment information. It was enough to deter me from logging in and finding the card.

Set Money Goals

When you set goals you know you will be better off spending your money on, you’ll be less likely to buy things that don’t matter.

“Setting goals will direct where your money will be spent,” said Ann C. House, accredited financial counselor and director of the Financial Wellness Center at The University of Utah. For example, you might decide with your family on the next vacation. For a $3,000 trip, and you plan to go in one year, you’ll need $250 per month. You can then pay for the trip before you leave.

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