When I Was About To Surrender Something Brought Me Normalcy

When I was About to Surrender Something Brought me Normalcy

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Finances shattered, hopes gone, future uncertain, zeal exhausted, this was my status when I lost my job. You are reading the story of me – Jackson Smith. All the expenses were acting monstrous and started getting big and then bigger. I was so much worried that sleeping in the night became a rare activity for me. My health was degrading, my funds already touched the finishing line and hopes? Don’t even ask about them.

The situation turned from bad to worst

This is what I anticipated when one year back I lost my job. No, it was not my incompetence but a sudden drastic fall in the company profits. I got compensation but you can understand, that cannot be enough for the long run. I missed the repayments, bills went pending, my wallet lost weight and everything just turned upside down.

My financial stability became a dream and my credit score was only going down, down and down. I was going mad and feeling helpless. Help from friends and family didn’t last long and finding a new job was a matter of time. No bank was ready to lend me even a penny due to my unemployment status. I was earning some money through a freelancing job. It was enough for my personal needs but not for the countless household expenses, bills and my travelling expenses for interview. I was trying best to get a new job but bad luck seemed more interested in me than good luck. The result was obvious, A BAD CREDIT SITUATION.

One day things changed for good – Online lending came as an option

My neighbours were aware of my situation and also helped me to the maximum possibility. They came to my home one day and told me about direct lenders. There are online loan companies that provide funds beyond credit score status and employment status. Their only condition is the reliable repayment capacity.

I thought I should give it a try

I went on the website of a direct lender my neighbours referred to me named British Lenders. However, I also explored the other options namely new horizons, Pounds to Pocket, QuickQuid, but they were not as good as British Lenders, which was offering 2% less APR than these lenders. I explored the website and the available loan choices. With some doubts in my mind, I finally applied for the loans for unemployed with bad credit. You know what, the loans had no guarantor obligation. The same condition of the repayment capacity was there. I proved that with the help of my freelance work income. To be honest, I was not sure about a loan approval. I just gave it a try as I had no other choice. BUT, I was amazed when just a few minutes after submitting the application I got approved.

I couldn’t believe for the first time. As I applied in midnight, with happiness I didn’t sleep whole night. Next morning at 10 o’clock, I literally got the money in a bank account. Was I dreaming or it really happened? It was so great.

I paid the priority bills with easy loan repayments

With the money borrowed, I paid for all the priority bills that could make the situation worse. I felt a huge relief and I used the remaining amount to visit the companies to give the interviews aggressively. I was trying my level best and was expecting good news in the coming days. The repayments were also easy due to customisation feature of the loan. Small instalments never acted heftily.

I waited for the good days to come due to British Lenders

Yes, things were improving gradually and I at least started to keep a hope that everything will be fine. I also cleared job interviews in two companies. This all happened just because of last-minute help by British Lenders.  Things were actually changing and I noticed normalcy coming towards me with a much faster speed. Finally, I got a job and had an appointment letter in my hand. It was so relieving to have back my peace of mind. But more relieving was to get the much needed financial assistance from British Lenders at the time of need. My journey full of bumpy roads became smooth due to this lender only. Thanks a lot to its new and advanced approach.

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